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Successful Webcam Blog Now Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale a very successful webcam modeling blog that has been in the cam space since 2013.

This is a great opportunity for any company or individual in the webcam space, especially studios and sites who are recruiting models.

About the Website:

The site is an industry leading blog that covers topics like webcam modeling and how to work as a webcam model.

This blog recommends the best cam sites to work for.

It started back in 2013 by complete accident when the two founders who were doing some SEO and affiliate marketing work discovered this niche and realized that it doesn’t have a valuable source of information related to the industry.

They created the site and quickly took the industry by the storm, positioning on search engines for hundreds of keywords and helping thousands of people to start working as a webcam model.

What differentiates us from other webcam blogs is that we work with webcam models directly instead of working with customers who are looking for webcam models online.

Another great thing about this blog is that it earns most of it’s money through revenue share programs related to the webcam modeling industry.

We still make money from the websites we promoted way back in 2013, and the more models that join using our links, the more money we make each year.

The content is unique, (over 30 unique/high quality articles) written by ourselves. All images are bought on stock websites and watermarked only for our blog.


Over the past 5 years our website was visited more than 600,000 times (unique visitors). And most of the traffic is highly targeted which in return brings more conversions and better ROI.


We never did any advertising, since we do SEO for a living, we made sure to position the website organically and use ONLY white hat SEO techniques, bringing more traffic and always positioning ourselves better than paid ads promoting similar websites/blogs.


We have complete rights to our content, since it was written by us, any stats, info and links were all investigated, written and added by us.

Maintenance and Expenses:

We spend around 7hr/week on the blog, checking emails, hosting and making sure that SEO is doing it’s job.

Someone who has a team and knows the industry better than us can multiply this income just by doing more content writing and spending more time on the website.

Expenses are only related to hosting and the domain (monthly and yearly), NO OTHER EXPENSES are necessary at all.

This type of affiliate website comes available once every 10 years, with minimal work you can make more money than some other bigger industry blogs from any other niche.

Available for only $349,000

The Premium Domain is Now Available

We are proud to introduce for sale, a premium domain.

You can use this premium domain to build a tube site, a dating site and many other types of projects.

Only $450,000 USD

Gay Cybersex, Amateur Porn and Hookup Site

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale a cybersex, amateur porn and hookup site.

The site was started to provide an alternative to commercial porn, with the idea of serving user-created content provided by fit males who enjoy exhibitionism. After developing a reputation for having a particularly fit, good-looking membership, the site later moved into becoming a hookup site for that demographic of gay male.

Now the site operates partly as a gay hookup site with the usual messaging and member search features and as a searchable database of user-generated video and image content that may be accessed by anyone, including non-members.

Content search:

All content is user classified by content type and by user community (twink, muscle, bear etc.) and the site image and video database may be searched by these attributes and by the physical attributes of the member who uploaded them.

The site also generates various metrics to determine the popularity and quality of the content.

The site is optimized for all computer screens, tablets and smartphones.

The site also includes a webcam room and a forum area for members to interact and share pictures.


Users can set an exact map location (home location) or if using a mobile device, to set location from the device GPS, thereby providing a location-based mobile hookup service equivalent to the Grindr GPS hookup app but unlike Grindr, a service that works equally well on a computer as well as a mobile phone.


The database currently contains:

• Over 750,000 member pictures

• Over 49,000 member video files


81,660 total

70,593 active in the last 6 months.

41.65 new signups a day over the last 6 months.

About 72% of paid members have paid more than once,

An average of 54 premium memberships sold a month over the last 6 months.

There is a premium membership that offers more benefits. Currently only about 6% convert to a paying member. This is an area that a new owner could certainly work to increase.

Retention rate:

The average duration a member retains a profile on the site is currently 6 years.

Traffic sources:

The site relies on word of mouth marketing, so it does not currently buy banners, AdWords, etc. This is a great opportunity for any buyer to grow the site.

The owners have recently greatly reduced expenses without reducing the quality of the site. A new hosting deal came into effect this year, bringing hosting costs down considerably.

The site has been run mostly as a lifestyle business without making a significant attempt to market or monetize it to the maximum degree possible. The site is a well-known brand in the international gay community, so tremendous opportunities exist for a new owner to instantly grow the business with some well targeted marketing.

Only $99,000

Fast Growing and Profitable Network of Cam Studios

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale a network of 26 live cam studios.

This network of studios is well established, highly profitable and is growing rapidly.

The vast majority of the models are from North America.

The virtual studios and exclusive service agreements are with the most popular cam sites in the industry; Streamate, ManyVids, SkyPrivate, CamModelDirectory, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, iFriends, Clips4Sale, ImLive,, XModels and BongaCams.

The company is known for fair business practices and among the model community for putting models first. They’ve grown to one of the largest virtual studio platforms in the world in 5 years with little advertising.

Currently the company services 430 models a month, from a roster of thousands of active accounts. There are hundreds of new model sign ups monthly

Earnings are consolidated and paid out daily.

4 high caliber and cost effective employees come with the sale, who are capable of running the entire operation from day one.

So if you’re already a cam site operator or have a cam model studio, acquiring this company will give you instant growth.

If you’re new in the cam industry this will give you an instant foothold into the industry.

Only $900,000

Premium Cougars and Gay Domains

We are proud to offer two sets of premium domains.

These are perfect to build successful sites around.

There are two groups available, a cougars group and a gays group.

The cougars group consists of:, and

The gays group consists of:, and

Cougars Group Only $30,000

Gays Group Only $75,000

Mainstream Video and Music Streaming Service

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a mainstream video and music streaming service.

This platform is the only streaming service to offer both movies and music for one low monthly price.

The subscription package contains over 5,000 movies and TV episodes combined with Music Choice’s extensive streaming music service which includes over 17,000 music videos and 250,000 songs streaming over 100 music channels.

The service also uniquely offers a variety of subscription channels containing groups of content at different price points, as well as the ability to pay for individual new releases a la carte. Deals with Amazon, Music Choice, cable companies, hotel chains, cell phone companies and other content suppliers have positioned the platform for explosive growth using its proven technology platform.

Despite the future explosion this company expects, the current owners want to sell because of a partnership split. So, you can buy it for an amazing low price.

Projected Revenues are:

2018: $4,053,614

2019: $5,067,018

2020: $6,333,772

Proprietary Advantages Over Competing Streaming Services:

• Exclusive deals with large retailers, distributors, telecommunications companies and studios to market the platform to their large customer bases

• Offering branded subscription channels in conjunction with a regular subscription package

• Independently owned, which allows for a broader range of content – thousands of titles not available on other services, including Netflix

• Only monthly subscription streaming service to offer ad free movies, TV and music in a single service

Competencies Which are Barriers of Entry to New Competition:

• Securing critical mass of content – cost and complexity to close deals with multiple studios (many of these major studio deals are no longer available to new companies coming into the market)

• Development timeline and cost of technology to reliably deliver content on multiple platforms to reach the widest possible audience

• Development of security measures, compliance and digital rights management systems to pass due diligence by major studios to protect studio content and make streams secure from unauthorized viewers

By purchasing this platform, you can acquire an interest at a very low valuation compared to what competing services (each with valuations more than a billion dollars) cost at similar stages. Existing contracts with studios, retailers and distributors and its recent launch on several new devices has made the service accessible to over 100 million potential new customers.

Only 14 Million Dollars

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