Japanese Sex Culture

Unraveling the Intricacies of Japan’s Approach To Sexuality

Japan has always had an interesting look and approach to sexuality, that the world has glanced upon, learned from, and adapted with throughout the years. Japan’s sex culture is very complex though, with many norms looked upon differently in the country and throughout the outside world. At Adult Site Broker, we are going to take a deeper look at Japanese sex culture and the topic overall. While we may not completely digest the Japanese sex culture completely, we can get a better look at it today.

Historical and Cultural Influences

Japan has two major religions that have shaped the country, and those are Shinto and Buddhism. Shinto is the country’s oldest religion and has been the country’s main religion since the evolution of Japan. Buddhism was brought to Japan by settlers and others and has entered Japan since the 6th century. The Shinto view on sex is that sexuality is part of itself and lies within the person. Buddhism though has rejected female sexuality and has changed the country somewhat. But between the periods of say 1603-1867, the Edo period entered Japan and that brought same-sex relationships and opposite-sex affairs, and opened the door on sexuality in the country.

Gender Roles and Expectations

Japan has set gender roles in its country specifically over the past many years. But the concepts of Anna and Otoko have changed the country’s view of gender roles and their expectations. Kuchisake-onna is a folklore in Japan and this Slit Mouthed Woman would kill victims if they said she wasn’t pretty. She was adulterous in her life, and various versions of the dominant female role have existed in the country. Otako though is the traditional male role in the Japanese household and culture. The male gender role in Japan has always been the dominant role and the Edo period brought out same-sex relationships that never existed before in Japan. The relationships in Japan have evolved and the cultures have as well.

Erotica and Art

Japan has had a long history of cultural influences regarding erotica and art. Lots of art and various works of art have displayed Japanese erotica throughout the years, and its evolution has been interesting, to say the least. The Shunga or erotic woodblock prints grew during the Edo period in the country. These woodblock prints highlighted the new sexuality in the country and even became banned in 1722. They are viewed by all different classes in the country and were seen as a way to express the Japanese view of sexuality and erotica. Though in more recent years and modern times, manga, anime, and other media have exploded in Japan. Japan’s appreciation for the newer modern forms of erotica via these channels has led to a heightened appreciation of the Japanese erotica arts in history.

Love Hotels and Commercialization Of Sex

Japan’s view of sexuality has been tolerated but also two-sided in many ways. The country has many love hotels which are secluded hotels for couples and others to sneak away and have sex. These love hotels are very high-end and have been featured in many movies, television shows, and videos. The clientele is mainly high-end, but the man sneaking away with his secretary for an affair is tolerated as well. Japan as well has very specific things like host and hostess clubs and other forms of adult business in the country. The host and hostess clubs are clubs where the host or hostess is the focus of attention and please their clientele. The soaplands or soapies as they are called, are massages with naked women who soap their bodies and massage their clients. Various ones can be seen online and these Soapy clubs are popular in certain parts of Japan.

Modern Attitude and Challenges

Japan’s current sex culture has adapted to the more modern view of today in the country. While couples are having sex more often and exploring new sexualities, these couples aren’t having children as much as before. The Japanese birth rate has declined since 1960 when 2 children were produced per couple, and now it’s down to 1.34 per couple. Japanese men are also different from their ancestors with more men being vegetarians or herbivores, and are more socially withdrawn than before. Men and women are seen as more equals in Japan than before too, and that means the Japanese woman has more power in the country and in the workforce. But, the proliferation of Japan’s sex culture continues to show itself on the Internet via news stories, memes, and videos on the topic. Japan’s attitude towards sex has been more lax, and that has led to more couples having sex than ever.

Japan’s sex culture is different from others, and we hope at Adult Site Broker, we have shown you exactly how. It’s a very historical country with a tremendous erotic history, and one can spend years exploring the Japanese attitudes and challenges towards sex in the country. 

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