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Since the Covid-19 pandemic, OnlyFans has made a big impact on internet culture all over the world. Millions of people turned to OnlyFans for companionship and socializing. Folks who also lost their jobs and financial stability turned to create adult content on OnlyFans and many have turned into global superstars in short periods of time.

And, with the rise of that newfound celebrity, the creators of OnlyFans are approached by OnlyFans agencies to help them out. In this latest blog post, we introduce to you newbies the niche of OnlyFans agencies. We also share with you who we think might just be the best OnlyFans management company currently on the adult market.

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What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a premium social networking site founded by Fenix International Limited, in London. The site is structured as an internet content subscription service that allows users to subscribe to and financially support their favorite creators. Originally created for a very broad audience, the site grew into a platform for online adult content creators and sex workers who create all sorts of x-rated content. Founded in 2016, OnlyFans has witnessed a meteoric rise and relevancy in popular culture. There are currently over 200 million users on OnlyFans with tens of thousands of creators. OnlyFans has paid out billions of dollars to creators since the global pandemic. In 2021, porn venture capitalist Leonid Radvinsky (founder of MyFreeCams) became the majority owner in the parent company, Fenix International Limited, which owns and operates OnlyFans.

What Are OnlyFans Agencies and Management Companies? 

The New York Times published an article in their magazine entitled “The ‘E-Pimps’ of OnlyFans.” While a negative account of this segment of the adult industry, this long-form column describes an OnlyFans agency or an OnlyFans management company as a “thriving warren of companies” that is “using ghostwriters on OnlyFans to provide digital intimacy at scale.” The author of the Times article, Ezra Marcus wrote that “these agencies operate, out of necessity, a little below the radar” and that “they collectively represent hundreds of models” on OnlyFans. This was a pretty good description of what an OnlyFans agency does, despite its negative connotation. But, we find that OnlyFans agencies could be useful for models who have done the proper research.

Why Should You Use an Agency/Management Company?

An OnlyFans management agency would be ideal for newbies who want to sell adult content online and who don’t know where to start. Our research shows that management agencies have a lot of experience in and knowledge in the space of digital and social media influencer marketing. There are many benefits to having an OnlyFans agency in your corner. Companies can help you launch your OnlyFans page, conduct a/b testing for social media posts to learn more about your audience, as well as help you deploy meaningful content that is timed and worded correctly to maximize earnings potential and engagement. Agencies can also help you stay on top of fan communications by replying to messages and notifying fans of new content.

What to Beware of Before Choosing the Right Agency?

While there are definitely advantages to hiring an OnlyFans marketing agency, there are also several disadvantages to note. For starters, a management agency is cost prohibitive. These agencies are only interested in working with creators who have large followings and income. At that, these marketing agencies are just that, marketing agencies. Many of these firms work at a large scale and could offer clients not the greatest experience or product when it comes to social media communications and direct messages. Some agencies also demand full creative control of a user’s OnlyFans account. Keep in mind that some people like this hands-off approach, but it is really up to the creators to conduct their own cost-benefit analysis of what will work for them.

Best OnlyFans Agencies on the Market

If you’re considering the idea of hiring an OnlyFans agency, you should be discerning as much as possible about the potential positive and negative impacts on your account. But, when you finally reach the decision as to who in this space you want to work with, consider our list of the top agencies for OnlyFans marketing and account management. Take a look at our top list:

E Management Agency

E Management Agency is a digital marketing agency that changed its entire business model to be a leading OnlyFans management agency. Based in Beverly Hills, California, E Management Agency has accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) — a private sector consumer protection firm based in the United States. That BBB rating is worn by the company like a badge of honor, with their site indicating that E Management Agency has “superior business practices.” 

The company also touts having an “honest approach” to its work. 

E Management Agency offers full-service management of an OnlyFans page, including DM management, subscription management, content moderation and management, and more. 

Sakura Management

Sakura is another OnlyFans management agency helping adult content creators on the popular website. This company says that it focuses on a data-driven approach to managing content and users on OnlyFans. It also offers something that it refers to as Chatter Service. 

