Adult Microblogging and Social Media Site Now Available

Adult Microblogging and Social Media Site Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale an adult microblogging and social media site.

The platform has over 7.7 million unique visitors per month.

The adult microblogging and social media site is a mix of social media and micro blogging with a very active user base, which is expanding rapidly every day. The platform offers every registered user a blog which they can use to post their own content and reblog content from other users. They can also interact with other user through comments and an instant messaging system. Every user’s front page consists of posts from posts they submit themselves and other users they are following.

Users have multiple options to customize their experience, their personal blogs are created as a subdomain and they can edit the look and feel with a special blog editor. There are also plenty of various customization options and various ways to view content.

The platform is programmed with PHP and it is built using Laravel framework.

The adult microblogging and social media site offers truly immense potential for growth and earnings for the right person or company. By adding subscription plans for an ad-free experience a new owner would significantly raise the earnings, and combined with starting to sell ads directly could more or less double the earnings. Neither of these have been done since the site runs privately. Site is also very unique, there’s nothing similar in the adult business.

Monetization on the site is also based to the user’s interests. More filters and interests can be easily added.

The platform also has an Android App, which can be side loaded into Android Devices. As the App is written with Flutter, the App has a ready codebase for an iOS version as well.

The website also has a Twitter account with over 3,500 followers, which is included in the sale.


All content is user submitted. There are over 80 million posts. User gives the rights to the content while registering and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Content consists of image posts, text posts, video posts and audio posts. Content features mainly kink and fetish based content, but includes content from every niche.


Most of the traffic is direct traffic by a very loyal and dedicated user base. New visitors come mainly from Google organic search and word of mouth. There are about 1 Million registered users.

Site has not been advertised in any way so far, so there are tremendous opportunities for growth using ad campaigns.

The adult microblogging and social media site also has support, including community forums for the user base where they can discuss and suggest new features, give feedback and share ideas.

For the right company, this is an opportunity which has immense potential and while still being relatively new, is generating stable, steady traffic and income which can be increased easily.

All of this is available now for only 280,000 USD


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