What Happened to Jynx Maze?

Born in Long Beach in 1990 with Peruvian descent, Jynx Maze is known as one of the most beautiful actresses in porn with a natural body that has earned her fans worldwide. Alongside her natural good looks, she is best known for her hardcore anal scenes in porn since starting in the industry at 19. 

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What Happened to Jessa Rhodes?

Coming from a big family, as the youngest of seven, Jessa Rhodes (born June 29th, 1993) could have easily been overlooked. However, her love for dancing, stunning blue eyes, and slender body easily made her beautiful to behold. Since entering the adult entertainment industry in 2012, her model good looks, personality, and enthusiasm throughout every

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Best Male Sex Toy Brands in 2023 

Male sex toys are no joke, with brands investing thousands into creating flesh like, realness inserts, suction, and vibrating toys to create new sensations and help with stamina. Male Sex toys are creeping into the range of strangely beautiful, minimal designs jam packed with powerful technology to create new sensations and help men feel a

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Best AI Tools for OnlyFans Creators

AI has already revolutionized the adult industry; from porn videos and images to being used to create deep fakes of models and even write personalized erotica, the uses of AI are virtually limitless. For OnlyFans creators, AI has become a tool that can help them revolutionize how they grow their revenue efficiently, from script writing

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How to Watch VR Porn 

Recently, AI porn and images have been hyped, but what about VR? As we look at the creation of Google glasses and the meta-verse, creating worlds within the virtual space for us to connect, has this entered the adult industry?  There has been a rise in VR within the porn industry. They allow users to

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