Best Web Hosting Companies for Adult Sites

Web hosting is a category of online service that allows a website to be accessible on the internet. 

You can purchase a web hosting plan where you essentially rent space on a physical or virtual server to store all your website’s files and content data.

Hosting providers have the technology to provide effective and secure operations for a website, meaning that they are responsible for running, maintaining security, and protecting content and data. 

Just like any mainstream site, porn websites require reliable web hosting services. In this blog post, we discuss the various mainstream and the best adult web hosting services for a porn or adult website.

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer this post on the best adult friendly web hosting companies.

Advanced Hosting

Advanced Hosting is a company out of Cyprus that is well known in adult circles, especially in Europe. They host some of the largest companies in adult, including Xhamster, Beeg and many more. However they aren’t as well known in North America.

Advanced Hosting offers everything all of the other options you’ll see here offer and often at a lower price. And their support is top notch.

They also offer a fine CDN for those needing extra speed.

Vice Temple

Vice Temple is one of the best adult content web hosting providers. 

This popular company offers shared, virtual, and physical hosting for website builds that are based on WordPress. With server locations all over the world, Vice Temple provides offerings that are built with industry-standard tools, including a cPanel interface for hosting management and premium plugins. 

Also, Vice Temple guarantees consistent up time and the ability to handle extreme traffic swings and volumes. The company also builds website themes, including a WordPress theme designed for tube sites, and custom sites for adult performers for free or steeply discounted rates.


CloudWays is a top mainstream web hosting option that is well-reviewed and has proven to be reliable. 

The company takes a dynamic approach to cloud-based web hosting services by offering virtual server builds on platforms like Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Console. 

By offering virtual server builds on these platforms, the infrastructure-as-a-service options that CloudWays provides are cost-effective and are now structured as wallet-friendly pay-as-you-go plans.

It doesn’t appear that CloudWays discriminates against content and provides a variety of options for start-up porn sites and adult-industry-focused sites. CloudWays also builds on WordPress builds.


WPEngine is another mainstream web hosting platform that specializes in managed WordPress.

WPEngine is a website optimized, secured, and fast loading while maintaining that hosting options are easy to use. WordPress-specific features include access to the plugins and applications.

WPEngine has affordable monthly and annual pricing and provides site migration services. WordPress themes are also available with the options for service among the top line in mainstream industries.

There appears to be no discrimination in content making WPEngine a viable option to build adult and porn and adult content-focused websites. Plans begin at $24/month for total WordPress web hosting.

TMD Hosting

TMD Hosting offers Linux shared web hosting, traditional hosting, cloud hosting, and hosted WordPress. 

TMD provides mainstream and adult content web hosting options at competitive rates spread across physical servers and clouded content delivery networks located in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Australia. For porn sites, TMD guarantees 99% uptime, one-click installations, and simple migration. 

New sites hosted through TMD Hosting are said to have a quick launch and transfers are quick.

Premium adult hosting plans through TMD Hosting begins at $2.95 per month with business and enterprise plan options starting at $4.95 per month and $7.95 per month, respectively. 

M3 Server

M3 Server offers mainstream options and provides some of the best adult web hosting in the space. 

One thing that sets M3 Server apart from mainstream options is its adult script software installation processes to a managed server operated by the company. 

These scripts include xStreamer by, MechBunny scripts, Smart Tube Pro, Adult Video Script, Adult Search Script, WP-Script, Kernel Video Sharing, and WordPress Tube Plugin.

According to M3Server, pricing varies. The pornographic and adult content support for M3 Server is top of the line and is comparable to Vice Temple and TMD Hosting’s adult content web hosting options.

Host Gator

Host Gator is one of the longest-operating web hosting providers in the mainstream and adult market. 

Host Gator allows adult content and porn sites, per their acceptable use policy. Plans are affordable as Host Gator provides shared web hosting, managed WordPress, a proprietary web builder, dedicated physical servers, VPS hosting, and resellers. Shared hosting plans begin at $2.75 per month, and monthly payments for dedicated WordPress hosting begin at $5.95. Other web hosting options are available. 

Host Gator reportedly hosts two million websites, and offers free site transfers, domain registry, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL security certificates, and 99% uptime for sites.

Mojo Host

Mojo Host is well-known in the adult entertainment industry for its web hosting and domain registry.

Mojo Host offers .xxx and .adult domain names for sale and has been active in mainstream and adult verticals for years. Mojo Host also offers physical dedicated servers, virtual private servers, a content delivery network, and scalable pay-as-you-go cloud options. Dedicated servers begin at $199 per month and range to $999. Cloud options begin at $1 per month and are scalable. Virtual private servers come in solid state and hard disk drives. Solid state VPS starts at $10 per month and $29 per month for HDD. 


PhoenixNap is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider that provides dedicated physical services, cloud, colocation sharing servers, and virtualization servers. Adult Site Broker is a long-term client of the folks at PhoenixNap. Our team’s experience with them is consistent and reliable. Nevertheless, PhoenixNap provides the scale and size necessary for mainstream and adult content sites. This company is a top-notch provider of scalable adult content web hosting and would be a viable option for any new clients.

PhoenixNap has servers and collocational assets all over the world, including right in Phoenix, Arizona, where the company is headquartered. Other locales include South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 


Way3 is a lesser-known web hosting provider operating out one of the best data centers in all of North America. The company has been in operation since 2002, according to its website. Way3 provides virtual, VPS, and dedicated servers at scalable options for sites and vast digital assets of varying sizes.

Way3 that it works toward 100% satisfaction by investing heavily in customer support. Plans, according to Way3, begin at $299.95. The services are fully managed, there are no setup fees, no contracts offer a free first month for shared hosting accounts, and there is access to cPanel, and other top-of-the-line tools.


Performive is a mainstream web hosting provider catering to several verticals, including adult sites. Not necessarily an adult content web hosting provider, Performive has registered adult sites operating across its various servers. This company offers VMware VPS servers, managed cloud services including web asset security, and a variety of product and infrastructure-as-a-service offerings for mid-markets.

Performive operates in cities all over North America, with locales in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Bare metal and clouded services allow Performive to offer hybrid options that are scalable, in addition to dedicated servers with consistent up times and the ability to handle much larger sums of web traffic.


Rackco is a mainstream web hosting provider with clients that utilize the company as a cheap adult web hosting option. Rackco provides managed hosted WordPress at cost-effective pricing for small- and medium-sized businesses. Web hosting options provided by Rackco include shared web hosting options, VPS hosting, and basic dedicated virtual and physical servers. 

Rackco also offers Plesk hosting. Plesk is an alternative to cPanel and is considered a web hosting and server data center automation software that is above other options. Plesk is developed on Linux and can be deployed on WordPress builds. Rackco offers this, among other options.

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