What are the Best Sex Toys to Sell for Maximum Profit?

So, you want to make money by selling sex toys and adult pleasure products over the internet? Well, you came to the right place. Adult Site Broker has dealt with several listings where the seller built a sustainable and profitable online business by selling premium sex toys from some of the most recognizable pleasure product brands in the space. If you have one you’d like to consider selling, please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

However, for newbies to this type of work, it is understandable for someone to look for some basic guidance and directions. In this blog post, we at Adult Site Broker utilize our experience in the adult entertainment space and sex toy retail to explain what are the best sex toys and pleasure products that you can sell for a maximum profit.

What Are Sex Toys and What Is the History Behind Them?

Sex toys are literally toys, or marital aids, that help enhance sexual pleasure. Another definition for sex toys, according to Oxford Languages and Google, is “an object or device used for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure.” Sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, lengths, functionality, and themes. In addition to that, sex toys are now ‘smart’ and can be connected to a mobile phone app by Bluetooth or Wifi. These are incredible products.

Sex toys have an amazing 30,000-year history. Hallie Lieberman, a world-renowned gender and sex historian, authored the book Buzz: The Stimulating History of the Sex Toy and had the first edition of it published in late 2017. In this book, Lieberman traces the history of sex toys and their impact on social and consumer culture from the 1950s to where we are in the 21st century. 

Lieberman, in an interview with New York Magazine’s “The Cut” blog after her book came out, said that “we have evidence of a dildo-like object that’s 28,000-30,000 years old. We think of these things as new, but you see dildos on Greek vases and in Japanese art. Dildos have been a part of human culture since the beginning of human culture. They are a tool we humans have used for a very long time, and they need to be taken seriously.” Evidence of this can be found in cultural examples all around the world. For example, visit the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

Sex toys are now sold through most major e-commerce platforms, like Amazon.com. There are also companies that provide software that enables users to dropship sex toys direct from the manufacturers to the customers without having to handle inventory or store products in a busy and expensive warehouse. Companies like Adam & Eve have become staples in sex culture by being some of the first to sell popular sexual wellness and pleasure products over the internet. 

Types of Sex Toys

Sex toys have a dynamic history. Since the origins of physical phallic depictions, there is now a vast array of sex toys and pleasure products currently on sale across the pleasure industry. A health and pleasure guide provided by Planned Parenthood highlights that there are sex toys for not only cis-gendered individuals but also transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. There are also toys that help people affirm gender identity or help relieve any indication of gender dysphoria. People with disabilities and limited mobility may also use sex toys to ease the act of masturbating and make sexual pleasure and activities more accessible for such folks. 

There are other sex toys that are specialized for couples, that are motorized, that are remote controlled, and enabled by internet control and Bluetooth technology. Sex toys are also developed for particular fetishes and kinks, including chasity cages, strapons, and machines.

The following is a brief list of the most common types of adult pleasure products and sex toys.

Vibrators: Vibrators are objects that literally vibrate or buzz in a continuous buzz to stimulate the genitals. Vibrators can be used on a vulva or vagina, or to stimulate a penis, scrotum, testicles, nipples, or anus. Some vibrators can go inside both a vagina and anus, while others are meant to be used outside the body. Vibrators come in different sizes, colors, and materials.

Dildos: Dildos are objects that go inside a vagina, anus, or mouth. Some dildos come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most dildos are shaped like penises, while others are more abstract and can emulate characters or animals. Bad Dragon, a popular alternative dildo company, sells and distributes several dildos that are based on science fiction. Some dildos are curved to help provide stimulation to the g-spot or prostate. These objects can come studded, notched, or even characteristically large depending on the tastes, kinks, and fetishes of customers. Dildos are made from materials including silicone, rubber, plastic, metal, or glass that is break resistant.

Butt Plugs: A butt plug is an insertable anal toy that is used for hole training and sexual arousal. A butt plug is similar to a dildo in some ways but these toys are only designed to be inserted into the rectum. There is a flanged end to prevent the device from being lost in the rectum. The butt plug toy category can also be adapted for fetishes and kinks, including faux animal tails.

Strokers: Strokers, or masturbators, are toys that can stimulate a penis. These toys can emulate a vagina, rectum, or mouth. Fleshlight is one of the best-known stroker brands on the market. They offer quick strokers, fully simulated vaginas, and rectums, science fiction-themed strokers, and more. Cock sleeves are also covered by this category, and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, they often have more than one texture or provide a vibration or suction feature. There are also strokers and masturbators for larger clitorises or smaller penises, especially for intersex individuals and trans men who are undergoing medical regimens of hormone therapy. 

Categorizing sex toys and adult pleasure devices is a vast undertaking. There are subcategories and a plethora of toys making this an ever growing but extremely interesting space to explore.

