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Gay Financial Domination Site Now Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale an extreme gay site focused on financial domination, gay slut fetishism, humiliation, sissification, bareback sex, and hardcore BDSM fantasy. It includes a blog with free content and content restricted to paying members. Paying members also have access to forums, site email, profiles, an activity stream, and a site IM.

4 Ebooks and 12 Audios are included with the purchase of the site.

The following social sites are also included:

A Tumblr blog with 14,859 followers. This is the primary social media site used for attracting new members to the site.

A second Tumblr blog with 32,640 followers. Used as the secondary social media site for attracting new members to the site.

A twitter account with 1600 followers.

A brand new blog with half a dozen search engine optimized posts on various “gay slut” oriented fetishes.

The concept for the site:

After discovering the financial domination fetish, the owner did some research and discovered that there was an untapped niche for quality Gay focused findom. He decided to launch the site. It is focused on highly targeted traffic, drawn mostly from Tumblr and Twitter. Far fewer members, but much higher paying ones.

What’s Unique:

1. It’s Super Easy

It takes an average of only 10-15 hours a week of work to run the site. Since most of the income is now passive, a buyer willing to invest more time (or has one or more employees do so) can easily increase profits by simply engaging with the members more.

Promotion for this site is as easy as creating simple posts on Tumblr and Tweets on Twitter that backlink to the site.

2. The Customer Is Always Wrong

Members come into it wanting to be treated like shit. No customer service problems there! All the money they give is understood to be a gift rather than a purchase (though they use a badge reward system on the site when they do pay). You can basically do no wrong with these members, because it positively turns them on to be treated like garbage. Since running the site there have been only 3 chargebacks!

3. Ebooks and Audios.

Ebooks on Amazon sell for $0.99 to a few bucks. The owner of the site sells them for $25. Audios which consist of spoken word with hypnotic or ambient background sounds usually run five minutes, take an afternoon to make, and sell for $19.99.

It’s all passive income and the projections are pretty astounding.

Between Feb 7th and March 31st (the period ebooks and audios have been available) $5862 worth have been sold. Even if just holds steady, that comes to $41,146.73 projected income over the next 12 months. That excludes all other income from membership fees/“Tribute” and any future ebooks or audios that may be created.

3. Easy To Take The Reins/Expand

The character for the site was created with a gasmask to maintain the owners anonymity, and to make it easy for any future owner to take over and step into the characters shoes. Members never see the character live, and only interact with him via the site IM or email. If a buyer had employees, multiple people could assume the role in shifts, with members being none the wiser.

Inventory & Features


• 4 Ebooks (5th is in the works)
• 12 Audios
• 90 High Quality Smut Posts


• WordPress Theme
• Forums
• On Site Email/Messaging
• On Site IM
• Customizable Profiles
• Social Media Integrated
• Member Quizzes and Polls

Only $155,000

For more information fill out our BUYERS NDA and CONTACT US to specify you’re interested in this property.