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Erotic Photo and Video Sharing Platform With Huge Traffic


Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale a hosting platform that provides a safe and easy way to upload, store and share wild & erotic photos & videos. Users control who they want to share albums with for maximum privacy. Niches vary across the board from solo female to gay.

This plaform is the largest adult media host on Reddit and has a large amateur voyuer following. It’s becoming an amateur community destination all through word of mouth. Traffic growth is all organic.

This site is currently getting almost a million sessions and over 600,000 users every day. Over half of the site’s traffic is on mobile devices. Google Analytics access is available upon request.

The site is coded from scratch with the latest web technologies (fully scalable with it’s own CDN-system for file serving and Amazon S3 for long term storage).

Content is uploaded by users so they are exclusive to this site:

171,727 active albums containing a total of:

633,233 active images

173,945 active videos

Reddit-Submissions (not all recorded):

More than 68,140 reddit-submissions that share over 2,139,604 up votes over 222,533 comments.

Here is a chart showing the number of sign ups, albums and anonymous album uploads that happen each day.



Only 1.1 Million Dollars!

For more information on this offering please fill out, initial and sign our NDA. You can download our NDA HERE and CONTACT US to identify yourself as the party who is looking for the information.