According to the company’s chief executive officer and founder Arthur P., the Sakura Chatter Service app is a business-to-business SaaS that augments communication and DM management services for other OnlyFans agencies and account managers. A chatter in this context is an individual or a team of individuals who are working on running direct messages all day, every day. The company also offers digital marketing services for OnlyFans creators.

NEO Agency

NEO Agency is an international team of OnlyFans experts working through the digital company’s headquarters in Germany. NEO Agency, according to their main website, provides “professional full-service OnlyFans management and all tools to maximize your success on OnlyFans.” This firm offers full account management for OnlyFans creators that hire them. This includes daily direct messages, daily content and asset management, content posting, and pay-per-view and upselling management for models. NEO also offers full digital marketing and social strategy. Creators can also apply and receive an audit of their accounts so they can learn what they need.

Rize Agency

Rize Agency is a popular and leading OnlyFans management company that is based in the UK. OnlyFans is the agency’s primary focus offering brand and OnlyFans account management for content creators of all types, including adult creators. There are also OnlyFans and total digital marketing strategy offerings from Rize that also include social media account management and influencer marketing campaigns for a plethora of brands, including adult influencers. When Rize onboards a new OnlyFans creator, clients are given management service immediately. Rize Agency also has a lot of renown and positive reviews among its current and former clients. 


1MILLIONGIRLS claims to be the very first OnlyFans management company on the market. The company traces its roots back to the founding of OnlyFans in 2016 and the lack of teams and infrastructure that support influencers and content creators who rely on premium content. 1MILLIONGIRLS appears to deal with all types of OnlyFans creators and offers services on the competitor platforms to OnlyFans, which include Fansly and Fancentro. Some of the top earners on OnlyFans who employ 1MILLIONGIRLS, the company says, “can attest to our in-depth data analysis of your growing fan base.” They also say that they document everything for analysis.

SEO Bounty

SEO Bounty is an OnlyFans agency that was founded by Richard A. Lewis. Lewis is also the host of the OnlyFans Secrets podcast that is available on most podcasting platforms. Just like other companies on this list, SEO Bounty offers a full suite of services to assist all OnlyFans creators with the tools and support to manage content management and direct messaging. SEO Bounty also says that it works with creators who use competing platforms to OnlyFans like Just for Fans, Pocket Stars, Fansly, and Loyal Fans. Services offered by SEO Bounty also include branding, social media management, analytics, and a plethora of other assistance strategies.

The Bunny Agency

The Bunny Agency is another German OnlyFans agency with a team representing the firm in the United States and abroad. Bunny Agency says that they have helped many of the top 1 percent OnlyFans creators in the world earn five to six figures every month once the models retained the agency’s services. According to the company’s website, the Bunny Agency has several of the same offerings other agencies on this list have. This includes OnlyFans chatter teams who manage private direct messages for models with large audiences and content management to ensure timely and revenue-driving new content posted to accounts. Bunny deals with adult entertainers who use OnlyFans and similar apps to earn income off adult and sexy content.

Angels Management

Angels Management is another OnlyFans management agency based in the United Kingdom. Angels, unlike other companies on this list, are proud to share with potential clients the agency’s success stories. What this means is that Angels list their talent, which includes high-earning OnlyFans models like Bonnie Locket, Daisy Drew, Zara, Rebecca Goodwin, and Rhiannon Blue. It appears that Angels Management deals primarily with female adult talent, as we laid out. As an agency, Angels offers full-service OnlyFans account management which includes work and help like direct messaging and content management. Angels also offers legal and financial support and help adult creators on platforms like OnlyFans make the transition to mainstream content.

Matching Fans

Matching Fans is the last OnlyFans management agency on our list of the best. Matching Fans was founded by a team of Dutch entrepreneurs working to provide project management and marketing services to content creators who generate thousands of dollars in earnings through sites like OnlyFans. Like the other companies on this list, Matching Fans offers chat and direct messaging services, promotional consulting, and traffic analysis of a creator’s audience. Their team of distributed workers across the world operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that teams supporting OnlyFans creators are available all the time to drive revenue. This agency also helps drive traffic in troves from the popular social network TikTok to OnlyFans.

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