What Adult Industry Trends to Expect in 2023

The adult entertainment industry witnessed successful growth in 2022 for another year, according to Adult Site Broker chief executive officer and founder, Bruce. He outlined that the calendar year of 2022  “has been a decent year in our industry” for the many general cases related to the economic challenges the global economy is facing as a whole. He was alluding to the case of recessions and rapid inflation coming to the United States and other Tier 1 web traffic countries.

“As a website broker, I’m privy to the finances of many companies and overall, I see growth,” Bruce told our in-house copywriter and journalist. “Of course, there are exceptions, but there always are.”

Out of the trends Bruce observed during 2022, he noticed that some of the key trends can be found with the rise of fan sites and premium social media networks, such as OnlyFans and LoyalFans.

“The fan sites continue to excel and that has brought a lot of new customers to adult,” Bruce said.

“And there is a level of creativity that I continue to be amazed by,” referring to the scope of content and the level of quality and creativity seen around the entire adult entertainment industry. Bruce, however, did allude to the political and social pressure currently being placed on the adult industry.

“On the negative side of things, the ongoing war on porn by industry, religious groups, and righteous politicians continues to challenge the adult industry,” Bruce said

Bruce expects a series of more uplifting trends into the new calendar year of 2023. He noticed that there is a “natural thinning out and consolidation” of several properties in the fan site space. He compared the fan sites to other segments of the adult industry.

“I expect more of the same. I think there will be a natural thinning out and consolidation of the fan site space,” Bruce explained. “Just like in live camming, dating and everything else, people just assume they can get into a space and make instant riches. Many are finding that not true.”

“Not every company is an OnlyFans or a Streamate,” he remarked. However, established players in the adult industry are more likely to acquire or sell properties that are worth six to seven figures.

“We have had another record year in 2022 and more sites were bought and sold than ever before,” he added, referring to the growth of Adult Site Broker. “I expect that to continue in 2023 and beyond.”

What other trends should adult industry professionals expect in 2023? This question was asked to Bruce, and he quickly lit up and elaborated on the incoming challenges expected in the 2023 year.

“Affiliates will always be able to make money in adult,” Bruce stated, noting that the affiliate model is still viable. “While the affiliate space hit a low ebb about 5-7 years ago, I’ve seen a comeback as of late.”

The next area of concern is the uptick in financial discrimination by the banks and largest credit card companies in the world, due to a moral outrage campaign put together by anti-porn groups.

“The credit card companies are obviously tightening the screws in a big way in response to political and religious attacks that have been helped a lot by mainstream media,” he said. “I canceled my New York Times subscription a while ago when Nicholas Kristof did his two hit pieces on Pornhub.”

“The way credit card companies and banks react at times like that are to protect their interests,” he added. “ While I get it in a way, I know that those with the money have the power, and they haven’t shown much courage lately. Also, age verification is going to be passed in many places soon. The good news for the adult industry is there are age verification companies already there to help.”

Bruce alludes to this information because the adult industry is at a crossroads when concerning the movement for a verified internet. Verified internet trends include age verification software and full mitigation measures to prevent minors from viewing pornographic material on the internet.

“I believe our entire entertainment industry should embrace age verification,” he said. “No legitimate adult site operator wants kids to access porn or adult content. So, I think, in the end, age verification processes are a good thing. If we fight it, that’s the worst thing we could possibly do.”

From the point of view of the business, Bruce again elaborated on his firm’s work moving forward.

“We’re always tweaking things at the edges to make the experience as positive as possible for buyers and sellers,” Bruce said. “That’s an ongoing exercise that will never stop as long as I’m running the company. I believe our boutique approach to website brokering is the best way to go.”

“I don’t want a big ‘team at Adult Site Broker.’ My goal is to deal with everyone personally as long as that’s possible and I’m serving them well. So far, we have no complaints.”

We at Adult Site Broker hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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