Best Paysite Affiliate Programs

Adult entertainment paysites are very popular. Adult Site Broker has dealt with numerous paysite listings and they continue to be bought and sold through our company. We’ve seen a vast degree of success for our clients that have purchased paysites, and we are thrilled to continue our thought leadership on the topic. This time, we are discussing the best paysite affiliate programs that are currently available for adult industry-related affiliate marketers and webmasters. This new blog post will discuss the best paysite affiliate options for your traffic.

What is a Paysite?

As a refresher, we are going to start with some basics. A website charging a fee to access exclusive adult material is referred to as a paysite. This paysite allows users access to original videos that are exclusive to that particular platform. Adult paysites, also known as membership sites, have gained prominence on the internet over the last few years as thousands of members prefer to watch new and interesting content instead of what is available on a non-payment, free porn site.

What is an Affiliate Program?

We’ve written extensively on affiliate programs in the adult entertainment industry. The Adult Site Broker team has worked in every corner of the adult industry for over two decades, including some of our work that has entered into the realm of adult industry membership sites and other paysites. 

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where a business rewards affiliates for driving traffic or sales to a particular website. An affiliate marketing program is an arrangement in which an online merchant or retailer pays a commission to external sites or individuals, known as affiliates or publishers, for traffic or sales generated from their referrals. Adult entertainment has seen major success with affiliate marketing, including the direction of highly-valued web traffic. We discuss some of the best paysite affiliate marketing programs that are available in the industry.

Who Are the Best Paysite Affiliate Programs?

The best adult industry-oriented paysite affiliate programs are listed right here. Some of these are programs for well-known porn paysites, and others that cater to much more niche audiences.


AdultForce is a very popular adult affiliate program that gives people access to tons of offers for web traffic. They are owned by one of the largest companies in the adult space, Mindgeek. AdultForce offers a suite of built-in analytics and marketing tools for web traffic from top-tier geographies like the United States and Western Europe. They have a highly experienced team and offers from popular paysites like Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Pornhub-affiliated imprints. Nutaku is also supported on the AdultForce network. names AdultForce as the top affiliate program for porn paysite offerings.

FameDollars and Other Gamma Entertainment Affiliate Programs is one of the imprinted affiliate programs provided to marketers by Gamma Entertainment. FameDollars has several benefits by taking advantage of Gamma’s reputation built over its years of success in the adult entertainment industry. FameDollars processes payments bi-monthly via wire transfers, Paxum e-wallet payments, and paper checks once a month. International billing solutions are available to help convert in countries where online use of credit cards isn’t widely available. Gamma also provides BlazingBucks for its niche imprints and Buddy Profits for a gay-oriented network of paysites. These sites have similar payouts and structures.


PaperStreetCash has been hitting the pavement since 2003. PaperStreetCash is one of the oldest and longest-running affiliate marketing platforms. They know what they’re doing. According to the review website, they provide free hosted galleries and exclusive videos and pictures for their affiliated websites. PaperStreetCash also features a user-friendly interface to get paid up to $40 per every sale you initiate. Depending on the program, they offer $40 per sale, 70% rev share, and $200 for a webmaster referral through websites connected to the PaperStreetCash platform.


FapCash is the affiliate program for FapHouse is a premium paysite that allows producers, mainstream adult studios, and amateur creators to sell and interact with users. This site is associated with but operates independently. FapCash will help individuals drive traffic to one of the world’s top video streaming platforms. FapCash is very simple compared to other paysite affiliate programs. Simply provide your traffic and your site. FapCash also has an open support service for affiliates and various tools to increase their overall earnings potential.

Naughty Revenue

Naughty Revenue is the official affiliate program for Naughty America, offering a variety of options for any would-be adult industry affiliate marketers. There are three revenue models provided by the Naughty Revenue program. These revenue models include a pay-per-signup of $20, with the ability to earn up to $35 per signup. Naughty Revenue also offers a 30% commission revenue share for life. Webmasters earn a commission on each membership sent to Naughty America through your marketing campaigns. Lastly, there is the webmaster referral program of 5%.


DoeCash is an affiliate program for a network of adult paysites. The sites in the DoeCash network include paysites like,, and xChimera. DoeCash is also the official affiliate network for the network of premium paysites. DoeCash also has a strong reputation for being a world leader in localized content production and marketing to audiences in tier 1 geographies like most countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, Colombia, and Brazil. Payouts are tiered and made on time. DoeCash has stellar reviews from its web affiliate partners. 


MadCheddar is the official affiliate program for Vixen Media Group. Vixen Media Group (VMG) is a well-known network of imprints, including Blacked, Blacked Raw, Vixen, Tushy, Deeper, and Slayed. MadCheddar universally offers PPS and rev share for webmasters and top affiliate marketers with traffic from tier 1 geographies. One of the selling points of MadCheddar is the fact that VMG offers some of the highest-quality pornography films ever produced. You can earn up to $25 to 40 PPS for every sale that is referred through MadCheddar. This also includes a conversion payout on trials. Rev-share is also 50% to 60% of every referred sale. This also includes trials and rebills, including direct and indirect webmaster referrals. Payments are made via check, Paxum, and wire transfer.

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