Why Use a Broker Instead of Selling a Site Yourself?

Adult Site Broker is the ethical broker. It says it on our website. And, that’s for a reason. We are also the most trusted website brokerage in the adult entertainment industry. Our over two decades of practical and industry experience places our team in a unique position to provide personalized and concierge service to our global network of truly vetted buyers and sellers

Unlike our competitors, we do not see the need or reason to invest heavily in glossy branding promising unrealistic returns. Instead, Adult Site Broker gives you the most important asset in our line of work: the truth and our trust. We stand by that promise. It’s our guiding principle.

So, why would you look anywhere else for advice on selling your adult site? Yes, it is true, anyone can sell their own site. There are self-service platforms that do that, or you can directly list your site. But, you run higher risks of being taken advantage of by rogue buyers or greedy sellers. 

Adult Site Broker Guide:

What Does a Website Broker Do?

This is where a website broker comes in. A website broker is a lot like a real estate broker. Just like in the business of buying and selling residential and commercial real estate, website brokers serve as middlemen between the buyers and sellers of websites and web-based companies. A broker usually is hired by a seller of a website or web-based property and is compensated by a commission upon the successful sale of a listing. In return, the broker hits the ground running trying to identify potential buyers for the website or web-based property and facilitates the sale.

Brokers, like our team at Adult Site Broker, can specialize in a particular industry. We deal with adult companies, especially online networks of websites across several genres and verticals including porn studios, paysites, cam sites, affiliate networks, niche dating sites, and others.

Our success in the adult industry space has allowed us to acquire a global network of buyers and sellers. This is a typical function of the website broker, regardless of the type of industry. 

When a broker onboards a new seller and begins promoting a listing, the brokerage team will do all they can to find the best matches between buyers and sellers. Any good broker would try to handle all communications between buyers and sellers. This includes the marketing of a listing, managing any offers made by buyers identified by the brokerage team as potential buyers, and more tasks to ease the challenges of buyers and sellers. All of these tasks happen in-house.

A Broker in Action

For example, imagine a seller of an adult property who employs an industry website brokerage. 

The seller owns a six-figure network of white-label live cam sites that are solvent, profitable, and scalable. The live cam sites cater to a particular genre or subject matter, like trans performers. The broker, in theory, sells the property to buyers that have previously expressed interest in entering the trans live camming segment or who wish to expand their current site offerings. 

Brokers Are Key

A broker will utilize multi-channel, multi-media outlets to reach out to prospective buyers. Once a buyer and seller are connected, the broker also serves as the go-between for the completion of the transaction and any negotiations that would take place. Once the transaction is initiated, the broker and his team can also facilitate the escrow process and the signing of contracts to make the sale official and final. Once escrow is complete and the money is in the hand of the seller, the role of the broker is complete.

Brokers can also serve as a buyer’s broker. This is essentially the reversal of a seller’s broker. Our buyer’s broker services assist buyers looking for a particular property or digital asset for sale that fits into the needs of the buyer. Adult Site Broker is both a buyer’s and seller’s broker.

Adult Site Broker Is Your Partner

In a perfect world, this is how the role of a broker works. We do these things, but buying and selling adult properties isn’t a black-and-white science. What sets Adult Site Broker apart from our competitors is our ability to adapt to different scenarios to meet the needs of our clients. Others who claim to be dealmakers and stand-outs in the adult brokerage space simply present themselves as people who do these things. Unfortunately, others are soulless corporations looking to profit off of scale instead of the quality of listings. We believe in the personal touch.

Should you sell your property by yourself? You can. But, you won’t have the team, insights, or resources of a blue-blooded, industry-leading website brokerage like Adult Site Broker. 

Experience is what we have. Experience is what we’ve built our business on. You can trust that experience.

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