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Websites and Companies for Sale

Fast Growing High End Escort Site 

Adult Site Broker is proud to announce for sale one of the top escort and adult entertainment directories in the world.

This platform is a high end directory for escorts, massage, dancers and fetish providers.

The site is growing at a rapid pace. 2015 to 2016 profits grew an astounding 94%! Projected profits for 2017 are on pace to grow another 60% or more!

The site offers entertainer ads for over over 22,000 providers with an active base of 12,000+ entertainers and 3,300+ active profiles in all major U.S. and Canadian markets, based on recurring fees.

Upgraded entertainer ads are also offered to give providers additional exposure at a higher cost.

Revenue is also derived from third party ad space from major advertisers.

There is also a great potential for increased revenue by expanding internationally. The company owns a large amount of international domains that make the platform ready for mass expansion.

There are additional income opportunities that can be created by charging the site visitors for upgraded memberships as well.

The website’s beautiful design and layout make it stand out from all of their competitors.

Their SEO is very strong with over 500 page one rankings in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

You also get all rights and trademarks for the company’s proprietary products.

The owner is selling to move on to other opportunities.

This is a tremendous opportunity to buy a goldmine that’s on the verge of absolutely exploding!

All for Only 2.2 Million Dollars!

Fast Growing Skype Powered Cam Platform

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale a directory for webcam models, powered by Skype.

There are over 1600 registered models on the site with a very loyal customer base, currently numbering almost 10,000.

The platform is growing fast every year and is poised to grow even more. Revenues grew from 2015 to 2016 by 63% and are tracking to grow even more in 2017.

All traffic comes from organic search, giving a buyer a great growth opportunity if they want to spend money to market the site.

The site was one of the first sites to address the independent webcam model market, giving models an alternative from using the big cam platforms.

The advantages of the platform are many:

• Their site is very user friendly
• Customers don’t have to create an account to enjoy a private show.
• Customers can do anonymous checkout
• The platform uses Skype, which delivers better video quality and a larger video window than normal cam sites.
• There is an extensive verification process, so the models always look like their picture. No other cam site does that.
• Private shows cost less, so customers remain in the shows longer
• Models make a higher percentage than on other cam sites, so they can make more, while still charging less
• Virtual threesomes are available with 2 models
• Models can sell their videos, Snapchat photos and other products on the site, including custom videos.

The owner is motivated to sell the site so that he can move on to other opportunities.

This Outstanding Cam Platform is Available For Only $820,000

Mainstream Video and Music Streaming Service


Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a mainstream video and music streaming service.

This platform is the only streaming service to offer both movies and music for one low monthly price.

The subscription package contains over 5,000 movies and TV episodes combined with Music Choice’s extensive streaming music service which includes over 17,000 music videos and 250,000 songs streaming over 100 music channels.

The service also uniquely offers a variety of subscription channels containing groups of content at different price points, as well as the ability to pay for individual new releases a la carte. Deals with Amazon, Music Choice, cable companies, hotel chains, cell phone companies and other content suppliers have positioned the platform for explosive growth using its proven technology platform.

Despite the future explosion this company expects, the current owners want to sell because of a partnership split. So, you can buy it for an amazing low price.

Projected Revenues are:

2018: $4,053,614

2019: $5,067,018

2020: $6,333,772

Proprietary Advantages Over Competing Streaming Services:

• Exclusive deals with large retailers, distributors, telecommunications companies and studios to market the platform to their large customer bases

• Offering branded subscription channels in conjunction with a regular subscription package

• Independently owned, which allows for a broader range of content – thousands of titles not available on other services, including Netflix

• Only monthly subscription streaming service to offer ad free movies, TV and music in a single service

Competencies Which are Barriers of Entry to New Competition:

• Securing critical mass of content – cost and complexity to close deals with multiple studios (many of these major studio deals are no longer available to new companies coming into the market)

• Development timeline and cost of technology to reliably deliver content on multiple platforms to reach the widest possible audience

• Development of security measures, compliance and digital rights management systems to pass due diligence by major studios to protect studio content and make streams secure from unauthorized viewers

By purchasing this platform, you can acquire an interest at a very low valuation compared to what competing services (each with valuations more than a billion dollars) cost at similar stages. Existing contracts with studios, retailers and distributors and its recent launch on several new devices has made the service accessible to over 100 million potential new customers.

Only 14 Million Dollars

Foot Fetish Network 

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale the a longstanding network of foot fetish websites.

The first site started in 2004.

Since then they have added 2 sites.

There are also blogs and social media accounts that are included in the sale.

This Network has always concentrated on non-adult foot fetish content, offering their members high quality photos and videos of carefully selected models, most of them amateur models or first-timers, but having one thing in common: beautiful, fresh faces and beautiful feet. They shoot content in very eye-pleasing backdrops, using the best tools available on the market for lighting, photography and video. The sites are updated with new content every 3 days, not just old content being rotated in and out. All content and models are shot by them and exclusive with their sites.

Foot fetish sub niches include bare feet, pantyhose, high heels, socks and dirty feet.

All sites have a responsive design and look great on desktops and mobile devices.


270 models and a total of 1845 photo galleries and 1135 video galleries.

Retention rate – around 65%

Most of their traffic comes directly, from Google, blogs, social media and their newsletter.

The owner is willing to stay on to produce content for the sites and has a good inventory of future updates already in the can.

