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Premium Tube Site Now Available

(This is not an actual depiction of the site for sale. It is just being shown for display purposes)

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale a premium tube site.

The owner originally bought a tube script, but ended up revising most of the system with the following:

▪ Adding an option for premium videos on a pay per sale basis.

▪ Multi language functionality

▪ Added tabs

▪ Added banners in different sizes with the option to add keywords and view stats.

▪ Added a pop under script

▪ Added a pre-roll system to show pre-rolls on VR as well as 2D videos.

▪ Added an option so you can import embedded content in bulk from other tubes.


The site has over 20K non-exclusive videos and trailers. The site acts as an affiliate for all of the studios and earns on a rev share or PPS model while sending traffic to those sites.


90% direct and 10% affiliate

This is a great custom tube site for a company that already has traffic to send to the tube that they want to monetize. Everything is plug and play. Send your traffic to the site and start earning money while selling ad spots, tabs, pop ups, pre-rolls and more.

This is an outstanding product for cam sites, tubes or any other site that wants to better monetize their traffic.

Only $125,000


Swingers Site Now Available

Swingers site available

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale an online swingers community that has been a hub for couples and singles in the USA lifestyle for more than a decade. It’s also well known by many local swing clubs and lifestyle communities. This site has cultivated an engaged user-base of members who come online to chat, exchange and ultimately arrange meetups for lifestyle events.

With a database of 380,000 users and thousands of self-reported hookup badges, the website has played an exciting role in the lives of thousands of people in the lifestyle.

This site has experienced members in the lifestyle are more valuable than the one-and done type which reflect poorly on the lifestyle.

There is a high ratio of real members to fake/dead profiles. They actively review/scrape their database.

The website is known by most local swing clubs & in many cases has discounts and cross-promotions with local clubs.

They get an average of 215 new members per day.

The majority of the traffic is direct, SEO and from Google Adwords.

This exciting website was purchased just a year ago by the current owners. In that time they have added a lot of enhancements to it (see attached information). However, the owners have decided this website would be in better hands by someone with more experience in the lifestyle or a company that is involved in dating.

Now available for only $275,000!


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Porn.co Now Available!

Adult Site Broker is proud to offer for sale Porn.co, an amazing adult domain name. This domain can be used for just about any purpose, including a pay site or a tube site.

Buy Porn.co Now for Only $495,000!


Adult Microblogging and Social Media Site Now Available

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale an adult microblogging and social media site. The platform has over 7.7 million unique visitors per month. The website is a mix of social media and micro blogging with a very active user base, which is expanding rapidly every day. The platform offers every registered user a blog which they can use to post their own content and reblog content from other users. They can also interact with other user through comments and an instant messaging system. Every user’s front page consists of posts from posts they submit themselves and other users they are following. Users have multiple options to customize their experience, their personal blogs are created as a subdomain and they can edit the look and feel with a special blog editor. There are also plenty of various customization options and various ways to view content. The platform is programmed with PHP and it is built using Laravel framework. The website offers truly immense potential for growth and earnings for the right person or company. By adding subscription plans for an ad-free experience a new owner would significantly raise the earnings, and combined with starting to sell ads directly could more or less double the earnings. Neither of these have been done since the site runs privately. Site is also very unique, there’s nothing similar in the adult business. Monetization on the site is also based to the user’s interests. More filters and interests can be easily added. The platform also has an Android App, which can be side loaded into Android Devices. As the App is written with Flutter, the App has a ready codebase for an iOS version as well. The website also has a Twitter account with over 3,500 followers, which is included in the sale. Content: All content is user submitted. There are over 80 million posts. User gives the rights to the content while registering and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Content consists of image posts, text posts, video posts and audio posts. Content features mainly kink and fetish based content, but includes content from every niche. Traffic: Most of the traffic is direct traffic by a very loyal and dedicated user base. New visitors come mainly from Google organic search and word of mouth. There are about 1 Million registered users. Site has not been advertised in any way so far, so there are tremendous opportunities for growth using ad campaigns. The platform also has support, including community forums for the user base where they can discuss and suggest new features, give feedback and share ideas. For the right company, this is an opportunity which has immense potential and while still being relatively new, is generating stable, steady traffic and income which can be increased easily.

