Adult Site Broker was established in 2011 to help buyers and sellers of adult websites, affiliate programs and entire companies get together in the easiest way possible. With our expert brokering services the transaction is handled quickly and easily. We are the most experienced company to broker adult websites.

Selling with us is quite simple:

First, you send us financials from the last 3 years along with our NDAHERE is a basic template for financials, in case you want to be prepared before contacting us.

Second, we assess the value of the property based on financials and sometimes when financials don’t tell the entire story, traffic.

Third, if you decide to accept our assessment and want to use us we draft a broker agreement, you sign it and we go to work to sell your property.

Adult Site Broker is the Place to Broker Adult Websites

We have an email list of over 12,000 people that we use to promote the property (as a blind listing, in other words, until the potential buyer signs an NDA, we do not tell them the identity of the property or any other specific information.)

We also target the property to specific people we think might be interested.

Adult Site Broker’s owners have been in the adult industry for over 20 years. We know all of the key players in the adult space and many buyers looking for specific types of properties, so finding a buyer shouldn’t be difficult. We are the industry leader to broker adult websites.

Besides the process above, the most asked question is what our broker commission is. Keep in mind, we don’t make any money until your property closes by going through secure escrow.  We don’t get paid until you get paid.

Our commission varies greatly, depending on the value of the property. So a seller of a 50,000 dollar property will pay a higher percentage than a seller of a 10 million dollar property.

Once the assessment is completed we will tell you what our commission is.

Also, keep in mind that to broker adult websites is hard work, both for you and for us. So before contacting us, please commit yourself to first, being ready to take the time to provide us with the basic information needed and second, being prepared to get us information in a timely manner when it’s requested. We get inquiries from many companies that aren’t even willing to give us basic financials. In a case like that we can’t help you. So please think about that before contacting us

We’re very happy to work with you on selling your website or company, but we can’t do all the work. You need to help us to help you get your property sold.

In order for us to be able to work with you on the sale of your website, the value of the property should be $50,000 or more. Unfortunately it isn’t profitable for our company to work with smaller sales. If you wish to sell smaller properties or adult domains, go to our SELF SERVICE PORTAL. To get a free evaluation on the sale of your business or to buy a website CONTACT US

Prior to contacting us, please be ready to provide profit numbers from the last 3 years.

Also, please know that we generally don’t handle sites that have dropped considerably in sales. Such sites are for the most part not marketable.

Also, be aware that since we don’t handle failing sites, don’t expect very low valuations. Most of our sites are valued at a minimum of 3x annual profits and more.

Adult Site Broker also has the ASB Cash Affiliate Program, the next level in referring sellers and buyers, so that Adult Site Broker can help them buy and sell adult sites and companies.

Refer sellers or buyers to ASB Cash and get paid an industry leading 20% of our broker commission.

We generally don’t handle domains unless they are very high value, valued at 50,000 US Dollars or more.  Before submitting a domain to us we require a completed domain appraisal. If you don’t know a good appraiser let us know and we can refer you to one.

Once again, our SELF SERVICE PORTAL is the best place to sell lower valued domains and sites.

We look forward to helping you either sell your website or company or to buy one. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

More About Adult Site Broker

We only sell adult websites and companies. We do not sell adult traffic, adult content or links of any kind. If you are interested in any services we don’t provide we’re more than happy to refer you to good providers in those areas.

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