This network is a great opportunity for someone to bring it to new heights. With 13 years in business their sites are well known among this niche’s clients. There is a large amount of high quality content.

Only $95,600

Rapidly Growing Escort Site 

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale an escort site that allows surfers to search for adult dating, massage and escorts. Users can filter their search by hourly rate, ethnicity, hair and eye color, body type, male, female, transsexual and services provide. It has a simple, beautiful and user friendly interface.

The site allows users to filter and search for exactly what they are looking for. It is the only site that allows people seeking companionship to add their information so that the companions can initiate contact with them first. It is also the only website that allows you to create alerts for custom filter settings so that as soon as a preferred companion is available the user is notified via email.
The site has been online since the start of 2015.

This site is highly profitable and growing rapidly.

The site is averaging over 54,000 visits per month over the last year.

There are over 40,000 members registered on the site.

Only 549,000 Dollars!


Gay Financial Domination Site 

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale an extreme gay site focused on financial domination, gay slut fetishism, humiliation, sissification, bareback sex, and hardcore BDSM fantasy. It includes a blog with free content and content restricted to paying members. Paying members also have access to forums, site email, profiles, an activity stream, and a site IM.

4 Ebooks and 12 Audios are included with the purchase of the site.

The following social sites are also included:

A Tumblr blog with 14,859 followers. This is the primary social media site used for attracting new members to the site.

A second Tumblr blog with 32,640 followers. Used as the secondary social media site for attracting new members to the site.

A twitter account with 1600 followers.

A brand new blog with half a dozen search engine optimized posts on various “gay slut” oriented fetishes.

The concept for the site:

After discovering the financial domination fetish, the owner did some research and discovered that there was an untapped niche for quality Gay focused findom. He decided to launch the site. It is focused on highly targeted traffic, drawn mostly from Tumblr and Twitter. Far fewer members, but much higher paying ones.

What’s Unique:

1. It’s Super Easy

It takes an average of only 10-15 hours a week of work to run the site. Since most of the income is now passive, a buyer willing to invest more time (or has one or more employees do so) can easily increase profits by simply engaging with the members more.

Promotion for this site is as easy as creating simple posts on Tumblr and Tweets on Twitter that backlink to the site.

2. The Customer Is Always Wrong

Members come into it wanting to be treated like shit. No customer service problems there! All the money they give is understood to be a gift rather than a purchase (though they use a badge reward system on the site when they do pay). You can basically do no wrong with these members, because it positively turns them on to be treated like garbage. Since running the site there have been only 3 chargebacks!

3. Ebooks and Audios.

Ebooks on Amazon sell for $0.99 to a few bucks. The owner of the site sells them for $25. Audios which consist of spoken word with hypnotic or ambient background sounds usually run five minutes, take an afternoon to make, and sell for $19.99.

It’s all passive income and the projections are pretty astounding.

Between Feb 7th and March 31st (the period ebooks and audios have been available) $5862 worth have been sold. Even if just holds steady, that comes to $41,146.73 projected income over the next 12 months. That excludes all other income from membership fees/“Tribute” and any future ebooks or audios that may be created.

3. Easy To Take The Reins/Expand

The character for the site was created with a gasmask to maintain the owners anonymity, and to make it easy for any future owner to take over and step into the characters shoes. Members never see the character live, and only interact with him via the site IM or email. If a buyer had employees, multiple people could assume the role in shifts, with members being none the wiser.

Inventory & Features


• 4 Ebooks (5th is in the works)
• 12 Audios
• 90 High Quality Smut Posts


• WordPress Theme
• Forums
• On Site Email/Messaging
• On Site IM
• Customizable Profiles
• Social Media Integrated
• Member Quizzes and Polls

Only $155,000

Dating Network With Almost 200 Million Records 


Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a dating network with 88 sites.

The network was started in 2000 by three people who wanted to help people meet online before most other dating sites online were formed. A network followed as they added more and more niches.

There are 31,278,443 users have registered with email addresses for the sites since their inception and 4,592,559 active users as of last count. There is also a total of 10,018,815 mobile numbers with 1,098,526 active.

There is also a third-party database. The total number of emails including the company database and the third-party database is 198,864,316 unique users. There are a total of 87,802,362 mobile numbers, including their users.

Both the number of active users and the overall users grows daily as more people join the sites and as the company acquires more third-party data.

The site was created to have more features than the others but was still affordable to most people.

Features like: astrology compatibility, personality matching and private text messaging.

There is an affiliate program that is attractive to online publishers that pays them on leads or revenue sharing .

They offer a product line to their daters of products they own in house.

They offer entertainment games to their members like free blackjack, poker, slots and roulette and an adult version of the games like strip poker, strip black jack etc. with their dating members.

They give free gifts to members to incentivize them to upgrade.

They offer specialized counseling services to their members.

They have an entertainment ticket site for their members to go to events together at discounted rates.

They also offer free ways to get upgraded if members can’t afford the membership.

They have contracts with fortune 500 companies that buy their traffic and leads (General Motors, Nissan, AT&T, Playboy, Maxim, Amex, Pitney Bowes, Finger Hut, Acxiom, Discover, JC Penny and many more)

This company does not rely on membership upgrades to make its business profitable and if a company bought it they can make a lot more money on membership upgrades.

They have a lead tracking system that blocks out affiliate fraud.

Only $850,000

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