Best Escort Websites

Escorting is a legitimate business, depending on who you ask. Interestingly enough, there are some in the adult entertainment industry who wish to distance themselves from the escort segment. It’s understandable given that escorting in many jurisdictions of the world operates in a legal gray area. 

We at Adult Site Broker have sold many legal and ethically-run escort websites. These sorts of websites allow sex workers and social escorts to have a secure and monitored forum to chat with potential clients. Even though it’s gotten harder due to laws like SESTA-FOSTA in the United States, some of the best escort sites continue to be solvent and extremely profitable businesses for many. 

In this new blog post, Adult Site Broker is thrilled to briefly discuss how escort sites work and which ones we think are the best in the adult entertainment industry. Also, if you own an escort site and you are looking to sell, contact our team today. We would be happy to chat with you about selling.

What Are Escort Sites?

Sex workers and their many escort clients use classified sites to discreetly advertise their services to interested parties. Adult sites can facilitate consensual and legal social interactions between two parties, as well as services that would involve taking someone to an event or for socializing.

Escort sites can do a lot for formalizing and protecting the private lives of escorts, their clients, as well as the professionals who use them to sell their services directly in local and national markets. These websites include directories, as well as websites like that have escort rates from $50 to $500. This list has something for you, no matter what kind of escort you are looking for. Adult Site Broker has covered escort sites before in a blog post a few months ago. Read it here.

Best Escort Sites

The best escort sites have several characteristics and qualities. These aspects include the user experience and overall usability, the diversity of listings, and the quality and trust of the listings. In addition to that, the escort sites that we list here are legal businesses that implement transparent policies to ensure that success, safety, and data protection are at the heart of the branding. And, we wish to stress to you that escorting isn’t legal everywhere. So, use these sites at your own risk and be sure to follow the laws of the local communities and jurisdictions of the country you reside.

Bedpage is a website that is similar to the late It allows users to post advertisements for their services and include pictures to sell said services. Locations are sorted by state or province and are further sorted by category of the services being sold. Bedpage also features mainstream listings, including adult listings., as a business, maintains an anti-trafficking policy and encourages its users to report trafficking. For instance, Bedpage provides a fact page that lists all of the governmental and non-profit organizations that counter legitimate sex trafficking cases. Besides all of the seriousness, Bedpage is a legit option for escorts and those looking for escorts.

Euro Girls Escort

Euro Girls Escort is a dedicated online escort directory that primarily focuses on Europe, including the European Union and Central Europe. This website hosts legal and legitimate advertisements and listings for escorting services across the continent, especially in countries where escorting and sex work are legal and highly regulated. Euro Girls Escort has positive reviews on most niche review websites. It enables users to find escorting options in their immediate area and is widely trusted. The escort directories listed on Euro Girls Escort also cover most of the world, including the United States and some countries even in the Middle East and southeastern Asia. Data is protected, too. is another online escort directory that caters primarily to the United States market. One of the only red flags when dealing with Eros is the amount of advertising that the site hosts. This, nonetheless, isn’t a deal breaker or an indication that the site is legitimate or not. is a top-level site with listings covering much of the United States and its territories. The website does not have listings in North Dakota, West Virginia, or in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Listings for escorts also appear from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Italy. Nevertheless, is a website that tries to focus on and develop a brand that emphasizes ethical and legal behaviors. is a solid escort directory. Listings across the United States can be found in more than 330 cities and metropolitan areas. TopEscortBabes also features listings and functions that cater to all sorts of fetishes and geographical locations. In the United States alone, there are about 1,718 escort listings and over 550 escort agencies found on The site is secure, advertising is at a minimum, and the offerings of entertainers are very diverse and open. One thing that we really enjoy about TopEscortBabes is that the site automatically lists suspicious profiles. Plus, much of this website is very transparent and is totally above reproach for this work. is actually a very crisp and clean escort directory. AdultSearch features listings for escort services from all over the world. Especially in the United States, listings can be found on the pages advertising directly to the major cities and metropolitan areas. Plus, there are listings for most of North America, Western Europe, Latin America, and Asia. A good selling point for this site is the fact that it is just listings. There is no sketchy branding and it doesn’t look like a porn site either. Advertising is also at a minimum, and is affiliated with a set of niche adult dating websites. You can also find listings for strip clubs, sex shops, and more. is yet another online escort directory website. is a site that provides escort services across the world. Listings cover Moscow, London, Washington, D.C., Denver, New York City, Bangkok, and more. The site is also well-designed and offers a simple user experience and interface. EscortDirectory’s only downside is that it is a bit gimmicky due to the large number of advertisers utilizing the website’s traffic. Though this isn’t a negative for most people, the excessive advertising can bloat the website and make the experience very slow. Escorts are verified and site users are encouraged to report illegal activity and harmful content. is an online escort directory serving North America (United States and Canada) and other locations, especially geographical locations in South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. offers itself as an online ecosystem for adult-oriented and sex-based businesses to advertise. It is much more than an escort directory or a site full of pictures provided by an agency. Upon a review of the listings, some of the businesses that were found on included strip clubs, sex shops, swingers clubs, and erotic massage parlors. Unfortunately, features a hefty amount of listings from external sites like,, and Escort Monkey (not covered here). is an escort directory website structured like Unlike Bedpage, the site is exclusive to adult content and service providers, like sex workers and escorts. One thing to note is that is the centerpiece of hyperlocal and regionalized classifieds sites that serve as a backlinking apparatus for an adult industry search engine optimization provider. By all means, the listings on EscortsAffair are primarily legit, but some are reposted or ads for other escort directories on the web. Listings are published for most major metropolitan areas in some of the high-traffic countries from around the world. North America, especially in the U.S., is covered. The website works well with very little load time. The experience is straightforward and simple.

We at Adult Site Broker hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the top escort websites. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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