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Dating, Sexting, Picture and Video Site Network Now Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a network of dating, sexting and video and picture sites. There are 15 sites in all.

All of the platforms were built using Ruby on Rails.

The dating platform features custom billing integration, auto messaging, notifications with custom templates and theming.

The sexting platform is designed to drive organic traffic and is highly converting.

The video and picture platform gets it’s content from Reddit and Xvideos.

There are 95,398 total users with email addresses.

The owner designed and programmed all of the sites himself.

A lot of time was spent focusing on SEO. The network has related niche sites to help the SEO of the entire network and allows you to re-sell other products.

The network’s ecosystem will help anyone who wants to get into the dating space. All platforms and code will be included in the sale to help them grow on the existing platforms and network.

Opportunities for growth include re-marketing to the existing user database (which has never been done before), adding an affiliate program, integrate better billing solutions with lower fees, offering support which will increase conversions, add more features and content, increase the number of dating niches and buy paid traffic.

So despite the overall success of this project to this point, the foundation is there for it to be much more successful with a small investment and time spent on the business.

This outstanding network of sites is available for only $295,000