Sex Toy Materials: What Are They Made From?

Sex toys vary in their type. But, the materials from which pleasure products and most sex toys are manufactured are also varied. Body-safe materials used for sex toys include silicone, metal, glass, wood, stone, crystal, ceramic, and ABS plastic. Materials that are not body-safe include jelly, PVC (the most environmentally damaging plastic), rubber, TPE, TPR, and “realistic skins.” Sex toys that are marketed as “realistic” or “real feel” are similar to TPE and TPR sex toys. 

If these toys are stored or cleaned properly, the “skin” can fuse and melt onto other sex toys or surfaces. In fact, up until recent years, most sex toys were made with very toxic materials. We recommend that you sell products that are reviewed and tested by members of the online Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers — a group of highly reputable sexual wellness bloggers “dedicated to writing honest, informative, and unbiased reviews of body-safe sex toys.”

Best Sex Toys to Sell Online

Now that you have a basic understanding about the history of sex toys, its time to discuss the best types of sex toys to sell online. In a future blog post, we will discuss how dropshipping works and what are the requirements to enter into the pleasure products space. This list is based on our research and experience with adult industry segments, including sex toy retail. 


Vibrators are by far the most popular sex toys on the market. You can buy Vibrators in the health and wellness section of your local supermarket in some places. The vibrator product category is the most popular type of sex toy product on the market, according to Statista and the Bed Bible. 

There are scores of different vibrators you can sell, including rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, magic wands, vibrating dildos, anal and prostate vibrators, and many more. Vibrators can be sold online with the right combination of vendors, software, website design, traffic, marketing, and search engine optimization. Most vibrators are moderately priced, with affordable options.

Remote Control Vibrators and Sex Toys

The remote control vibrators and fucking machines vertical has grown in popularity over the years. During the Covid-19 pandemic, brands like Lovense and We-Vibe exploded on the market because of the features these devices are built with. For example, Lovense sells toys for couples that connect directly through the Lovense mobile app to provide a near simultaneous remote sex experience for both partners. Smart sex toys can also be integrated into adult tube sites for a metaversal experience or with live camming sites for cam models. Smart sex toys can be very expensive and cost prohibitive. When reselling smart sex toys, be discerning over price points.

Anal Toys

Anal toys, according to the Statista and Bed Bible data we already mentioned, are the second most popular type of sex toy on the market. Note that anal toys is a broad term to encompass sex toys that are designed for anal sexual pleasure, including silicone butt plugs, inner-rectum prostate massages, dildos, and more. It should be added that anal toys are not only for men, but for virtually every gender. Anal toys can be found on most sex toy e-commerce websites, including the big names like Adam & Eve. Anal toys, like most sex toys, can also be found on Amazon. The range for anal toys does vary from low-moderate to an expensive smart device or handmade dildo on sale by a craft artisan on Etsy. Where you find vibrators, you will definitely find anal toys. 

Cock Rings

For you newbies, a cock or penis ring is used to restrict the flow of blood from the penis during an erection. The lack of blood flow produces a stronger erection or to try to maintain erections for longer periods of time. Cock rings include rings that can vibrate and are app controlled. Some cock rings also have prostate and vagina vibrators attached for maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. Cock rings are popular among couples, including straight, gay, trans, and gender nonconforming couples. Cock rings are not considered fetish toys either. These toys are often marketed toward men who have erectile dysfunction or cannot achieve a full or only achieve a partial erection. Cock rings can help treat erectile dysfunction, not cure the condition. 

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have grown in popularity over the years. There are many types of sex dolls, including torsos, and cater to all genders. The most commonly sold sex dolls are life-size sex dolls that feature posable body parts, simulated genitals, proportionate body parts, and facial features. Some sex dolls are even designed with built in artificial intelligence and pleasure simulation. Sex dolls also have accessories including lingerie, props, augmentation elements including breast implants. These dolls are marketed as ultra realistic or life-like. These sex dolls also sell for several thousands of dollars and can be sold through wholesale and dropshipping schemes. 

BDSM Gear and Toys 

BDSM gear and toys are always popular among the kink and fetish communities. Dropshipping and the wholesale online retail strategy for sex toys and adult pleasure products include BDSM gear and toys. This is, again, a broad description of these types of products. But, BDSM gear can be sold in starter kits, through lingerie and BDSM wear, riding crops, whips, chains, and other bondage-related props to feed the fetish and sexual experience for individuals who practice BDSM. Ticklers, paddles, restraints, chastity tools, sex swings, sexual position and pleasure augmenting furniture, sex machines (fuck machines), and more coincide with the segment of BDSM gear and toys. Most adult suppliers carry a healthy BDSM selection for e-commerce.

We at Adult Site Broker hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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