How Much Can You Make on Pornhub

Since Covid-19 and the rise of content creation, many have turned from their 9-5 to become the next amateur pornstar as a way to earn additional revenue. Usually, when discussing monetizing content as an adult content creator, we think of OnlyFans with their 2 million content creators. However, there are multiple options available, including the popular pornsite Pornhub.  

With over 3 million daily users on Pornhub, it has become a great place for adult content creators to generate revenue through video views, subscriptions, and tips and even earn additional income through ad revenue. But how much can you make on Pornhub? 

At Adult Site Broker, we have put together a guide for how to earn money on Pornhub as an adult content creator and how much you can make. 

Monetization Methods on Pornhub

So you want to become an adult content creator on Pornhub but don’t know where to start? In this section, Adult Site Broker will walk you through the three main ways to monetize your content on Pornhub. 

Model Program: By joining as an amateur Pornhub model, you can upload your videos, either on the free or premium Pornhub pages, and earn money through views, downloads, and selling your videos.

Ad Revenue: You earn a percentage of the ad revenue for every ad played before, during, or after your videos. For many, this is where they make their big bucks! For extra revenue, turn on the auto-export option, and earn ad revenue by having your videos appear on Pornhub’s partner sites as well. 

Fan Club Subscriptions: From custom content, PPV messages, tips, and monthly subscriptions, the Fan Club Subscriptions allow you to earn revenue by offering a more personal touch for your special fans. You get 95% of each tip or subscription fee.  

Factors Influencing Earnings:

Creating quality content isn’t enough to become a high earner on Pornhub. There are multiple factors you need to take into account that influence the number of subscribers and, ultimately, your earnings as a Pornhub adult content creator. 

Content Quality and Frequency: Firstly, you need to make sure that your content is of the best possible quality, no matter if you are an amateur pornstar posting masturbation videos or you’re selling feet pics to loyal subscribers. Check out Pornhub’s help section to find out what audio and video specs you should be uploading to make sure that you don’t lose any quality when uploading your content. 

Once you have created your content, the work continues; create a posting schedule for yourself, allowing you to post regularly and keep your fans engaged in your content. 

Audience Size and Engagement: It might seem obvious, but your earnings depend on your audience. Whether you are part of their model program uploading content for fans to watch, or you offer a monthly subscription for content via their Fan Club option. You need to develop a loyal fanbase of subscribers that return each month. Engage with your fans regularly by responding to comments and DMs. 

Niche Selection: Pornhub has a range of different types of content that audiences are looking for, from hardcore BDSM to solo masturbation scenes and blowjobs; there is an audience for every adult content niche. When creating adult content, look at what others are doing and discover the most popular niches. 

Average Earnings

Understanding how much you can make on Pornhub goes a long way in helping you know if becoming a Pornhub creator is for you. As part of the model program, creators are currently paid $0.62 per 1000 views, meaning that the average earner can make anywhere between $600 to $10,000 per video, not including the 15% commission that Pornhub takes per payout. Amateur models report they make anywhere between $111 to $2559 a month.  

However, several factors determine financial success, including their content popularity, the consistency in posting, whether they earn from ad revenue, fan club subscriptions, or just from their video views. 

Before you go running to join up, it is important to recognize that overnight growth rarely happens, with many finding that they earn between $4-100 a month from their content when they start. Yet, with the proper promotion, consistency, and dedication, you can easily make $1k a month from Pornhub, depending on if you just upload videos, offer custom content, or look to earn extra money with ad revenue. 

Maximizing Earnings

When it comes to becoming successful and earning the big bucks on Pornhub, there are numerous ways you help yourself and maximize your earnings, including:

SEO: When writing your bio and captions, use keywords to help your SEO ranking so you appear in relevant searches both within PornHub itself and when people are searching for content across Google. 

Social Media Promotion: From using Instagram to post BTS shots to joining niche subreddits to share the link to your latest video. Promoting yourself and your content on social media is a great way to bring new viewers to your page and engage with your fans. 

Engaging with Viewers: Responding to and actively engaging with your fans is the best way to keep them subscribed, earning yourself your well-earned money. This could be responding to comments and DMs or hosting live events and offering polls on your social media channels to find out what they like. 

As well as this, you do not want to be posting anything that could get your content taken down or your account suspended. So always make sure you follow Pornhub’s policies on what is allowed and what isn’t. This could include specific words or specific types of content being banned. 

Challenges and Considerations

Finally, when deciding to pursue adult content creation, you should be aware that there are plenty of challenges to consider before undertaking it. 

Firstly, since COVID-19, there has been a boom in the adult content creation market, so market saturation is a sure thing. Take your time to research: what content do you want to do? What is everyone else doing? Is there a niche or market demand for which you are happy to create content? 

Although there are people making thousands of dollars a month, realistically, that isn’t everyone’s story, and the market saturation of adult content from models, cam girls, and even within the BDSM and fetish spaces has made it harder to break into the industry and achieve overnight success. 

Another challenge to consider is the legal ramifications of earning money on adult platforms such as Pornhub. This can include needing ID to verify your age and ensuring that you are not considered to be performing any illegal acts, such as offering escorting services. The best way to do this is to make sure that your content fits within Pornhub’s terms of service, which will say which acts are unlawful or prohibited. 

From an employment side, you should also consider if creating adult content could result in you being fired from your other place of work. Make sure that you keep your private life private, such as using fake names and ensuring your face, tattoos, and any details that could give away your identity are covered when creating content.  

In addition, it’s important to know the tax rules in your country. In the US, for example, unlike OnlyFans, who will issue a 1099 form for the tax year if you make more than $600 a year, Pornhub will not do this for you automatically, so when you are doing your yearly tax return, you need to make sure that you are filing your income as an adult creator correctly in Section C of your 1040 form including any expenses you claim for outfits, filming and editing. If you do not fill out your tax form correctly, you may face legal consequences for not stating your earnings as an adult content creator.  


Choosing to become an adult content creator on Pornhub offers a chance for financial success. But it is not a decision to make lightly. Before deciding to become a Pornhub creator, make sure you are aware of the commitment, their policies, and your comfort level. 

Through the model program, fan club subscriptions, and ad revenue, the ways to become a successful pornhub creator and earn money are limitless but not easy. To succeed, you must invest in creating high-quality content, finding your niche, consistency, and promoting yourself across social media to gain fans. Not to mention the need to engage with your fans to keep them returning for more. 

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