Successful Content Company Now Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a content company that has stood the test of time.

They have been a content licensing company since 2009.

They recently redesigned and relaunched their site with a completely new front and back end, with an all-new automated FTP system that customers love. Since that time sales have soared.

The site now has over 50,000 scenes, 50,000 photosets, 10,000 DVD’s and over 10,000 models.

The content library includes lifetime resale rights, worth well over 1.5 million US dollars

Virtually all their customers come back again and again.

Almost all their clients are from the US, Canada, and Europe. They also receive hundreds of orders per year from magazines, broadcast companies and license for hotel rights and cable rights.

The content is representative of the top studios in the adult industry.

They have exclusive content with some of their studios and thousands of unused/raw HD scenes yet to be used, not to mention also close to 10,000 HD scenes that can be made into a new or existing line and generate revenue from VOD or PPV.

This company can be kept as is and continue to be a big profit maker or can be turned into a massive tube site, membership site or clip store, with an incredible amount of content.

Only 1.75 million Dollars