Unique Paysite Network Now Available

We are proud to offer for sale a unique network of paysites.

The network includes:

6 paysites of many different stripes.

A gay cosplay, bareback and fetish site.

A straight pegging, light femdom, boy/girl and pantyhose fetish site

A bi threesome site.

A queer hot sex site.

A hardcore BDSM and bondage site.

And finally, a trans female site.

There is also a very active affiliate program, with NATS as its backend.

Soon there will be a mega site, with all the network’s content available.

Through over a decade of independently funding, shooting, and selling niche content, they’ve founded these 6 paysites, found eager, ethical, and competent directors to run them and put content on them as well as having an affiliate program.

These sites cater to niches in a profitable and scalable way. The content is flexible to shoot by design. This took a decade to dial in.

The billing cascade has been fine-tuned and is managed by a contractor with years of direct experience. Mailers are taken care of by that contractor.

Most of the content is exclusive.

With an influx of cash and a dedicated team to help grow the brand, there is a lot of opportunity. Many unique OF and clip performers could license content or even be featured as updates, current directors can continue to produce, and new talent can be brought in to expand the brand.

Some of the content is on DVD and VOD, but there is a huge opportunity to increase VOD revenue streams. There is a lot of room to grow with the sites themselves. The sites only update weekly at the most and few ads have been purchased. Best of all, if the buyer doesn’t change anything, it will continue to make a significant profit and keep growing as it’s been on an upward trend for years.

Only 1.6 million dollars!