Adult Entertainment Market in 2024

From innovations in technology focused on sexual health, AI, and content creation to new sophisticated sex toy products, the adult entertainment market has been booming over the past few years, offering business owners a chance to grow their revenue in this industry. 

But as you work with Adult Site Broker to buy an adult website, understanding the current market forecast, including trends, challenges, and potential market growth, will help you know if entering the adult industry is the right choice for you and your business model. 

But what should you watch out for in the adult entertainment industry in 2024? Adult Site Broker has put together our guide on the adult entertainment industry, guiding you through the expected market growth, key drivers, and the major companies to watch out for. By the end of this article, you will fully understand the adult entertainment market. 

Market Growth

Through innovation, new business models, and a rise in people seeking porn, erotica, and even new sex toys, Allied Market Research‘s industry report shows that the global sexual wellness industry is expected to hit $31.6 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2023 to 2032. 

What this shows is that the adult entertainment market is growing fast. 

Key Drivers

So, what has caused this current growth in the adult entertainment industry? We will examine a few key drivers now. 

First, social attitudes have changed, and there has been a rise in the popularity of sex toys, adult content creation, erotic literature, and audiobooks and apps since COVID-19. As people were stuck indoors, there was a massive boom in how many people were buying sex toys and looking for new ways to consume adult content, and in  2024, this hasn’t stopped. As popularity grows, companies are focused on innovative new sex toys, from Bluetooth-connected sex toys with sophisticated designs to creating AI-powered apps offering a chance to craft your own erotic stories like Pirr.  

In 2024, there has also been an increased awareness of sexual health, from a focus on penis health and erectile dysfunction to STI screenings, with the technology expanding to be able to create intelligent sex toys and even use AI to screen an image for early STI detection, its a corner of the market with untapped potential. 

As well as this, as the legal and regulatory environment expands and impacts the distribution and consumption of adult entertainment, so does the adult entertainment market, with more entrepreneurs and content creators turning to online platforms like OnlyFans to reach their audiences directly, drastically changing how we consume adult media. 

Market Trends

Over the last few years, the adult entertainment industry has been focused on the rise of AI and Bluetooth-enabled sex toys, with pleasure being at the center of it all. In 2024, AI will still be a significant player. Still, the adult industry has shifted to include sexual wellness, with companies like HeHealth using AI for early screenings of STIs, and even Planned Parenthood has gotten involved with their launch of Roo, an AI chatbot for all things sexual health. 

Others have become focused on innovative adult entertainment products, such as VR porn, sex robots, sexual wellness platforms, and interactive sex toys that can offer more personalized pleasure, such as the Womanizers new Womanizer Next, clitoral vibrator using 3D pleasure air technology or Norwegian based company, OhDoki and the launch of Oh! The world’s most advanced, versatile, and discreet vibrator is powered by sonic technology, allowing for infinite possibilities for vibration patterns and speeds. 

Market Challenges

However, entering the adult market in 2024 will present some key challenges due to its high-risk nature, social attitudes, and legislation restrictions

Age verification laws, data protection and privacy concerns, and legislation regarding the marketing, distribution, and consumption of adult entertainment products can impact where, when, and how you sell your products. 

Although there has been a positive change in social views towards sex and pleasure, there are still many social taboos and conservative attitudes towards sex toys and pornography across the world that have led to new, stringent laws regarding age verification, obscenity laws, and content legislation that have censored many.

These negative attitudes can also impact fundraising and advertising opportunities. Meta actively cracks down or bands adult content ads across its platforms, including ones focused on sexual health or education. These attitudes can also impact the ability of new sex tech companies to receive funding; with VCs steering clear of high-risk industries like the adult entertainment market, it means that many new adult industry start-ups are having to self-fund or look for alternative funding opportunities. 

For those creating sex toys, apps, or other sexual products, making sure you understand the new legislation surrounding materials compliance and legal restrictions is key to deciding where and if you can sell products. 

Segmentation Insights

Technological innovation in the digital landscape has changed how consumers access and interact with the adult industry. Adult toy stores find that most of their customers come from online shopping. E-commerce is here to stay because the ease and privacy offered from the comfort of your home is hard to beat. 

The leading types of adult entertainment products bought can be categorized as 2D, 3D, VR, books, magazines, periodicals, and others. 2D and 3D adult movies take up a significant part of the market. 

As well as this, with the rise of adult and erotic literature, apps, and audio stories, as well as the current market for sex toys, the market is segmented with females being the leading consumers of the adult entertainment industry.  

When it comes to region, due to the already-established adult film industry, North America continues to dominate the market, taking up 36%, followed closely by Europe and Asia-Pacific.  

Major Companies

So, who is leading the adult entertainment industry in 2024? Before we conclude, let us check out the major companies that are shaping the market through innovation and market expansion: 

  • Larry Flynt Publications: a leading publication for adult magazines, including Hustler
  • Core Magazine: Japanese publishing company focused on adult material, such as adult magazines and hentai manga.
  • Vivid Entertainment Group:  American pornographic film production company featuring internet content.
  • RCI Hospitality Holdings: Through its subsidiaries, it operates strip clubs, nightclubs, sports bars/restaurants, and a media and convention company that serves the adult club industry. 
  • Hammy Media Limited: Owner of xHamster, a leading adult content site 
  • Aylo (formally MindGeek): Canadian multinational adult entertainment conglomerate owned by Canadian private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners and owns PornHub.  
  • Playboy Enterprises: An American global media and lifestyle company founded by Hugh Hefner as Playboy Enterprises, Inc., to oversee Playboy magazine and related assets.
  • Naughty America: A pornographic film studio based in San Diego, California.
  • Private Media Group is a Swedish production and distribution company distributing adult entertainment through print publications, DVDs, the Internet, and mobile devices.
  • Paul Raymond Publishing: British publisher of softcore monthly pornographic magazine titles, including Escort, Club International, Mayfair, and Men Only. 
  • WGCZ Holdings: Prague-based company behind popular porn site Xvideos.  


When you want to enter a new market, understanding its growth, industry trends, and market challenges can help you find the perfect venture for yourself. At Adult SIte Broker, we can help you buy your following adult website; whether you’re looking to buy an OnlyFans agency site or or a big tube site, we can help you understand where there is a market gap so you can profit from the start. 

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