Successful and Established Gay Blog

Successful and Established Gay Blog

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a gay blog that’s been in business for over 12 years.

The blog highlights new talent in the gay space, gay porn news, mainstream gossip and a “just for fun” section.

The members area has lots of gay content you won’t find in the free content area.

The site only takes 25 hours a week to maintain. 

The monthly costs are minimal, so the site is very profitable. It made over 122k GBP in 2022 and is headed in the same direction this year.

There is an email list of over 29k, and the site has over 165,000 social media followers.

The site averages 25 new joins a month.

It has great potential for growth if it’s purchased by a larger company or a small one where the owner will put in a little more time.

But as it is the site is already very stable and successful.

There are over 600 member posts (including videos and images). 

The traffic is 51% social, 26% organic, 20% direct and 1.8% referral. 

Users come primarily from the USA, the UK and Australia (66%).

USA = 46%. UK = 17%. Australia = 5%

The site does not purchase any advertising, which is another area of potential growth.


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