Successful Webcam Blog Now Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale a very successful webcam modeling blog that has been in the cam space since 2013.

This is a great opportunity for any company or individual in the webcam space, especially studios and sites who are recruiting models.

About the Website:

The site is an industry leading blog that covers topics like webcam modeling and how to work as a webcam model.

This blog recommends the best cam sites to work for.

It started back in 2013 by complete accident when the two founders who were doing some SEO and affiliate marketing work discovered this niche and realized that it doesn’t have a valuable source of information related to the industry.

They created the site and quickly took the industry by the storm, positioning on search engines for hundreds of keywords and helping thousands of people to start working as a webcam model.

What differentiates us from other webcam blogs is that we work with webcam models directly instead of working with customers who are looking for webcam models online.

Another great thing about this blog is that it earns most of it’s money through revenue share programs related to the webcam modeling industry.

We still make money from the websites we promoted way back in 2013, and the more models that join using our links, the more money we make each year.

The content is unique, (over 30 unique/high quality articles) written by ourselves. All images are bought on stock websites and watermarked only for our blog.


Over the past 5 years our website was visited more than 600,000 times (unique visitors). And most of the traffic is highly targeted which in return brings more conversions and better ROI.


We never did any advertising, since we do SEO for a living, we made sure to position the website organically and use ONLY white hat SEO techniques, bringing more traffic and always positioning ourselves better than paid ads promoting similar websites/blogs.


We have complete rights to our content, since it was written by us, any stats, info and links were all investigated, written and added by us.

Maintenance and Expenses:

We spend around 7hr/week on the blog, checking emails, hosting and making sure that SEO is doing it’s job.

Someone who has a team and knows the industry better than us can multiply this income just by doing more content writing and spending more time on the website.

Expenses are only related to hosting and the domain (monthly and yearly), NO OTHER EXPENSES are necessary at all.

This type of affiliate website comes available once every 10 years, with minimal work you can make more money than some other bigger industry blogs from any other niche.

Available for only $349,000