One of Our Tube Networks Is Reduced in Price

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We maintain our position in this space by being honest and not relying on glossy marketing campaigns and catchphrases. As it relates to our listings, we try our best to keep properties for sale up for as long as we can to facilitate buyers and sellers. 

Based on this mission, the Adult Site Broker team is happy to announce that we have a reduced price for one of our tube network listings. 

The listing is for a network of 21 adult tube sites catering to European geos.

The seller has authorized the reduced price for a quick sale so he can shift his interests to mainstream ventures. Despite that, the sites are purely turnkey properties that would be ideal for buyers with existing traffic in European geos. The sites are in German and Italian.

The sites went live over a decade ago. Each year has seen traffic growth owed entirely to SEO optimization and no paid web traffic has been used so far.

The content on the sites is also high quality and targeted to geos where German and Italian are the predominant languages. There are over 600,000 hosted videos across the sites, with 400,000 uniquely titled for SEO and the local language.

A total of six months of videos translated to the target languages are also ready for upload so that a new owner will have an easy transition upon purchase. 

All of these sites maintain healthy search positions on Google, too. The current owner has set up virtually everything for an easy transition of management from day one. 

As we said, this is a great opportunity for a buyer who has stable traffic, the means to maintain that traffic, and can secure easy growth. 

Some effort in SEO and paid traffic could make these sites the next big thing.

On sale for $165,000 — previously $595,000.

Interested? Contact us and we would be happy to let you know more about the listing.

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