How Can I Fight Piracy of My Adult Content?

Fighting adult content piracy coincides with several of the themes we have discussed throughout the posts on the Adult Site Broker blog. As you’ve read, we’ve published our insights on the various legal and DMCA-related issues that adult entertainment industry professionals face. In this brand-new blog post, we are going to discuss a little more about content piracy and the many services and trends that are currently available in the adult entertainment industry to help curtail these issues. Also, please check out our blog posts on legal issues facing adult companies and our DMCA post.

What is Content Piracy?

Content piracy is a consistent threat to independent content creators and studios in the online adult industry. Digital piracy, which covers content piracy, is a crime. Making unlawful copies of digitally copyrighted music, games, software, e-books, movies, photos, and YouTube content are all cases of piracy. Piracy in the adult entertainment industry can be as simple as a rogue OnlyFans user stealing paid content from a creator and posting it to a so-called “OnlyFans” leak website or an adult tube site that doesn’t require identity verification to upload the content in question.

Other examples include torrenting feature-length adult films from a piracy website and further distributing that torrented content without authorization from the studio or the original producer. Content piracy can come in many forms, but the adult industry has responded and adapted to respond to content piracy upticks on the internet by adopting verified internet strategies.

What is the Verified Internet?

A verified internet is the trend where identity confirmation of a user who publishes content online is at the forefront. The best example would be a verified user account on Instagram or Twitter. But, with a verified internet strategy, tube sites in the adult space are able to not only encourage 2257 compliance for indie content creators but also provide legal proof for when a video from a verified uploader is pirated and it occurs elsewhere in the adult entertainment industry sphere on the web.

Some sites require users to verify their identities to upload content. does this, based on a series of legal challenges filed against the tube site by European regulators for not having in place viable age verification. After doing this, xHamster’s parent company overhauled all age and identity verification measures requiring all users who publish and upload content to the platform. also does this in response to the uptick of controversy and moral panic that was spurred by the infamously one-sided “Children of Pornhub”  column published by The New York Times opinion writer Nicholas Kristof. removed all content that was uploaded by users who aren’t verified. This includes the removal of content that could’ve been pirated or stolen.

Are There Any Services to Counter Adult Content Piracy?

Not everything revolves around tube sites though. There have been upticks in cases of content piracy reported by adult content creators on platforms like OnlyFans and JustforFans. Luckily, there are services currently in the adult entertainment market that help creators and producers detect content that was stolen. Some of these adult services have been recognized by the most influential business news outlets in the adult entertainment industry, including YNOT and XBIZ. These services have also won awards for their innovations and focus on adult content creators.

Takedown Piracy

Takedown Piracy is a company that has earned accolades for its work to counter content piracy among adult entertainment producers and content creators. Takedown Piracy works to enforce DMCA provisions and protect intellectual property and content. This organization has since flourished to garner a considerable following and clientele. With Takedown Piracy you are not just attaining an online copyright management system – but rather a team of enthusiastic consultants dedicated to countering content piracy and granting the best service.


BranditScan is  another service that helps adult content creators with their anti-piracy. One of the unique methods engaged by BranditScan is full-scope detection of your brand name across all existing formats of online piracy. BranditScan also provides full-scope reporting and removal tools for creators as well. The plans to retain services for BranditScan start at $15 per month or $150 for the whole year. BranditScan simplifies piracy takedown requests per the DMCA and other U.S. laws. They won “best business services company” at the 2022 YNOT Awards, and other industry honors.

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