Some of the Best Affiliate Programs for Adult Sites

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing segments in the adult entertainment industry. 

Some of the very best adult affiliate marketing programs include user traffic acquisition and the referral content creators, depending on the platform. You throw a rock, and you are going to hit one of several types of adult site affiliate programs that range across the type of adult sites. 

Paysites, sexuall wellness brands, some tube sites, hentai sites, camming sites, fetish dating sites, and other adult entertainment and special interest platforms all have affiliate programs. 

In this blog post, we discuss what an affiliate program is, the different types of affiliate programs, and we share with you some of the programs currently on the whole adult entertainment market.

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What Are Adult Affiliate Programs?

Before we begin discussing adult affiliate programs, we should define what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is the process where website publishers earn a commission by promoting a product or service by another individual who is like an advertiser or marketing influencer. The affiliate marketer, in turn, is responsible for payouts and for providing results from the advertiser.

Apply this approach to the adult entertainment industry. Whether the product is a paysite or its a fetish dating service, the affiliate marketing approach provides the publisher and the advertisers for the publisher with income that is passive, consistent, scalable, and very lucrative over time.

How to Make Money With Adult Affiliate Programs?

Adult affiliate programs can earn and generate income through three primary formats. These formats for payment through affiliate marketing include pay per lead, single opt-out, and double opt-in. There are other formats for generating affiliate income but these are the most common.

Types of Affiliate Programs

PPL: Pay per lead marketing is a payout based on a sign up conversion, or a sale. 

PPC: Similar to PPL, pay per click pays when an affiliate clicks on an affiliate link. 

PPA: Also similar, pay per acquisition is paid when sales finish close through marketing.

SOI: Single opt-in marketing is very simple. This affiliate marketing approach offers conversion rates when a user leaves their email or some form of data about themself in a website form.

DOI: Double opt-in marketing is also very similar. This approach offers conversion rates when the user leaves their email or some other data about and then confirms the email signup.

Best Affiliate Programs for Adult Sites

The best affiliate programs for adult sites cover every segment of the adult entertainment space. Here are a few of the best affiliate programs, ranging from live camming to adult sex products. 

Chaturbate Affiliate Program

A popular adult cam site on the internet is Millions of users and thousands of performers interact every day, virtually, through private and public shows. There are some of the best affiliate offerings in the industry on this platform, and it is a cash cow. Using rev share, you can make money off of sign-ups and token purchases from your adult cam website traffic. Streamers can also refer others and earn $50 for every $20 the company earns while streaming. As well, affiliate earnings are shared with webmasters. Domains can also be brought and white labeled. 

Lovense Affiliate Program

Lovense is the popular manufacturer of smart and Bluetooth enabled sex toys. Lovense offers an affiliate program to directly market and distribute their sales through e-commerce channels. This program is geared towards sex bloggers, cam models, adult site webmasters, and the long distance relationship communities. The earnings rate is up to 20% on a sales commission for when you refer new customers to the Lovense e-commerce site. The company tracks this through affiliate referral codes and link tracking methods. The tools needed for affiliate marketing include sales tracking and a revenue management system for affiliate earnings.

Adam & Eve Affiliate Program

The Adam & Eve affiliate program allows you to market and directly lead traffic to the legendary adult products retail chain. According to the company’s affiliate program, they openly offer a set of revenue generating methods. Adam & Eve is fully integrated as a publisher through the eBay Partner Network, which allows its users to track sales, referrals, and overall performance. Adam & Eve works with hundreds of affiliates and is a very well-known brand for sex toys and lingerie. The company has also been around for over forty years and is well positioned for sustainability. We mention this because it means through this affiliate program, you have trust and experience.

ManyVids RevShare Model Referral Program is the brainchild of adult industry veterans. The ManyVids team developed its own in-house tech and caters to content creators who are also in more mainstream and “vanilla” verticals of online content creation. ManyVids has several channels for earning from adult content. The site also provides a model referral program through the format of a rev-share

Revenue share is a form of affiliate marketing that allows companies to share revenue success with stakeholders, including the content creators if the company is structured like ManyVids. If you are an enterprising content creator in the adult vertical, check out and earn a piece of the earnings of the models that you refer through their internal model referral program.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Network

CrakRevenue is an affiliate network and affiliate management software that holds a significant share of this portion of the adult industry. Serving affiliate marketers in adult and mainstream industries, CrakRevenue offers a variety of earnings models and affiliate referral opportunities. 

CrakRevenue models emphasize an all-in-one affiliate marketing funnel and the tools to convert your traffic into sales. This particular company is connected to some of the highest converting affiliate programs in the adult entertainment and e-commerce industries. For example, camming site MyFreeCams (who we’ve written about) is offered through CrakRevenue’s all-in-one site.

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