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Your website is a powerful marketing tool as an escort services site. It is where new escorts sign up to work for your agency, and potential clients browse the list of escorts and hopefully book their services. So, it’s key to ensure that your website is professional, appealing, and user-friendly when designing it. 

This is where WordPress themes come in. is the most popular content management system (CMS) tool and website builder for those new to website design due to how easy it is to make a website and its extensive collection of plugins and themes for flexibility and customization. Unlike website builders, the self-hosted version of WordPress (, not allows users complete control as they download free WordPress software to their hosting site. They allow you to then customize your site via their themes and plugins. 

These WordPress themes determine how your website looks and functions. They control your website’s design, layout, and style, allowing you to create a website that reflects your needs and style. For those wondering how you can create a stunning website that matches your needs as an escort agency or escort site, you’re in luck; due to the rising popularity of adult websites, there has been a rise in adult industry-focused, pre-made themes for escorting sites to make setting up your new escorting site easier.

In this guide, Adult Site Broker will walk you through the benefits of using WordPress as your escort website domain, look at key features to include when looking for the correct WordPress theme, and offer tips on the best ways to customize your theme to suit your needs. 

Why WordPress for Escort Websites?

As an open-source platform, WordPress is a popular option to create escort services websites. Part content management system (CMS) and part website builder, you simply install the free WordPress software onto your web hosting platform, allowing you to have 100% control over your site. 

Alongside the low setup costs of creating a WordPress escort services website, there are many benefits to using WordPress themes over website builders, including: 

Content Ownership: Because you’re using the self-hosted version of WordPress, you have full access to your site’s underlying code and database, meaning all content on the site is yours. Unlike website builders, where your site data ‘lives’ on their site, they retain the rights to your content.  

SEO-friendly structure: With plugins like Yoast and Rank Math, you gain access to sophisticated SEO tools, whether you are a beginner or an expert. WordPress also has a built-in capability to create SEO titles/descriptions that include dynamic data automatically.

Extensive Theme and Plugin Library: WordPress offers an extensive library of themes (which control how your site looks) and plugins (which allow you to add specific features like contact forms, SEO, and even payments) if you’re looking to customize and enhance your site.  

Custom Content and Dynamic Websites: Depending on your needs, such as creating a directory or membership website, WordPress excels in creating content for dynamic websites, allowing you to create custom fields and content that change based on data, user behavior, and preferences.   

Control: Because you have full access to your website’s underlying code and database, WordPress allows you to control and adjust the site to your needs fully.  

Hosting: Unlike website builders like Squarespace and Wix, where you can only host your site on their website, WordPress offers the chance to build and host anywhere and on your chosen hosting site. 

However, before we continue to look at the key features to choose when picking a WordPress theme for your escorting services site, remember to check out their Terms of Service to make sure that your escorting site is within their policies so that you don’t get flagged and have your site shut down. 

Key Features to Look for in Escort WordPress Themes

Now that we know why you should consider using self-hosted WordPress for your escort website, what features should you look for when designing it? 

One of the main benefits of working with WordPress is that it offers a library of pre-made themes that you can select from to start building your site. These themes shape your site’s appearance when your users go to it. But as you scroll through the different themes available, remember to watch out for the following features: 

Aesthetics and Design: As far as first impressions go, your escort WordPress theme should reflect your brand identity, capture attention, and make clients return for more. Use an elegant design that offers a premium profile feature so you can easily add new profiles, and highlight, popular escorts, and a simple booking system with a built-in payment gateway and an admin panel where you can fully control the website.

Responsive Website Design: Most users will check out your escort website using mobiles, so a mobile-friendly, responsive website is necessary. 

Loading Speed: You want a website that loads fast and your users can easily click through; a slow website will turn potential clients away as they get bored of waiting for it to load. 

Layout and Navigation: Your escort service website must have a clean layout so clients can quickly navigate your site and find what they are looking for. You want a WordPress theme that shows all the relevant elements, such as an about page to tell a potential client about you, a services page, a booking form, and an image and video gallery or directory to showcase your escorts, their services, and prices. 

Privacy and Security Features: Integrating security and privacy features into your theme is important. Ensure that the theme allows for secure browsing through features like SSL encryption. Discreet payment options and anonymous communication channels further enhance trust and confidence and allow you to protect your performers and their client’s details, such as names, emails, and even payment details. For extra protection against hackers, choose a WordPress theme that automatically updates key WordPress updates. 

