Bruce, the Adult Site Broker, hosts the weekly Adult Site Broker Talk podcast that helps people learn how to broker websites and companies, in addition to interviewing people making waves in the adult space. In each episode of the Adult Site Broker Talk podcast, he welcomes an industry professional in the adult space and talks about their role as major movers and shakers in the adult industry. Each podcast has valuable tips on selling and buying a website in the adult space and information on how to find the right adult website for you. When you listen to Adult Site Broker Talk, you get insight from someone with valuable information about carving out space in the adult entertainment industry.

Bruce, the adult site broker, and his guests speak about what’s going on in the adult space, and he gives tips to help adult professionals broker websites and companies. Adult Site Broker Talk is the first podcast by adult site brokers who know what it takes to get started in the industry.

Adult Site Broker Talk encourages people to listen and learn about various ways to get involved in a field they’ll enjoy and want to participate in. From speaking with the founder of Pineapple Support – an organization in the United Kingdom that helps adult industry workers combat mental health issues, to major porn star Vicky Vette, to large company owners, Adult Site Broker Talk covers many aspects of the adult space. Listen to Adult Site Broker Talk wherever you stream your podcasts.

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