How To Find The Best Sex Toy Dropshippers

Sex toy dropshipping is very popular now. There are many small and large pleasure product sites who use dropshipping to conduct their business.

In this blog post Adult Site Broker will introduce dropshipping to you, talk about how to go about it and introduce you to the best sex toy drop shippers.

What Is Dropshipping

With all the recent YouTube and other videos talking about dropshipping, you might be wondering what exactly the term dropshipping is, and how it relates to sex toys. The idea behind dropshipping is you accept an order on your site, then you order the product from a third-party and then the item or sex toy is shipped to the recipient, with the third-party shipping the item. So, think of it as A orders from B, then B ships to C the customer. There is generally a price for the item to the wholesale customer and then the retail price covers the price of the wholesale product plus shipping with an additional profit margin for the website built into the product price.

How Do I Dropship?

To get started with dropshipping, especially with sex toys, you need to source your suppliers and then set up a website to operate from. Once you find your supplier, check them out and do a test run. You can order one product and have it shipped to you. Once this is done, you can see the prices, figure your margin of profitability, and retail price the item from there. So for example, if a vibrator costs $20 USD to order and drop ship, and the dropshipper charges $10 to ship, you can sell the product for $40 and you have a $10 profit. This can be quite lucrative to your site or business.

Wait, Is Dropshipping Legal?

Dropshipping is 100% legal in the United States, and outside the United States depending on your local laws and jurisdictions. At Adult Site Broker, we want you to know that dropshipping has a lot of details that must be adhered to when starting your business. It’s important to source your suppliers and dropshippers to make sure they are shipping legitimate products. Counterfeit products can get you in trouble, and the same goes for not paying taxes. If you are doing this as a business, it’s best to form a corporation, get proper paperwork filed, and get a tax resale certificate to start. This way it’s legal, and the legitimate sex toys get dropshipped to the customer. Of course, talk to your attorney and accountant to make sure what type of formation is best for you.

Is Dropshipping Sex Toys Worth It Today?

Sex toys are desired and wanted across the United States and around the globe. There is a billion-dollar business behind it, and the desire for sex toys has only increased over the years. By dropshipping sex toys, you don’t need to maintain an inventory and can operate your business with a simple website and use tools to establish connections for the suppliers and orders. From then, it’s generally all about SEO and getting traffic to your website for orders. Making sure you are pricing your orders and shipping costs properly is crucial to making profits though, as those change and you don’t want to be selling the product at a negative profit.

Best Sex Toy Distributors

At Adult Site Broker, we have a list of four different dropshippers we recommend that you can get started with today. A lot of them don’t require a ton of capital to get going and you can get their solution implemented on your website within a few days.

Sex Toy Distributing

Based in Huntington Beach, California, Sex Toy Distributing is one of the main sex toy dropshippers in the country. They have been around since 2005, and offer over 5,000 products on their website, ranging from toys, vibrators, dildos, lubricants, sex toys, and much more. Their products generally ship out the following day and provide tracking information to the dropshipper. Sex Toy Distributing is one of the biggest sex toy companies around and their dropshipping program is used by merchants all over the world.

Dream Love

Dream Love is a Spanish-based adult toy dropshipper with offices based in Sevilla, Spain. They are a massive company with tons of products and merchant support. DreamLove is an award-winning adult business with awards covering its distributorships and wholesale business. With Dream Love, you can dropship products all over the European continent and have an updated catalog at your disposal. They also offer third-party plugins for WooCommerce and Prestashop e-commerce platforms, so they’ll integrate with your website easily. If you are starting your adult sex toy dropshipping business in Europe, DreamLove is one of the biggest dropshipping companies around that is highly recommended.

Honey’s Place

Honey’s Place is a dropshipping company with a wide variety of sex toys, lingerie, and other adult products for a dropshipper’s needs. The site has an easy signup form to get started, with accounts that can be set up within 24-48 hours. A dropshipper can order products off their website, pay for them after the customer has paid you on your site, and ship out the products the following day to the customer. Honey’s Place works with a vast number of adult toy manufacturers and distributors and is located in California. 

Sex Toy Club

Sex Toy Club is another website that distributors can use to order products to dropship to their customers, and offers over 40,000 adult products for dropshippers to add to their website to sell. The interface for the site is clean and easy to navigate. They run several specials with discount pricing throughout the year.

They also have a minimum pricing and marketplace policies area to make sure dropshippers pay attention to any policies their partners have in place. One great thing about Sex Toy Club is that they show pricing from multiple resellers for the dropshipper. This makes it easy to order from the most reputable and lowest price vendor to maximize your profits.

CN BlueRabbit

CN BlueRabbit is a Chinese-based dropshipping company that ships its products from China to your customers. The company offers sex toys, sex dolls, BDSM toys, and lingerie under their options via their website. CN BlueRabbit works with dropshippers all over the world, works with other distributors, and retail stores too. The company offers discounts and samples to new customers and has a vast network of articles and support for their sellers. With offices in Shenzhen China, CN BlueRabbit has access to the distributors and products directly, so they keep the products cheap and shipping costs low. If looking for a great variety of products to dropship on your sex toy website, CN BlueRabbit has them.

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