So you have decided you want to own a successful adult website? That’s great, but where to start? Maybe you have found a porn site for sale you want to purchase, but without knowing who owns the website, this can be tricky. On the other hand, maybe you’re looking to sell your porn website, but where can you advertise your site for sale so you get in front of the right audience? This is where an adult broker can help.  

In this article, check out why working with an adult broker should be on your to-do list when buying or selling your adult website and why working with Adult Site Broker is the best way to go. 

Why Work With an Adult Broker? 

As the name suggests, an adult broker is someone who specializes in the buying and selling of adult websites; this could be selling porn sites or buying xxx sites like porn, live cams, or even fetish-focused sites. 

A key benefit to working with an adult broker is that, unlike generalized website brokers, they have key industry market insights that can help you decide if now is the right time to buy or sell your website, as well as access to the names and contact details of the key figures looking to buy and sell the website to help you get your foot in the door. In other words, an adult broker can open doors for you into the world of the adult entertainment industry that you wouldn’t have otherwise and can make the process of contacting website owners to purchase their sites or buy yours easier.    

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for your first adult website, looking to expand your current portfolio of websites, or thinking of selling your website and moving on to a new adventure, knowing how to navigate the digital landscape of the adult industry is the key to owning a successful adult website and seeing those clicks and views turn into revenue. Having a deep understanding of the key players and what the market is saying and tapping into a network of website owners looking to buy and sell adult websites can make all the difference.

If you own an adult site and are looking for an intermediary to help buy and sell the site or business, then an adult site broker is the person you want to go to. But how does the process work? 

How Does an Adult Broker Work? 

The overall aim of an adult broker is to act as an intermediary between a website buyer and seller, an adult website seller will contact the adult broker with their site, and when a buyer comes along looking for the same type of site, such as a kink specific porn site or a drop shipping sex toy website, the adult broker will then see if they are a good match and, once an offer has been made, the broker will oversee the purchase and sale of the adult website, earning a percentage of the sale as commission.  

From a sales perspective, an adult broker will take the time to research you and your business, evaluating if your site is worth selling from traffic, revenue, SEO positioning, competition, and how resilient you are in the market. They will need to see your financials from previous years to evaluate if the website is worth the time and effort to sell. If your adult website broker finds it worth everyone’s while, they will contact their list of buyers to help secure your sale. Use their findings as part of their pitch for your adult website. 

Once a buyer has been found, they will work on drawing up contracts for both parties to sign and overseeing the transfer of assets between them. In most cases, an adult broker is there to make buying and selling adult websites as simple as possible.

To find out more about the ins and outs of being an adult broker, check out our podcast, Adult Site Broker Talk. The adult site broker, Bruce, shares his knowledge as an adult website broker, offering tips and advice about brokering websites and companies in the adult entertainment industry; listen to the latest episode here. Or check out our blogs for up-to-date news and articles on the adult industry. 

Working With Adult Site Broker

With over 20 years of experience, Adult Site Broker is one of the oldest site brokerages for the adult entertainment industry. Our team of efficient, friendly, and expert site brokers helps companies in the adult entertainment industry buy and sell their websites. From porn membership websites to online sex toy websites, we can guide you through the process efficiently and confidently. 

At the head of our business is Bruce, the adult site broker. Working directly with his clients, he not only offers years of experience but a wide range of knowledge of the adult industry, and he makes sure that ethics is at the heart of all that he does, making Adult Site Broker the leading ethical adult broker. Bruce helps companies in the adult industry thrive and expand. As well as this, he shares his knowledge through his podcast, where he talks about the ins and outs of brokering adult websites. 

From tube sites to fan sites, Bruce, the adult broker, can guide you through the process efficiently and confidently. 

Whether you’re a porn website owner, an adult affiliate program, or an adult company, work with the adult site broker to sell or buy your adult websites today. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

As the leading, ethical adult brokers around, whether you are buying or selling your website at Adult Site Broker, our specialty is finding high-quality adult websites to build revenue and increase clicks and views. If you want proof, check out our latest listings for the current adult websites for sale. 

Alongside the perks of working with us to buy or sell your adult website, if you know someone who wants to sell or purchase adult sites, affiliate programs, or entire adult entertainment companies, refer them to us and earn an industry-leading commission. Our affiliate program, ASB Cash, pays 20% of our broker commission on all referred deals closed. 

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