Best WordPress Theme for Dropshipping and Sex Toy Shops

As you enter the adult industry as a sex toy shop, choosing the correct business model is key to success. First, do you want a brick-and-mortar shop for your customers to enter, or, as it has been growing in popularity due to the lower costs, are you looking to set up an online sex toy website? With e-commerce becoming a popular way for customers to browse and buy products, this second option is a popular option and one you should consider. 

Secondly, you need to think about what you will be selling in your sex toy shop. Are you looking to manufacture, warehouse, package, and ship the products you want to sell yourself, or do you want to look at a more straightforward model? This is where dropshipping can come in. 

So, what exactly is dropshipping? Shopify described dropshipping as ‘a business model between a customer-facing store (you in this case) and a supplier.’ You advertise and sell the products on your site, and when a purchase is made, the supplier will oversee the shipping of the customer’s order. For those new to the sex toy shop game, this is the perfect option because it allows you to work with multiple sex toy suppliers and keep business costs down. After all, you are not paying any inventory costs; you only pay for what you sell. Plus, you won’t have to warehouse the products.

Now that you have decided to go into dropshipping, how do you choose the correct website? This is where using a self-hosted version of WordPress can be beneficial. You can select pre-made themes with key features to optimize your dropshipping sex toy website and utilize the library of plugins to enhance functionality. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will explain the key features to look for when choosing a WordPress theme and how to evaluate your selected theme to ensure it is appropriate for your business needs. 

Key Features to Look For in a WordPress Theme for a Dropshipping Sex Toy Shop

A well-designed sex toy website can make or break a business, but it can feel impossible if you don’t have website design expertise. This is where WordPress themes come in; these pre-made themes can include sliders, landing pages, headers and footers, and even social media integration. They control your website’s design, layout, and style, allowing you to create a website that reflects your needs and style.

And you are in luck; with e-commerce sex toy shops becoming more and more popular, there is a host of WordPress themes specifically for sex toy dropshipping websites. But before you download the theme of choice, you need to ensure that it offers certain key features that will make your dropshipping website successful. These are: 

E-commerce Compatibility: Does the WordPress theme offer compatibility with popular e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce for accessible product listings, inventory management, and secure transactions? 

Responsive Design: Most people shop on their phones, so you can no longer create a website just for desktops. A mobile-friendly design ensures the website is accessible and navigable on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

User-Friendly Navigation: Customers want an intuitive layout and navigation to find products and categories easily. Choosing a theme with user-friendly navigation, such as easy-to-find buttons, dropdown menus to landing pages, and search functions, is a sure way to achieve this. 

High-Quality Visuals: Visuals are everything when selling products, so you must ensure that your WordPress theme supports high-resolution images. Another popular feature for showcasing products is the gallery, which showcases products attractively.

SEO Optimization: Built-in SEO options optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing help the website rank higher in search engine results, driving organic traffic. Some SEO features can also help you when writing descriptions, meta descriptions, and titles – automatically organizing the copy on your page to be SEO optimized.  

Fast Loading Speed: No one likes waiting for a website to load. Ensure your page loading speed is optimized to reduce bounce rates and improve user experience.

Privacy and Security: Ensure the theme allows for secure browsing through features like SSL encryption. Discreet payment options and anonymous communication channels further enhance trust in your website. 

Plugin Compatibility: From Yoast for SEO and Forms and chatbots, ensuring your chosen WordPress theme is optimized and compatible with the latest plugin updates. This can help enhance the customer experience. 

Top WordPress Themes for Dropshipping Sex Toy Shop

So, now that we know what key features to look for in a WordPress theme for a dropshipping sex toy shop, it is time to select one. To save you time endlessly scrolling for a suitable WordPress theme, Adult Site Broker has put together four of the top WordPress themes for dropshipping sites. Each theme has been made with the sex toy business in mind. 


Vibratex is a paid WordPress theme made by Just-themes specifically for sex toys, lingerie, and bikini retailers. The theme is compatible with all browsers and plugins, such as WooCommerce, Elementor page-builder for easy customization, WPML, Mailchimp, and Contact Form 7. You can easily customize the site to your brand theme by offering access to multiple Google fonts, high-resolution image uploads, and color customization. 


Electro is a flexible WordPress Electronics Store WooCommerce theme that can also be used for sex toy drop shipping sites. The theme is built on top of the Underscores framework. Its home pages can be built using Page Templates, WPBakery Page Builder, or Elementor Website Builder. This theme also includes the option to add a blog and is integrated with social media channels, so you can easily add links to your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 


Elessi is built with the customer experience in mind, with features like Unique product filtering, Unique Compare, multiple Ajax off-canvas Wishlist & Cart Sidebar, Product Quick View (Off-canvas or Popup), and one-click installs. Pages can be customized using the Elementor Website Builder or WPBakery Page Builder. These tools allow you to drag and drop page elements easily and create fully customized web pages that match your needs. The WordPress theme is fully mobile-simulated, allowing it to be used easily on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 


Created by JanStudio, Claue is a clean, minimal elementor WooCommerce WordPress theme. Integrating social networks like Instagram for building traffic and clickable links has led to its incredibly fluid, responsive design for mobile, tablet, and desktop. For additional optimization, Claue comes already installed with plugins like WP Bakery, Product Bundle, WooCommerce, and Look Book, so you can create the dropshipping sex toy shop of your dreams with a portfolio and blog option to make the most out of your visuals and SEO. For additional navigation, Claue uses Ajax filters to provide the best search ability options on the site. The search parameters behave more organically, allowing customers to change multiple filter types with a few clicks and then apply the filter. The products update fluidly without a full page refresh.

Evaluation Criteria

As you can see, there are a few key features to look out for when choosing a suitable WordPress theme for your dropshipping site. However, evaluating each theme carefully before installing it on your site is important. 

Remember to evaluate each carefully to make sure they are suitable for your business needs, including:  

Price: Although the majority are free, some themes are paid or ‘premium,’ so when choosing themes that appeal to your business, know your budget. 

Features Available: Not every WordPress theme is equal; knowing what features you need for your dropshipping business is crucial. For example, if you plan on being an international business, make sure it has a translation option.  

Check for regular updates and support from the theme developer: These updates ensure that your theme is running smoothly and can also update your security to protect you from hackers. 

Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and essential e-commerce plugins: Your theme needs to be fully compatible with most or all WordPress plugins you expect to use for social sharing, e-commerce functionality, contact forms, and advanced SEO optimization.

Functionality: Even if the WordPress theme matches your brand style, it is crucial to ensure it is functional. You want a WordPress theme that allows customers to navigate the site, add products to their bag, and finally purchase them quickly and easily. 

Reading reviews and ratings from other users to gauge performance and reliability: Whether you choose a paid or free theme, check out how many times it has been downloaded or if there are any reviews. This can help you understand if the theme is poorly coded and even if there are any malware issues. 


To conclude, setting up your new dropshipping sex toy website couldn’t be easier. With top WordPress themes already curated to help you and your business succeed, you simply need to choose one that suits your business needs and customize it to match your brand aesthetic.  

However, although there are numerous pre-made dropshipping WordPress themes (just look at the sex toy-focused ones we have listed above), you must carefully evaluate their price, functionality, and plugin compatibility. You also need to ensure that your chosen theme offers key features for success, such as e-commerce compatibility, SEO-friendly design, and mobile, tablet, and desktop compatibility.

For those looking to get into the dropshipping business but want a site ready to go, check out the Adult Site Broker listings page or contact us today through our database of verified sellers; we can help you find potential dropshipping sex toy websites for sale.   

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