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Dating Network With Almost 200 Million Records Now Available


Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a dating network with 88 sites.

The network was started in 2000 by three people who wanted to help people meet online before most other dating sites online were formed. A network followed as they added more and more niches.

There are 31,278,443 users have registered with email addresses for the sites since their inception and 4,592,559 active users as of last count. There is also a total of 10,018,815 mobile numbers with 1,098,526 active.

There is also a third-party database. The total number of emails including the company database and the third-party database is 198,864,316 unique users. There are a total of 87,802,362 mobile numbers, including their users.

Both the number of active users and the overall users grows daily as more people join the sites and as the company acquires more third-party data.

The site was created to have more features than the others but was still affordable to most people.

Features like: astrology compatibility, personality matching and private text messaging.

There is an affiliate program that is attractive to online publishers that pays them on leads or revenue sharing .

They offer a product line to their daters of products they own in house.

They offer entertainment games to their members like free blackjack, poker, slots and roulette and an adult version of the games like strip poker, strip black jack etc. with their dating members.

They give free gifts to members to incentivize them to upgrade.

They offer specialized counseling services to their members.

They have an entertainment ticket site for their members to go to events together at discounted rates.

They also offer free ways to get upgraded if members can’t afford the membership.

They have contracts with fortune 500 companies that buy their traffic and leads (General Motors, Nissan, AT&T, Playboy, Maxim, Amex, Pitney Bowes, Finger Hut, Acxiom, Discover, JC Penny and many more)

This company does not rely on membership upgrades to make its business profitable and if a company bought it they can make a lot more money on membership upgrades.

They have a lead tracking system that blocks out affiliate fraud.

This dating network is available for only $850,000

For more information on this offering please fill out, initial and sign our NDA.  You can download our NDA HERE and CONTACT US to identify yourself as the party who is looking for the information.