Best OnlyFans Alternatives

OnlyFans is a premium social media network that grew in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. For months, people being forced to stay indoors left many lonely and wanting some sort of external release. OnlyFans, as a result, has become a household name and the “standard” platform for premium content. But great turbulence was felt when rumors abounded in 2021 that OnlyFans was dropping all nudity. This plan was quickly abandoned by OnlyFans, yes, but many adult content creators got upset. In droves again, performers (with their followings) started using alternative platforms to sell their hot content. For kicks, we thought it would make a cool blog post to briefly discuss alternative social platforms to Adult Site Broker proudly presents the best OnlyFans alternatives.


ModelCentro is a unique platform. It is integrated with its sister site, FanCentro. 

FanCentro is an NSFW social network meant for performers and adult content creators to interact with fans in a fashion that is like OnlyFans or its competitors. ModelCentro takes the premium porn concept a step further by empowering performers and content creators to own and operate their own paid subscription website. ModelCentro is essentially a content management system built for models to manage their content free of a social network’s limitations. There are also tools for studios, talent agencies, and photographers.


ManyVids is another alternative to OnlyFans that puts content creation and monetization at the focus. The brainchild of adult industry veterans, ManyVids has developed its in-house tech and caters to content creators who are also in more mainstream and “vanilla” verticals of online content creation. Creators can sell individual videos through their personal ManyVids stores, MV Live allows for public and private camming, there are a plethora of audience and engagement tools, plus payouts are made also available through most major payment methods including bank transfer, ACH, and Paxum transfers.


JustforFans ( is a more literal OnlyFans alternative. 

This platform allows creators to sign up to sell content through a variety of verticals, including by sorting content by cisgender and non-binary. It should be noted that JustforFans is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly premium adult social networks on the internet, and it shows, given that this type of content is prominently featured. However, all adult content creators are more than welcome to join JustforFans and are promised 80% payouts. This newer platform also does a lot to sell itself as the top premium adult network to counter content piracy.


IsMyGirl is one of the lesser-known alternatives to OnlyFans on this list. Built quite similarly to OnlyFans, IsMyGirl is certainly focused on its need for growth and attracting new creators to its site. A creator can monetize content, go live, engage in private messaging, and get payouts.


ModelHub is owned by the same company that owns Pornhub. The website is essentially the premium content platform for members of the Pornhub creator community, with both sites feeding traffic to each other. ModelHub operates more like a clip store rather than a premium subscription site like OnlyFans. There is also a fan club option like several of the websites listed here feature. A user can subscribe to a particular model’s fan club and gain access to fan-only videos that are included in the subscription. Fans can also direct message models and interact with them by paying for sexting and premium chat sessions.


IWantClips has rebranded itself several times over. One of the most recent rebranding efforts focused on the high concentration of femdom fetish content found on this site. IWantClips offers creators solid tools to monetize and sell content through clip stores or multi-clip store accounts with high payouts. IWantClips is very competitive. There is an average 80% payout for tips and tributes, 100% payout for custom content sales, and 60% payout for standard naughty content. Tools for monetization are available, and IWantClips has a large and reliable user base.

Loyal Fans

Loyal Fans is another OnlyFans clone with similar tools and monetization options for creators. But the platform offers considerably more options to interact with fans by enabling phone sex and clip stores. Loyal Fans sets itself apart from OnlyFans and other platforms on this list because of the diversity of its features. While an adult content creator can go live, private message with fans, and sell content individually, the monetization and reporting tools are second to none and are useful for fans of data and revenues.

Friends Only

Friends Only is another lesser-known alternative to OnlyFans. Unlike OnlyFans permitting photos, audio messages, and videos, Friends Only appears to only allow videos to be delivered to users through a TikTok-like format. Videos are short form and typically feature the creators engaging in their advertised fetish and sexual subject matter. Monetization on Friends Only seems built around subscription rates and the number of paid followers that add to the total payout sum. Payout methods include ACH, bank transfers, and others. Friends Only, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have a major user base just yet. is sponsored by Adult Site Broker with the ownership of both companies very close. This Australian OnlyFans alternative is also a lesser-known option but features a highly polished platform for creators of all types. Adult content creators are the primary audience for this platform with tools for monetization, sexy private messaging, social media functions like posts and like buttons, and video sales. Creators can also bring their own domains to use, can engage with their fans by offering tools to turn premium Snapchat and Instagram accounts into exclusive revenue streams, and much more. The site payouts for creators on are generous and are processed through simple payment methods.

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