10 Best Sex Adult Board Games

Board games aren’t just for kids, as many adult board games are out there and are able to entice and excite couples when playing games together. Adult Site Broker is here to help explore some of the best adult sex board games on the market and give you an in-depth exploration of why they come so highly recommended. The ten we show you will get the libidos flowing and the sexual desires popping as well.


Monogamy is an award-winning board game that lets couples explore their relationships and so much more. Couples can light candles in the room, pour a glass of wine, and connect in amazing new ways. There are his and her questions, multiple levels to build up, and over 400 tasks and questions to explore. It’s been highly reviewed for couples as one that can lead to a hot and steamy night. As one that encompasses the full adult relationship, Monogamy is a board game to enjoy together.

Here’s a review on the game: https://whatsgoodtodo.com/monogamy-board-game-review/

Lust: The Passion Game For Two

Lust by Keeper Games is a card game built for couples. It lets them explore various parts of their relationships, and act upon them together. The specific love-making cards include foreplay activities or various sexual positions. Sexual fantasies can be built upon with the game, and the ultimate goal is to reach the ‘bed’ where the winner takes the cards and uses them on their partner via the scenarios learned. This takes it to new levels and could be great for couples who need more fantasies together in the bedroom.


Nooki is a board game for playful couples and has been around for 20-plus years. With the sets of cards, blindfold, and dice couples can get started playing right away. The game has cards that are playful and fun, labeled aah, ooh, mmm, and aah. The cards represent role-playing activities and together with the dice the couple performs activity on their partner. This very playful and seductive game is easy to learn and is very intimate with your significant other. With just cards and dice, the physical interactions are quick and enjoyable with Nooki.

Sexopoly: Not Your Average Monopoly

Sexopoly isn’t your average Monopoly game and takes a very adult look at this classic board game. Players can gather with their partner or close partners, and roll the dice to make money in the adult industries. The game includes risky and frisky cards that might include taking off clothes and getting the players a lot more comfortable with each other. It features the traditional playing board, 100 risky or frisky questions, and other trivia questions. Sexopoly is more of a party game as opposed to an intimacy board game and couples can have fun playing it as well.

Family Affair

Family Affairs lets couples explore naughty affairs together and also gives them a seductive way to kiss each other. The fantasy affair cards introduce a variety of different affairs that couples can explore together. This is a great way to explore fantasies that might not have been enjoyed before. The creative kiss cards include ways to kiss your partner’s eyelashes, begging to be kissed and much more. By sharing these deeply hidden desires of an affair together, it gives partners better communication and ways to build their relationships.

Spice It Up

Couples that are looking for ways to spice up their relationships can definitely look to Spice It Up for those needs. The game lets couples explore over 150 cards of pure heat that vary on three different intensity levels. The game will let couples know each other, build on their trust, and heighten their awareness. The simple questions start easy and the spicy nature of the levels and cards only builds up sensual tones and desires. Those new pleasure zones introduced by the cards can be taken to the bedroom and can make bedroom activities soar right away.

Pleasure Island

An adult board game focused on a tropical island is what Pleasure Island is all about. As tokens arrive on various squares, pleasure chest cards are chosen where the card recipient must perform those activities listed on the card. As an adventurous card game that includes drawing of cards, and winning on the “X”, the game set on the island is magical. With a couple’s glasses of wine and Pleasure Island, couples can jet away, explore fantasies, build on their relationship, and have fun playing this game.

Discover Your Lover

A game that is built on heightening attractions via open communications is what Discover Your Lover is based upon. By answering questions and tasks, couples are tested and questioned about their relationships. The questions ask about their partner’s sexuality and desires, so that only builds on their knowledge of the other partner’s sexual wants and needs. With over 240 question and task cards, there are endless possibilities with this game. By winning the ultimate desire, the partner, in the end, can take charge in the bedroom as the winner.

Foreplay In a Row

For couples interested in a simple adult board game and want to build on their foreplay, then Foreplay In a Row is the perfect choice. It has a simple four-type vibe to it with lots of seduction and romance pieces to build upon. It’s a type of game that can be started in seconds. The winner gets to explore imaginative foreplay and show their partner what gameplay is all about. Couples can win in any number of different combinations so endless possibilities exist. The fantasy reward of extended foreplay is the obvious goal, and Foreplay in A Row is the simplest adult board game on the market today, and the most enjoyable.

The Bedroom Game

The Bedroom Game has six categories to explore with partners. The game features various levels of anticipation to build on and includes the sex and position category at the end. By building upon the various levels of cards, couples can build the levels of intensity and have their desires increase as they play. The Bedroom Game isn’t all about eroticism but more about the exploration of the categories. The best and last parts are the climax, and the stages of rewards build the fire of romance up until the end.

We hope the Adult Site Broker has given you ten different board games to enjoy in the bedroom. We know board games are loved by adults and can only make the romance spark further as they play them in the bedroom together. 

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