Best Million-Dollar Sex Tech Companies

As Sextech continues to grow, a recent article estimated it to reach $32.7 million by the end of this year. But which companies are at the forefront of the sex tech movement? From apps to products, we have researched which brands are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible within this space as they use cutting-edge technology and design innovative new products.  

These companies have all had a significant impact on the sextech industry. Whether by creating revolutionary products or developing new technologies, these companies are leading the charge in the sextech world. 

At Adult Broker Site, we have looked into which companies have earned the status of one of the best Million-Dollar Sex Tech Companies.


Kiiroo is based in Amsterdam, a stone’s throw from the infamous Red Light District. They make sex toys for men and couples. Intimate touch is a brand-new sensory experience that their newest product, the Kiiroo Onyx+ offers. This male masturbator is compact and silent. The sensory experience of using Onyx+ is made even more thrilling by the fact that Onyx+ can reach up to 140 strokes per minute. Kiiroo uses FeelTechnology, so from any location in the world, you can experience your partner’s touch in real time. Kiiroo products can also sync with porn on the internet.


Atlanta-based Skiimootech describes itself as “A science, engineering and “all things tech” firm, focused on creating tech-based consumer products for overlooked communities.” Owned by Glenise Kinard-Moore, they are leading the industry on wearable sextech. What started as an idea has developed into launching The VDOM under Skiimootech, an app connected to a wearable strapon that can go from flaccid to erect that they hope to launch soon. The million-dollar sextech company focuses on creating innovative sextech for lesbians, people with paraplegia, and persons experiencing erectile dysfunction. 


Bored of the offerings for female-centric porn, Caroline Spiegel launched Quinn, a sextech app centred on female pleasure and audio erotica. It quickly gained popularity as it offered a new way to immerse yourself in your fantasies. Since launching in 2019, they have created a membership platform where new users pay $4.99 a month (this goes for producing the voice actors and writers for using their voices and imagination). They gained notoriety in 2023 for their TikToks and actor Jesse Williams (for any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there, Dr. Avery!), who read their first Quinn original series: The Misty Door. You can download the app on Android and IoS. 

Make Love, Not Porn 

You can’t discuss the biggest sextech companies without mentioning Cindy Gallop and her baby MakeLoveNotPorn. The first ever world’s first user-generated, human-curated social sex platform, MakeLoveNotPorn is the Facebook of #RealWorldSex. Focused on being pre-sex, pro-porn, and pro-education, Cindy Gallop has created a platform that offers up what real sex is. She is a fierce advocate for sexual education and more female-founders within the sextech space. 


Have you ever wanted to understand the science behind your orgasm? Lioness brings a new meaning to sexual wellness with their app-connected vibrator that allows you to track your arousal and orgasms and understand what is happening with your body. Founded by Anna Lee and Liz Kilinger, who wanted to change the narrative around female pleasure after coming from conservative backgrounds where sex education wasn’t offered, they designed the first smart vibrator

Get Bumpn

With their aim to break down the barriers between sex and disability, Bumpn was created by disability advocate, consultant and activist Andrew Gurza and innovation strategist Heather Morrison. The company is based upon their studies that over 50% of disabled people cannot achieve sexual gratification due to hand mobility issues. This caused them to launch their first vibrator, the Joystick, a flexible vibrator holder that can be hugged to the body as you use the holders to maneuver your sex toy however you want. With a soft pillow top for comfort, ease, and flexibility, it’s a gender-neutral toy that benefits the disabled community greatly. If you’re feeling charitable, why not put money in to fund an orgasm

My Hixel

Focused on normalizing conversations around sex and breaking down taboos, My Hixel is a revolutionary brand focusing on male sexual pleasure with their MyHixel vibrating pocket pussy. Through cutting-edge technology and app integration, MyHixel Control aims to give men control over when they ejaculate. Using the app integration to work through the 8-week course and their MyHixel academy, they have created resources to help men with premature ejaculation problems in a shame-free and fun way! 


For lovers of hands-free sextech, Vibease is the perfect sex toy for you. A vibrator that can be controlled via Bluetooth. Simply connect it to the Vibease app and sync it with audio erotica music, or even your partner’s phone as you sext! From vibrating panties to cockrings and internal vibrators, the innovative Vibease range offers you and your partner control over your pleasure at the touch of a button, allowing you to use your hands to explore yourself and each other. 

Wow Tech Group

German-based WOW Tech Group are designers, innovators, and pleasure makers with sexual wellness and health at the heart of everything they do. With their brands Romp, Womanizer®, We-Vibe®, and ARCWAVE, they expand on the idea of pleasure for both men and women, and recently went viral for the launch of the new Womanizer® Wave, a showerhead that doubles as a vibrator! 


Swedish-based company Lelo has quickly made the list as a million-dollar sextech company! From their innovative new designs and cutting-edge technology (check out their new dot clitoral vibrator), they have served female pleasure for decades. They gained popularity for creating aesthetically pleasing sex toys (say goodbye to realistic penis-looking vibrators) and offering new sensations. In 2023 they also entered the world of beauty and wellness with the launch of their LELO lipsticks, recognizing that the industries of sexual fitness, health, and beauty were about to collide and aiming to be the first brand in this new space. 

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