Hello owners, CEOs, COOs, and Directors,

Bruce back with the eighth edition of For Owners Only.

I just returned from Cyprus, where I attended the Island Conference, aka I Con. The fine people at Nexxie Group put together an amazing first year event. It was first class all the way. The show was at the brand new City of Dreams Mediterranean Resort. The show and the venue was everything that was promised and more. Attendance was large and there were tons of exhibitors, as many booths as I’ve seen at any show of its kind. If this is what the first year looked like, I can’t wait for the 2024 version.

We continue to do very well here at Adult Site Broker. We’ve had an influx of interest from people who want to sell their sites. This should result in many new listings. So keep your eye on your inbox for our listings blasts and newsletters and watch our listings page, because it changes on a regular basis as properties are listed and sold.

But we can always use more listings, since we have lots of buyers. So if you’re even thinking about selling your site or company, please reach out to me HERE. Also, if you know anyone who is selling their site, please reach out to us and you’ll receive 20% of our broker commission on a completed sale through our affiliate program ASB Cash. Also, I know many of you get approached with properties for sale. If someone offers you a site that you decide not to pursue, please refer them to us and make money. If it becomes a successful sale you cash in.

Lots of things are happening in the news that impact our industry.

New Twitter competitors are springing up, including Meta’s new app Threads. Already they’ve limited what adult content can be shown, so don’t expect it to be nearly as lenient as Twitter is. But it might be a nice tool and it’s one we’ll explore.

The religious right continues their attacks on our industry and their friends on the right seem to pass a new law on a weekly basis that limits freedom of speech. But I’m confident we’ll win. Listen to our podcast interviews with Alison Boden of the Free Speech Coalition HERE and HERE and you’ll see that we’ve got great support. By the way, I recommend that you give generously to this fine organization, who have the industry’s best interests at heart.

We continue to have outstanding guests on our podcast, Adult Site Broker Talk and we have many other amazing guests still to come. If you’d like to be a guest you can apply here.

As always, if you’re even thinking about an exit, feel free to reach out to us by contacting us HERE and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation broker assessment.

Plus, we can act as a buyer’s broker and find you just what you’re looking for.

We’ve added an events section to our site HERE. Stay up to date on B2B events in our industry and get special discounts reserved for Adult Site Broker clients. 

You can get 20% off your badge on the TES Affiliate Conference in Prague, September 18th – 20th, with the code adultsitebroker20percent and 25% off on the upcoming Webmaster Access show in Cyprus, September 13th – 15th. Register with the code ASB_WMA25.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Bruce (the adult site broker)

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