All of this is available now for only 280,000 USD


Growing Foot Fetish Website Now Available

We are proud to introduce for sale a network of two foot paysites. The first site is an all tickling fetish site, with every category of tickling. The primary focus is female on female tickling. The second site has forced orgasms as well as handjobs, all with a fetish twist, showing of feet in the videos. The handjobs are more taboo/female domination themed. There are also a number of highly profitable Clips4Sale stores as well, featuring the content. The most profitable of those stores features foot worship. Some of the stores are top 50 in the world in Clips4Sale and one has been as high as #4 in the world. One of these stores has over a million dollars in lifetime earnings. Other Clips4Sale stores include female on female tickling, male on female, female on male and male on male tickling and foot worship domination. Since the owner has never built out a foot worship site, but has plenty of content for one, this is a wonderful opportunity for a new owner. Also, the owner has never advertised the site or started an affiliate program. An owner could do both and instantly boost sales. The company has over 11,000 videos in the content library, all exclusive. Also, since the owner has been out of the day to day operations of the company for some time, a new owner will have the opportunity to keep on the current people who are operating the network. So there will be no interruption in a new owner’s ability to get content for the network. The owner has been largely an investor for a while, so he doesn’t need to be around for the network to operate smoothly.

The entire network is available for only 520,000 Dollars!


Sex Toy Review Site Now Available

We are proud to offer for sale a site dedicated to exploring sexuality, and sharing & reviewing the authors’ favorite sex toys. The thing that really stands out about the site is the extremely high quality content used throughout the site. Most sites, especially review sites, use junk content that is very obviously written just to rank for terms in Google. This site is written in first person, and is a joy to read. The authors take the reader on a journey, showing them which toys that they find the most enjoyable, and explaining how to best use them. The content puts the reader at ease, very clearly showing how their desire to use toys is completely normal, but goes even further in making them feel like they are “part of the cool club” and how these are part of an ever-growing collection of pleasure enhancing (and life enriching) add-ons. The rankings in Google are high, because Google has rewarded this site due to the quality of the content. Quality like this can’t be faked and the site ranks wonderfully despite not focusing on link building. This is the type of site that an owner can at ease with during Google updates.  Another really nice point of the site is that ALL of the affiliate accounts, hosting, etc. can be handed over, requiring no changing out of affiliate links. All that would have to be done is change out the payment information on some accounts, and change out the account name information on a couple of others.  It’s also a nicely diversified site in terms of revenue. It’s from a nice mix of affiliate offers, so the business doesn’t hinge on only one main program.  The site is also very diversified in terms of traffic to individual pages. The most trafficked page on the site only makes up 14% of the traffic, so it’s not dependent on just one page ranking well.  Lastly, the “RealDoll” affiliate program just changed as of a couple months ago. It’s now using an official affiliate program instead of keeping track via “coupon codes”, and at the same time they raised the affiliate payout. So RealDoll will be paying more now than before. There are 104 posts published on the site, 12 draft posts, and 4 posts written but not yet published that can be handed off to the new owner. All content is exclusive, nothing has been taken from elsewhere.  Pretty much all of the traffic comes from organic Google results. No ad or traffic buying has ever taken place. This is an outstanding opportunity for the new owner if they want to further boost the traffic. Here are some other ways to boost the traffic and earnings on the site: 1) Just add new content. It ranks wonderfully, so just adding new content would be an easy way to increase traffic. 2) Link building.  3) Combining it into a higher authority website. Either moving the domain and its content into a site with more authority/backlinks, OR moving/combining an existing site into the existing domain should bring good results.  4) Editing content to move to better paying/converting affiliate programs. This site has been doing wonderfully on its own and will do even better if the new owner can put more time, effort and money into it.

Only $225,000 US Dollars


Rapidly Growing Bukkake Paysite Now Available

We are proud to introduce for sale a rapidly growing Bukkake paysite. The site started in 2015. The owner wanted to create a site and content completely devoted to bukkake. There haven’t been many good amateur bukkake sites that are based in the U.S. The content features local, amateur and never before seen girls doing gangbangs and bukkake. Their production quality is incredibly high for what they do. There is no other site out quite like it. It is very unique, and the style is in high demand. They have been able to be quite successful without much marketing, which leaves a tremendous opportunity for a new company to come in and build the site up even further. The sale also includes their clip store. Their retention rate is high. The site has many loyal members. Their content is exclusive to the site and the clip store. So it can be further monetized using other channels. This is a tremendous opportunity for either an existing company or a new one trying to break into this industry.

