Are Templates for Adult Websites Worth It?

When setting up an adult website, multiple elements must be considered: design, age verification features, and legal requirements. If you are new to the adult industry or need more website design skills, designing and setting up your website can be challenging. Not to mention, working with a website designer can be costly. This is where an adult website template may be a cheaper alternative. 

An adult website template is a site created by a website provider and ready to be used and customized once purchased by an individual or proprietor. In the past, these have usually been popular for dropshipping, franchises, and multi-level marketing websites, but have started to become popular opportunities for those looking to start adult websites. 

These websites offer vital benefits, including being pre-made by adult website providers who understand the market demand for the product each site provides. They also allow you to create fully customized websites at a lower price that reflects your brand and grow at your own pace, starting small as an individual and quickly earning money. 

So, what is an adult website template? And are they worth it in the long run? In this article, Adult Site Broker will walk you through the world of adult website templates, examining their purpose, discussing the pros and cons, and setting out the key features of a successful adult website template to look out for when buying your own. 

Concept of an Adult Website Template

An adult website template is a pre-designed layout encompassing a website’s overall structure, visual elements, and functional components. Simply put, your new adult business is ready to go from when you purchase your pre-templated turnkey adult website. 

They are popular options when setting up an adult website as they offer the opportunity for individuals just getting started to quickly set up a new website without breaking the bank; you can easily set up and go with these sites from your home office and then expand as your business grows. 

Key Features Of An Adult Website Template

When choosing the right adult website template, check out what key features are offered. You must ensure it is the right fit for you and your brand. Look at how customizable the website template is. Can you choose the layout and add your logo? Or even select your domain? For scalability, the opportunity to choose a domain that drives traffic and changes your site to match growing business needs is crucial to success, so look to see if they offer features to change or add pages to your site as needed. 

Depending on the type of adult site you are looking to do, you may also need to look at its ability to upload high-resolution images, especially if you are selling products or looking to own a porn website. Consider whether it offers SEO capabilities and content or marketing plans for website traffic.

As an adult website, you want to ensure you can comply with the necessary regulations, such as built-in age verification, adult-specific payment gateways, and even built-in privacy measures and data compliance. 

Overall, when choosing an adult website template, it is essential to remember that when you buy an adult website template, you need to add the content and all the legal pages yourself. However, there may be a privacy policy placeholder and a 2257 statement.

Benefits of Using an Adult Website Template

When setting up an adult website, there are two main options: fully customized websites or website templates. Although fully customized websites are beneficial, adult website templates offer many benefits that make them lucrative. 

First, as you are buying a pre-made website template, the setup is quick, and you can be ready to go quickly. Secondly, as they are pre-made by adult industry website experts, they are likely to comply with the latest legal regulations, allowing you to implement the correct age verification, consent, and data protection needed, as well as already being made mobile-friendly, something which is necessary in this day and age when the majority of people access porn sites via their mobiles. 

As you can set up the adult website on your own, you can save money as you do not need to work with an agency or a website designer. You simply buy the website template and then work on it yourself. 

When you buy a template from a website provider, you can easily maintain it, as the specific website provider you chose will maintain, update, and support it. 

Cons of Buying an Adult Website Template

However, to give you the whole picture, it is essential to recognize that there could be some cons when purchasing an adult website template. One of these is that providers can sell the same website multiple times as they are pre-made templates, so your site will look the same as many others. Additionally, because you are buying a website template from a provider, you are simply renting the website and don’t have complete ownership over it like you would if you simply created a website using a designer.. 

Another possible con is getting traffic to your website. Buying a website template with no previous traffic or SEO when the adult industry is growing, and market saturation is a problem can take a lot of work to drive organic traffic to your adult website. It also means that you’re buying an adult website with no previous income, as it is a shell for you to customize to your brand’s needs. 

When looking at key features, always see if they offer marketing plans including SEO to help you drive traffic to your adult website. If you are also in the market for a pre-made website that can help you start earning from the get-go, Adult Site Broker is here to help you buy the adult site of your dreams. Check out our listings page today. 

Where to Buy Adult Website Templates?

Now that we know the benefits of choosing a template for your adult website for your new adult business, who are the best providers out there? Let’s check out the top three now: 

Theme Forest

Theme Forest offers a range of adult website themes, from sex toys and lingerie to modeling agencies and dating sites, starting as cheap as $15. Once you buy the theme, it has an easy 1-click installation. The themes come with a range of built-in tools for easy customization and are SEO-friendly. The e-commerce themes come pre-installed with the WooCommerce plugin, so you can easily set up your e-commerce site. 

Adult Creative 

Adult Creative is a digital marketing and website design agency that offers sleek and attractive adult website templates for escort agencies, independent escort sites, and fan sites in their online store. Each template is built in-house by their talented website designers, and prices range from £999 and up depending on the number of pages and customization needed. Using their industry knowledge and clients’ needs, they have created a range of templates equipped with CMS back offices, which are SEO-ready for various browsers and mobile responsive.     


Adent offers a range of templates for you to choose from depending on the type of adult website you want to set up, from streaming and live cams to marketplaces, sexting sites, and even escort sites. Each site has been created by experts in the adult industry, ensuring that each turnkey website can quickly scale up as it meets market demand. With no set-up fees, customer support, and a range of technology to help with front-end, back-end, and even mobile development, Adent creates high-quality adult website templates that are affordable, quick to implement, and easy to use. 

Considerations When Buying an Adult Website Template: 

Researching who you buy from should be a priority as you look for the right provider for your turnkey adult website. Consider the following points as you choose the right adult website template for you: 

Legal compliance: Do providers adhere to your country’s data, privacy, and age verification legislation?   

Choosing reputable providers: Read reviews from other users. This way, you can see if the turnkey website is SEO-optimized and if there are any problems with it.   

Ethical content promotion: How have they been driving traffic, and what content are they using on these pre-made websites? These are important to ensure that you are not buying a website template from a provider that has been blacklisted in any way, which can impact your SEO ranking and traffic to your site. 

Mobile friendliness: Over 61% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. When buying a website template, you need to make it offer you a mobile-friendly interface. Such as easy navigation and 

Security: Does your website template offer airtight security features that are either built into the template or can be customized through plug-ins? This is especially important if you are a porn site that is collecting the personal data of your customers? 

Conclusion – Are Adult Website Templates Worth It? 

For those looking to enter the adult industry and grow a successful business, buying an adult website template, such as a porn site or a sex toy website, may be an excellent opportunity for you. Their quick setup and ability to customize the website to your brand’s needs can be an excellent investment for anyone looking to be a successful adult website owner. 

However, before purchasing the first template you see, take your time to do your due diligence. First, ensure that this is what you want; many website templates tend to be highly restrictive, with specific contractual obligations, as you only rent your website from a provider and don’t have full ownership. You want to ensure that your website template matches your specific needs and offers maintenance and support opportunities by the providers. Also, ensure that industry-specific features like age verification and adult-specific payment options can be built into the system to make operating it as easy as possible. 

Overall, to answer whether an adult website template is worth it depends on your finances, business needs, and what you are hoping to do. They offer quick setup but can also make driving traffic to your site harder as they are shells with no previous traffic or income. 

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