Top Escort WordPress Themes

Now that we know which features to look at, where can you look for sophisticated, industry-specific WordPress themes that are perfect for your escorting website? Below, Adult Site Broker has found the top escort WordPress themes to help get you started: 


For those looking to create their very own escort directory, EscortWP is the perfect theme for you. Built on client feedback, the theme offers three options: agencies, independent escorts, and members, so you can find the theme that suits your needs. The agency and independent options also allow you to customize the names, URL structure, and profile pages. Once you have downloaded the theme to your site, new users can sign up to the site and edit their information without going into WordPress, keeping your data and content safe. For payment options, the theme uses WooCommerce to integrate payments. You can use any payment processor with a WooCommerce plugin, including Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal. 


If you want to create an escort website quickly and easily, 7theme’s WordPress theme, Hot, is perfect. The customizable theme allows you to change image size, add logos, and add animated texts and images. You can easily showcase your escorts with images and videos, and their built-in gallery and slideshows allow you to do this easily. As well as this, they have built-in SEO features to enhance your searchability, automatic updates so your security stays up-to-date, and the chance to add additional sidebars, unlimited sections, and even create unique landing pages so you can create a customized escort website that suits your needs. They are also compatible with multiple plugins, including Woocommerce and Yoast. 


UBella is the perfect theme for escort sites. With its two demo content modes, light and dark, the site allows you to customize the look and feel of your site to offer maximum comfort when users go to it. To create unique web pages, UBella has multi-purpose sliders and three-page layouts (full-width slider, video intro, and carousel) to help you design a website that catches the client’s attention. With widget and plugin support, you can add your social media accounts, live chatbots for customer service, and create carousels of your models and team with additional plugins. Ubella is easy to customize and create stunning escort websites with their drag-and-drop page builder and access to the PSD files from the get-go, so you can easily customize the site as you need.   


Candy is a unique and responsive Escort WordPress theme. It is fully compatible with the Woocommerce shop plugin and lets you sell your goods on your website. You can customize all colors, backgrounds, and fonts. Candy is 100% responsive and looks great on smartphones, tablets, and screens. Candy is also fully SEO optimized for Google, Yahoo, and Bing to ensure you are visible across the main three browsers. They also allow you to add new pages and offer portfolio, team, and testimonials post types with many settings, templates, and shortcodes.

Premium Press

Premium Press offers you the chance to install their escort theme to your site for free and easily utilize each aspect of your site, including designs, pricing, and features, through their admin area. The theme boasts over 150 design blocks to customize each page’s layout and an easy on/off display option. The theme has been built to support the Elementor page builder plugin so you can easily drag and drop and live edit your page as and when needed. This escort WordPress theme allows you to create free and paid escort profiles, set up membership packages and even set up a credit based system whereby a user must first purchase credit before they can add escort pages to your website. They also offer you the chance to use a plugin with a built-in payment and check-out system that works with all major cards, including PayPal, bitcoin, and even Apple Pay. Through their escort-focused built-in monetization tools, they have created a theme that focuses on helping escort sites create an attractive and easy-to-navigate website.


Lovestory is one of the most popular escort WordPress themes by ThemeEscort. For a one-off price of $99, you can purchase the theme to install on your site, free theme installation to client-server and demo installation, three months of free tech support, and free lifetime updates. LoveStory is a modern and responsive WordPress theme for escort agencies powered by the professional escorts plugin XModel, allowing you to make personal profile pages for your escorts making navigations for clients easy.  For SEO the plugin Yoast, can be installed  The theme was built especially for the escort service niche. It has an extended model profile, a convenient search option, and a highly usable models catalog. To make navigation easier, the theme is mobile-first so that you can create a site optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

Customization Tips

Customization is key to standing out in a sea of escort websites, and WordPress allows you to do this easily. With many customizable themes, you can change color schemes, add your typography, and upload any logos you use to reflect your brand identity and stand out easily. 

A good WordPress theme should also allow you to customize the layout, such as adding or turning off pages as you need, easily moving page layouts so you can put the most important information first, add in easy to use navigation and filtering tools like the Ajax search bar, and even create unique profiles for the escorts signed up to your site. 

As well as this, their extensive plugins allow you to enhance the experience and create a customized site: from escort-focused plugin XModels for creating personalized profile pages of all the escorts on your site, SEO tools like Yoast to help with searchability, WP Rocket for speed and performance optimization, WP Wordfence for additional security features, booking forms and payment integration to make booking your services as easy as possible, these plugins add to the useability and functionality of your WordPress site as well as offers a customizable experience that reflects your needs.  


Choosing the right WordPress theme for escorting services websites is based on personal preference and business needs. When choosing the right WordPress theme for your escorting site, reflecting on what you want to show your clients is important, such as in-built booking systems or directory pages for escorts to promote their services through your escort site. Or a theme that matches your aesthetic, with quick loading times, mobile-friendly website design, and user-friendly navigation, can keep potential clients on your website and help you become a success. 

In addition, WordPress themes offer you a chance for customization that many website builders don’t, from plugins to help with SEO, bookings, and payments to security enhancements to protect your and your client’s details. 

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