Only 158,000 U.S. Dollars!


Top Adult Dating Affiliate Network Now Available

We are proud to offer for sale one of the top adult dating affiliate networks in the world. The company is only 6 years old, but has grown rapidly. It has already been voted one of the top 20 affiliate networks in the world by affpaying.com They offer social media affiliates a landing page on a domain the company has purchased and affiliates set up adult dating offers with a sophisticated redirection algorithm (because social traffic is usually international). All the affiliate needs to do is post their links on their social media channels and the company takes care of all the rest – building and optimizing landing pages, setting up and optimizing offers based on conversion rates and EPC and communicating with advertisers and networks. Affiliates get a 70% payout. The company’s platform allows the affiliates to see real time statistics. During the years they’ve created a very sophisticated system that automates almost everything, thus becoming a new type of affiliate network, never seen before. Upon registering, their affiliates receive a personal domain name with a pre-made landing page (one of 10 templates, randomly assigned) with a whole set of hundreds of adult dating offers already set up (covered are 40 different countries, all device types, as well as different niches). On the back end is the “Autopilot”. It was the first “smartlink” ever developed, however it is more complicated that a simple “smartlink” rotating multiple offers for different visitors. The Autopilot automatically sends visitors to the most suitable offer for every visitor based on geo location, device type, number of visits (for the specific visitor, based on visits on all of their landing pages, not just the one he is coming from at that time) and most importantly EPC. As different offers are being tested by the Autopilot, it is ordering them based on EPC so new visitors will always go to the best converting offer for their geo location and device type and repeat visitors will never go to an offer they have already converted on or visited a certain amount of times (changeable from the UI). All of this ensures maximum profits for every single visitor sent to the system. Features of the platform: – Automatic assignment of pre-installed landing pages on personal domains for every approved affiliate. – Detailed statistics for everything related to the business. – Offers management. – Users management. – Landing pages management and Mass Edit (ability to edit all landing pages at once). – Autopilot management. – Referral program. Every affiliate is automatically granted a personal referral link with the ability to earn lifetime commissions of 5% on the total revenue generated by his referrals. This is the main reason for the business growth, since there has been no advertising since 2016. – User login security system. – Referral program anti-fraud system. – Ad manager. The system can create separate links for different advertising sources and show stats for the performance of each link. – Payment management from within the system. Payments to affiliates are possible through the system thanks to API integrations with Skrill and PayPal. Of course other platforms can be added. – Interactive landing pages. All the landing pages in the system have the functionality of setting up different questions and answers determining the offer, visitors will see based on offers tags (for niche specific offers) and again EPC. – On site notification messages. Ability to send on site messages to all or selected affiliates through the user interface. – Private domains. Affiliates can add their own domain names to the system. They are then assigned with a random template landing page and full set of offers and Autopilot, like the domains that are being provided to them. – Landing pages scripts. Functionality to add scripts to all landing pages at once. This adds the possibility of creating additional income streams, like building an email list, Facebook Ads audiences, Google Re-marketing Audiences, Push Notifications lists and others. – Network/Advertiser Integration. The system can be integrated with Cake and HasOffers network’s/advertiser platforms in order to ensure proper statistics and to avoid missing leads/sales. The affiliate manager will agree to keep working for the company under new management, and one of the original partners would also agree to keep working for the company for another year (provided there is an agreement for a suitable salary) to ensure an easier transition. What else is included in the sale? – An email list with 9673 verified email addresses. – A Facebook Page with 4260 likes. – 149 Domains given to the affiliates. – An Instagram profile with 704 followers. – A blog with 39 published unique content articles. – 5 administrative domains used for redirects, referrals, ads, etc. – 82 Networks and advertisers accounts in the dating industry. The business is totally scalable and has huge potential for whoever decides to take it to the next level. Just a small portion of the revenue comes from the company’s domains, because their affiliates mostly use their own domains and most of the revenue comes from their domains.

Only $175,000 

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