Interesting Adult Industry Startups

No longer is the adult startup industry focused on just porn, with brands starting up each day to bring new and exciting ventures to the adult industry. From the latest and greatest in new sex toy designs to sites to help adult content creators monetize their pictures and images, and even apps to help with pleasure and sexual education and creating edible products for your sex drive, the adult industry has it all!     

From chocolate to help you boost your libido, OnlyFans alternatives, and male masturbators that allow you to control your climax, the world of adult industry startups has grown over the past couple of years. Combining cutting-edge technology, innovative designs, and creative solutions, adult startup companies have risen to encompass a wide range of brands and creations. 

As we roll into 2024, Adult Site Broker has put together our list of who are some of the most exciting adult startup companies to keep your eyes on. 


Winner of the Best Adult Website at the Australian Adult Industry Awards in both 2022 and 2023, Exclusv.Life is an OnlyFans alternative with a twist. Developed before the pandemic, Exclusv.Life was created by Australian-born content creators who could see that there was a gap in the market for platforms that allowed content creators to monetize their content and diversify their income, especially in the adult entertainment space. 

What sets them apart from sites like OnlyFans is their commitment to their creators offering new ways to create adult content, including text options like erotic stories and personal diary entries and even audio-focused content alongside the usual videos and images that most adult content platforms offer. They also have a wider range of ways for their creators to diversify their income on the site, including premium Snapchat conversations alongside tips, subscriptions, and PPVs. 

Exclusv.Life also offers competitive Referral and Affiliate programs and no minimum payouts for creators so they can start earning from the start without restriction, empowering creators to further their earning potential and fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship within the platform.

Understanding the need for community and support in the adult content creator world, Exclusv.Life is deeply committed to the well-being of its creators, fostering an inclusive and supportive community. The platform encourages open dialogue, collaboration, and mutual support among creators, making it not just a content creation platform but also a space for creators to connect, inspire, and learn from each other.

With backgrounds as photographers, models, developers, and creators, they have a deep-rooted understanding of the needs and challenges of the adult content creation landscape, making Exclusv.Life is a platform truly built for creators by creators. They also ensure that they are giving back to the adult industry they came from by reinvesting into the industry to help it grow.


With the rise of fitness and nutrition influencers and the popularity of vitamins and supplements taking center stage on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and even OnlyFans, it’s no wonder that people are fascinated with what they put in their bodies. This interest has extended to the adult industry, with many adult startup companies looking at creating edible aphrodisiacs that engorge body parts, help with natural lubrication, and make orgasm that much better. One of the most interesting startups to do this is American-based Tabs

Since launching in 2022, Tabs has established a range of ‘sex chocolates,’ delicious treats that combine dark chocolate with other libido-boosting ingredients such as maca root and DHEA to enhance the sex drive. They quickly became viral via TikTok when one review gained 6.4 million views as the poster claimed that the chocolate worked! 

Although these sex-drive enhancing treats are expensive, $30 for just one box, due to the potency of their product, each chocolate bar is made to be consumed a little at a time (with the recommended limit being ½ a square per person), so it will last for a while, for you to enjoy again and again. 

Tabs is an adult start-up company that shows they know what their customers want, and what they want is to feel sexy and confident: that’s why Tabs’ packaging can’t be described as anything other than stunning and sleek, removing the sleaze around using aphrodisiacs and bringing sexual enhancers into the world of wellness and luxury.  


Male pleasure has quickly become a focus in the sex toy industry, and MyHixel doesn’t disappoint. Combining AI with the latest design in male masturbators, the company aims to help men last longer in bed as they explore their pleasure. 

Using the latest technology, the MyHixel II device is a powerful penis stroker that offers a soft silicone sheath for optimal comfort and vibration options. What sets it apart from other male masturbators is that the MyHixel II connects via Bluetooth to their app and can be used to help you train your penis to last longer and enhance orgasms. Combining the two, users can enjoy an 8-week intensive course filled with fun activities that allow them to control their ejaculation using voice control and multiple vibration and stroking patterns. 

As well as offering physical activities to help you control your ejaculation, MyHixel also provides educational training to help you enjoy your pleasure for longer and gain a better understanding of your libido, body, and male pleasure on the whole. Using their AI-focused app, the MyHixel Academy offers additional mini-courses on nutrition, intimacy, and how to last longer in bed to help men control their libido and extend their orgasms while gaining a deeper understanding of how their bodies, relationships, and how pleasure works. 

As we can see, adult startup companies are quickly becoming some of the most popular and interesting companies for consumers to buy from. Opening the adult industry world to combine wellness, content creation, and sexual education. If you’re looking for a chance to get in on this booming industry and rise in the ranks of being one of the most interesting adult start-up companies of the year, Adult Site Broker can help you; check out our listings page to see what your next venture could be. 

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