Best 70’s Female Pornstars

The 70’s, known as the Golden Age of pornography, was a decade of great movies and some of the best female pornstars that left their indelible mark on the adult film industry. These actresses were beautiful but also talented, versatile, and groundbreaking.  Porn of the 70’s had no shortage of remarkable actresses, from Linda Lovelace

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Most Famous Porn Directories

You may have been eagerly reading our articles on the best porn stars and porn directors of the eras and wanted to know how to find more classic porn. Google can always be a good starting place, but finding niche information on porn stars, movies, directors, and information on the industry can be challenging. If

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Best AI Porn Sites

Since its creation, porn has allowed viewers to expand their minds and experience fantasies and kinks that they have never tried before, from BDSM to multiple partners, and even allowing them to delve into the taboo.  Now, with the creation of AI porn sites, these capabilities have expanded yet again, with viewers being able to

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Best Sex Toy Websites

With the birth of the internet, it has never been easier or less embarrassing to buy a sex toy in 2023; you no longer need to wear your sunglasses and hat as you enter a seedy ‘private’ shop.  You can freely pursue all types of sex toys at home, reading reviews and finding the best

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Most Popular 2000’s Female Pornstars

The early 2000’s saw the rise of the girl-next-door look in porn actresses, big eyes, dewy skin, and brunette or blonde. They looked more like your everyday neighbor than the starlets that dominated porn in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990’s. But that doesn’t mean these female porn actresses of the 2000’s weren’t pushing boundaries. As

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