How To Do Due Diligence When Buying an Adult Website

From tube sites to live cam sites and even adult content sites, purchasing an adult website can be a fantastic way to enter the world of the adult entertainment industry and earn your piece of the pie. We at Adult Site Broker want you to know more about the process.

However, before you rush to buy the first adult website, you must know what you will purchase. You must do your due diligence before buying, from verifying the site’s legal solutions and financial health to determining its place in the adult industry.

Adult Site Broker guides you through the due diligence process in this article. 

Legal Compliance and Regulations

The most important piece of due diligence you can do when purchasing a new adult website is to check that it complies with international and national legal regulations. This includes complying with the laws and regulations surrounding age verification and consent – such as using legal ID for proof of age when creating a membership or becoming a content creator. Also you must be aware of copyright laws about who owns the content rights and even comply with your country’s rules around privacy and data.  

Without proof that the site is adhering to these legal practices, you may find that once you own the site, you face legal ramifications, including having your adult site shut down, penalties and fines, or even jail for illegal activities. 

Financial Health Assessment

Knowing your new adult website’s financial health and history is vital as you buy it to generate revenue. You can do this by asking your seller for the financials of the last 12 months – checking their revenue streams, profit margins, and expenses. But for a deeper dive, you can also look at bank and processing statements. 

You also want to examine monetization sources, such as memberships, seller commissions, or ad sources, to determine whether they will remain intact once you own the site. 

The initial health check aims to determine exactly how profitable the adult site is before you purchase it, making sure it meets your business needs from the get-go. 

To make this process as easy as possible, at Adult Site Broker, we ask all sellers to send us three years of financials for their sites. This allows us to value the site and check its financial health before advertising it to buyers. 

Market Position, Competition, Traffic, and User Engagement Analysis

When you buy an adult website, you aim to generate a profit through traffic and turning clicks into revenue. So, you need to know how your site measures up against your competition.

There are several ways to do this, but using third-party tools like Semrush and Ahrefs can be beneficial and time-saving. Both platforms offer a suite of SEO features, including a link tracker, competitor analysis, and keyword generators, to help you understand the total market position of your adult website, which can benefit you and your potential new site. 

Firstly, through market positioning, you can quickly assess the state of the market and discover opportunities. At a glance, the provided metrics can help you generate insights into the breadth and value of your market. These tools can also help you pinpoint how you measure up against your competitors and find any gaps in the market to help your ranking against them. 

With traffic, you can highlight any marketing red flags the site has, such as having a toxic backlink profile on international sites or gambling sites, having an unnaturally high percentage of exact keyword anchor backlinks, or do-follow backlinks. You can also gain an understanding of any traffic trends, such as where your organic traffic is coming from and how much you receive daily, and even catch any downward traffic trends, such as receiving a Google penalty or losing their ranking due to a loss of niche interest, or even losing their ranking to competitors.  

Thirdly, it can flag any SEO considerations you must undertake on the site to help with your SEO ranking, such as updating your H1 and H2 tags or meta descriptions and any keyword gaps, and even allow you to monitor your traffic to the site. Such as Finally, Through Google Analytics, you are also able to monitor your user engagement, understanding how long they are staying on your site and, if you are an adult site that sells something, follow the customer journey to see if they follow through with their purchases, such as porn memberships or buying adult content. 

This is beneficial because it helps you understand if there are any SEO ranking red flags you need to be aware of before you buy the site. 

Content and Intellectual Property

As well as understanding how your SEO ranking and content measure up against others, you also want to ensure that the content is high quality. With the growing popularity of AI tools helping people generate content like website landing pages and blogs quickly, knowing that the content you’re buying is of high quality is crucial as it can directly impact your SEO ranking. When doing this, analyze the content on the website (such as looking at recent and past blogs) to see if the quality remains the same, check the writing with AI-checker tools and if the content is grammatically correct or not.  

In addition, you should also do due diligence into whether the owner has proof that they own the site and can provide the applicable licenses and if the current owner owns the adult content on the website. This is because it can lead to legal ramifications, such as DMCA takedown notices if it’s not. 

Technical Assessment

Finally, conducting a technical audit of your site can help you understand its performance. This can include checking your site’s security and protecting all user data.

Check the HTML for glitches and look for errors on the site. Tools like Semrush can give you an initial assessment of any potential technical problems your potential adult website could have. 

However, a technical assessment can include more technical surface-level evaluations like site health, how fast the pages load, mobile-friendliness, and site navigation. This lets you understand how user-friendly the site is for your potential users. 

As you can see, purchasing an adult website isn’t a process to rush into. By taking the time to do your due diligence, you can ensure that you are aware of any challenges that you may face when buying a new adult website, the site’s legal and financial health, and even market placement and SEO rankings to ensure that you are a safe and profitable investment. 

Working with an adult site broker can help you buy your adult site. When we work with each potential seller, we value and assess their adult websites. This allows us to match sites with the right buyers and help them maximize their profits.  

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