Cuckold and Hot Wife Network Available

Cuckold and Hot Wife Network Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a network of hot wife and cuckold sites, products and services.

The sites include:

1. A community site with free resources (assessments, articles, free ebooks, stories, etc) and paid products/services (ebooks and consulting) about wife sharing, hot wifing, cuckolding, and swinging lifestyles.

2. A site for those in the wife sharing community to submit confessions about their adventures in the lifestyle; users can comment on confessions and vote to forgive them or label them as sinners.

3. A collection of popular cuckolding and hot wifing posts from the web.

4. A tool to assist people with reverse image searching.

There are also 2 domain names included.

The main site was started as a place that offered people legitimate information they could use to help them make their wife sharing fantasy a reality.

Over time it gathered a very large following and became the place for people to go to to learn more about themselves, their wife sharing fantasies, and how to make them happen.

The site automatically funnels people from free resources (stories, articles, and assessments) to the paid products and services. Anyone who completes a free assessment on the site or downloads a free ebook is entered into a relevant email campaign to sell them on paid products and services, based on the data they submit or the ebook they download.

The main site is built and easily managed with HUGO, and the assessments are run on a subdomain that uses WordPress.

They’ve been approached by many advertising and affiliate companies to collaborate in some way but they turned them all down since the company didn’t want external ads on the site. The site therefore has a lot of untapped potential for advertising and affiliate revenue.

The site also ran the world’s largest and most popular wife sharing chat where users could show pics and chat to each other. An issue with the software caused the owner to take that down, but an experienced team with development capabilities could bring it back up. This is another good potential revenue source.

There are over 1200 user-submitted stories, 48 articles, 72 interviews with real life cuckold and hot wife couples, 3 assessment products, 2 free and 7 paid ebooks.

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