Best Online Storage Options for Massive Content

Guest Post By Brad Mitchell, President of MojoHost
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In today’s digital age, where content creation and consumption are at an all-time high, finding the right online storage solution is crucial, especially for those handling massive content libraries. At MojoHost, we offer a range of storage solutions tailored to different needs, from VPS technologies and dedicated servers to S3-compatible object storage. In this article, I’ll guide you through the world of online storage, focusing on why object storage is becoming the go-to solution for reliable, performant, and affordable storage. In the old days, and still today, many companies are accomplishing massive storage with individual servers. This is flawed because they are prone to physical errors, and recovering from hardware events on individual servers can make entire content libraries inaccessible for long periods of time when system processes are run to heal and optimize the integrity of your data.

Understanding Object Storage

Object storage is a method of storing data that manages it as distinct units, or “objects.” Unlike traditional file or block storage, each object includes the data, metadata, and a unique identifier, allowing it to be stored across multiple locations or devices. Object storage is deployed across very large clusters of big servers, each with a lot of storage, working coherently together to deliver a grander and more robust outcome in every possible way.
Here are the benefits of object storage:


One of the key strengths of object storage is its reliability. Data in object storage is always replicated across multiple servers, often in different racks across a data center. This redundancy ensures that if one server fails or a whole cabinet of servers, your data remains safe and still accessible.


Object storage systems are designed to handle large amounts of unstructured data efficiently. They can manage and retrieve data quickly, making them ideal for websites, applications, and businesses with vast content libraries. When you move from storing your items on a single physical server to the dozens that are part of an object storage cluster, you receive the performance of hundreds of hard drives serving your data instead of just the few that would otherwise normally be used.


With its scalable nature, you pay only for the storage you use. As your needs grow, so does your storage capability, without the need for significant upfront investment. Pay-per-use is familiar to all of us; it’s transparent, and this flexibility allows users to start small and see their ambitions grow as large as needed for great value.

Exploring Object Storage Options

Object storage can be categorized into three types based on accessibility and cost: hot, infrequent, and cold storage.

Hot Storage

What it is:
This is the most accessible type of object storage, designed for data that needs to be accessed frequently and quickly. It’s ideal for content that sees a lot of public interaction, like streaming videos or hosting large databases.
Hot storage offers high performance with rapid access times, making it suitable as a CDN origin or for direct public access.
While it offers the highest performance, it also comes at a higher cost than other storage types. However, it’s important to consider data transfer rates when choosing a provider, as these can significantly affect overall costs. Public clouds often have higher transfer costs, up to 10-15 times more than what we offer at MojoHost, highlighting the importance of choosing an adult-friendly, cost-effective provider. Typical storage costs for this tier range from $.02 to $.03 per GB monthly, with data transfer costs from $.005 to $.08 per GB.

Infrequent Storage

What It Is
Designed for data that doesn’t require constant access but still needs to be readily available, infrequent storage strikes a balance between accessibility and cost.
Use Cases
It’s an excellent option for long-term content storage that requires occasional public access.
This type of storage is priced lower than hot storage. However, users should be mindful of data transfer costs, which can vary among providers. The recent increase in storage prices by some providers, like Wasabi, further emphasizes the value offered by MojoHost in this segment. Typical storage costs for this tier range from $.055 to $.01 per GB monthly, with data transfer costs from $.01 to $.04 per GB.

Cold Storage

What It Is
Cold storage is the most cost-effective option, suitable for storing large content libraries that do not require regular public access.
While it doesn’t allow for direct public access to files, it’s an ideal solution for content producers to store and protect their original works safely.
Long-Term Reliability: Over many years, cold storage has proven to be more reliable than keeping physical drives locally. At MojoHost, we ensure that accessing your cold storage data, when needed, is not only possible but also free of charge, unlike many other providers.
Storing data in this tier is typically $.0035 to $.01 per GB. Data transfer rates can range from free with a provider like MojoHost to several pennies per GB with hyper-scalers like Amazon Web Services.
Keep it safe, and don’t break the bank!
Whether you’re a content creator, a business managing a vast digital library, or an individual looking for secure and efficient storage solutions, understanding these storage options is key to making an informed decision. At MojoHost, we pride ourselves on offering various storage solutions that cater to these diverse needs. If you want to navigate these options and find what best suits your content storage requirements, please contact us at Remember, the right storage solution not only secures your data but also optimizes your operations and costs, ensuring that your digital assets remain a valuable and accessible part of your business or creative endeavors.
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