Very Successful Celebrity Nude Blog Now Available

The blog started in the fall of 2018, first with only Jennifer Lawrence nudes, and it started bringing in traffic rapidly. After that they kept adding celebrities and the website quickly grew to 6.5-8 million visitors a month. The beauty of this business is that you can never run out of celebrities to post so the potential is endless. Also when any celebrity ends up in news, the spike in traffic can be insane. The same thing happens during any big events like The Grammys or the Academy Awards. 

The website also requires a minimum amount of work. A writer is required to write the content that gets published and that’s pretty much it. There’s little for the owner to do. More celebrities added means more traffic and eventually more money. The brand is strong because 150-200k searches a month are for the site name .

There are hundreds of celebrities as of this moment and also with the sale we will include a list of celebrities that are yet to be added. 

Traffic breakdown – 6-8.5 million a month, 70%+ tier 1 traffic, just the search for the site there is 150-200k a month. Also most of the traffic is organic

There is no advertising, but if the new owner does spend money on advertising the traffic will climb even higher.

Content is not exclusive, but does not need to be approved.

There is no approval needed. If any DMCA comes in, then all that has to be done is to remove certain pictures, not the entire celebrity.

This site has a ton of potential because it has 6-8.5 million traffic a month and it hasn’t been fully monetized. There is room for more banners. There is big potential to add merchandise to the website, and use more exclusive offers. The website has survived all google updates so far without any damage. There has been no cutting corners here, no spam link building but entire website was built to last. There is definitely a lot of space to grow the income and the website further. 

Only 499,000 US Dollars!