Is There Money In Adult Games?

As the world of porn and adult content expands, the industry is no longer limited to just videos of people having sex. The demand for things that are new and exciting has led to the creation of VR porn, AI-generated erotica, and even the world of gaming as people look for creative ways to explore their fantasies, try out new kinks, and immerse themselves in new worlds. But is there any money to be made in these new opportunities?

The world of adult gaming has become popular recently among adults, with a selection to choose from, including RPGs (role-play games), Hentai-focused erotic novellas, and even VR options.  

In this article, Adult Site Broker will be looking into the world of adult gaming, discovering what it is, what are the most popular adult games and if there is any money to be made in creating your own adult games. 

What are Adult Games?

As one of the most potent mediums, video games are one of the best ways for people to explore their desires, interests, and even kinks without shame or fear of repercussions. When it comes to sexuality and pleasure, adult games such as porn simulators, RPGs, and even erotic novel-based games have allowed people to explore their desires while being entertained. But what makes an adult game different from a regular game?

Adult games are the latest trend in pornography. From Tetris-inspired porn puzzle games, revealing hentai-style art to world-building, RPGs, that allow you to connect and have sex with other players’ characters or NPCs (non-playing characters already built into the gameplay). The world of adult games is not limited to one type of medium or gaming style; these games vary in content, yet all focus on entertainingly exploring the erotic.

Although they were usually focused on the heterosexual male gaze, frequently featuring big-busted babes and heterosexual sex scenes, as the interest in adult games has grown, so too has the focus on creating games that cater to heterosexual females as well as bi, gay, trans, and lesbian audiences. 

So, with adult games becoming an increasingly popular way for people to consume erotica, is there any money in the industry?  

Is There Any Money in Adult Games? 

The short answer is yes. The long answer is HELL YES, there is money in adult games.

According to Statista, the adult gaming industry was estimated to be worth around $9.3 billion in 2020 and was projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% from 2021 to 2027. Showing that there is a considerable profit to be made in creating adult porn games yourself. 

There are several ways you can generate revenue with online adult games. Firstly, you can direct traffic to your website, allowing people to sign up and play for a monthly or one-off fee. 

Secondly, although most adult games can not be uploaded to Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox app stores, you can still use the consoles to play the games via physical disks. Why not offer your audience the chance to own the game as a physical copy for a fee?

Overall, the adult gaming industry is set to have a massive boom in the upcoming years, and there is money to be made from creating entertaining and visually stimulating adult NSFW games. 

What are the Top Earning Adult Games? 

So now we know there is money to be made from creating adult games; who is already doing it? In this final section, we have compiled our list of the top 4 adult games below. 

Gaming Adult 

With popular titles like Gay Pornstar Harem, Comix Harem, and Hentai Heroes under its belt, Gaming Adult is a popular freemium porn gaming site that caters to multiple sexualities and interests. Unlike the others mentioned below, it also earns money from its affiliate program, offering porn sites, porn bloggers, and online publications the opportunity to advertise their games and earn revenue from ad clicks. For those looking to play a game, you simply sign up for free, choose the one you are interested in playing, and off you go. 


For those who love hentai, Nutaku is for you! The site offers a range of hentai-themed porn games for you to enjoy, including their most popular user-friendly RPG games King of Kinks, and Booty Calls, for you to play on both your desktop and mobile for free. What makes them unique is they offer numerous free games and an ad-free site with minimal glitches. However, if hentai isn’t your thing, then you should give this site a pass. 

Oppai Man

If you like choice-driven, visual novella games, the Oppai Man is perfect for you. Ranking high as one of the top earners on Patreon, the game quickly gained over 7,000 members and made $37,675 a month with their subscriptions. Within the gameplay, you play a college student romancing girls and solving mysteries as you experience romance, comedy, drama, and lots of sex. 


Since launching in December 2023, SuccuDev has quickly become a popular adult game for those looking to enjoy exploring their fantasies of submission with Femdom. Catering to a diverse range of interests and sexualities, SuccuDev allows you to play as a slave to a horny succubus. What makes it different from the RPGs above is the game is a customizable jerk-off instructions game, it offers you a chance to please your favorite fem-dom in a variety of ways. On Patreon, it ranks as one of the top 20 adult games, coming in at 13, making $36,702 in monthly revenue with over 6674 paying members.  


Have you ever wanted to be a dragon and have sex with other dragons? Then Heat is for you. Using VR, this adult game is a sex simulator that allows you to use your body movements to move your characters, in bed and outside, explore new worlds, and interact with new characters by giving them a boop, doodling on them, or scale yourself down for a tiny time!  The online game starts from as little as $10, and it is a popular adult game generating over $81,052 a month on Patreon. 

As you can see, the world of adult games is far bigger than we could imagine, encompassing everything from puzzles to RPGs, catering to various kinks, fantasies, and interests. With creators of these games quickly bringing in big bucks, it is no wonder that this is becoming the new adult industry obsession for those wishing to start a business within the industry. 

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