Best ChatGPT Tools For Adult Content

These days, when talking about writing or content creation with someone, they inevitably mention ChatGPT. Since its launch in 2022 by the AI research organization OpenAI, the AI tool has taken the world of content by storm. With its sophisticated text-based language models and constant human reinforcement learning, both individuals and businesses have found that the benefits of using ChatGPT are seemingly limitless, allowing users to set prompts to help them research and write everything from blogs and website copy to research papers and even create chatbots to help businesses have conversations with their customers.

However, when it comes to the world of adult content, ChatGPT is still firmly behind and limited in the types of content it can produce with its strict no adult content allowed rules; many topics are still off-limits on the site: from talking about porn, kink, and sex to creating NSFW stories and NSFW chatbots. This means that many budding erotica writers and NSFW artists have had to look beyond ChatGPT to find tools to help them produce adult content. 

To help you find the perfect adult content-friendly AI tools for you, in this article, Adult Site Broker has put together our list of the best ChatGPT tools for adult content. 

AI in the Adult Industry

The adult industry hasn’t escaped the rise of AI, from sex toys and deep fake porn and image generators, creating hyper-realistic images of every kink, fantasy, and position based on prompts. It doesn’t stop there, with writers finding creative ways to use ChatGPT for adult content, creating personalized erotic stories. 

The benefits of AI in the adult industry don’t just stop there, with porn sites and OnlyFans models and agencies even getting in on the action. Using NSFW image generators and ChatGPT to help create easy content, marketing plans, blogs, and social media captions, and even help develop scripts to flirt and talk with subscribers. 

The development of chatbots and story generators, many of which offer voice messages now, has also widened the scope of the adult industry and new ways to monetize, offering highly personalized adult content such as sexting, virtual girlfriend experiences, and even audio, visual and readable erotica without the need for human input once a simple prompt has been set. 

Below, check out our list of the best adult content ChatGPT tools. 

Deep Fiction 

Deep Fiction is an AI story generator that looks beyond the boundaries. With their latest platform, Lustix, an adult ChatGPT tool focused solely on creating erotic stories with no limits, proudly boasting on the site’s page that they cater to all kinks, fetishes, fanatics, and sexualities. This is a game changer in AI story generators. 

Lustix offers the option to generate your own stories by simply telling the generator your idea or fantasy and clicking create. Or, for those who aren’t feeling creative, you can enjoy watching what others have created and either scroll through their stories section for pre-made stories or watch other users create stories via their live feature. Unlike other story generators, one of the downsides to using Lustix is that they offer no free version. 


If you are looking to create the next erotic bestseller, then SudoWrite is the perfect adult ChatGPT tool for you. Although it isn’t just focused on creating adult content, Sudowrite is a judgment-free AI writing partner that helps writers from idea, worldbuilding, and planning to the actual writing process to create anything from short stories to novels. Although there are a number of AI story generators and writing partners, Sudowrite has made creating adult content easy with their latest update, allowing all users, whether using the free version or paying for a subscription, to use their ‘unfiltered prose generator’ feature.’ This promises to let writers generate prose on anything they desire without the AI algorithm being offended. This means that writers can create BDSM and hardcore sex scenes without having to tweak prompts like they have to do on ChatGPT. 


Whether you’re looking to create a blog, a marketing content plan, a story, or even generate a script to flirt with subscribers on OnlyFans, Inferkit can help you. Although it isn’t just focused on adult content, Inferkit is a ChatGPT tool that can be used to create adult content. Like ChatGPT, Inferkit is simple to use; with users simply setting the length, prose style, and keywords to be included and hitting the generate text button, the AI will take what you have put and add to it with what it believes should come next. Although this ChatGPT tool can be used for adult content, compared to others, it can be limited and simplistic, either because it doesn’t understand specific NSFW prompts when generating stories or needs those capabilities added to it.


If you feel lonely, Nastia is the perfect adult ChatGPT chatbot. Nastia is the first AI companion for emotional support and relationships, combining AI algorithms with natural language processing to create engaging, realistic, personalized chats. It offers NSFW chats where no topic is off limits, unlike many other AI chatbots in the adult industry that focus only on flirty sexting. Nastia aims to provide emotional and mental health support, promote self-discovery and relationship advice, and boost users’ self-confidence when chatting about intimacy. What sets it apart from ChatGPT is that it promises no conversation is off limits, allowing users to talk about sex, kink, BDSM, and even immerse themselves in hardcore role plays using images, voice notes, and text chats to build an intimate experience like no other. 


As you can see, AI in the adult industry has opened up new ways to generate content, from chatbots offering intimate relationships and fantasy exploration to story generators helping writers be the next erotica best sellers. As many look to bypass ChatGPTs’ no adult content policy, new AI tools are being created to offer powerful AI content focused on adult content, from story and NSFW image generators to chatbots, bringing a new element to sexting sites. 

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