How Much Does XVideos Pay?

Adult content creation has become a booming business since the pandemic in 2021; from people creating amateur porn videos, selling feet pics, and even sexting or selling their used underwear, it is a goldmine to earn extra revenue. 

As the adult influencer industry grows, so do the offering platforms to monetize. No longer is OnlyFans the only adult content site. In today’s article, we will be looking at how popular pornsite XVideos has created a platform where influencers, models, and amateur pornstars can create content, upload it, and make money. But how profitable is this OnlyFans alternative? 

In this guide, Adult Site Broker will walk you through what XVideos is, how you can monetize your content on the site, and just how much XVideos pays. 

What is Xvideos? 

Founded in 2007, XVideos is a porn-sharing platform where users can upload and view pornographic images and videos. As of 2023, it is the most popular pornsite and the 9th most visited website in the world. 

The site offers both amateur and high rising pornstars videos alongside dating games, VR porn, and live games for us to explore. For adult content creators, it is also a goldmine to upload content, gain subscribers, and monetize their porn, nudes and lingerie shots. 

To do this, content creators simply create an account through Sheer, upload their content, and create an engaged fanbase, similar to OnlyFans. But how can you make money on Xvideos, and how much can you make? 

How to make money with XVideos? 

With XVideos being the most popular pornsite in the world, yes, even over Pornhub, it is no wonder that adult content creators are turning to the platform to upload their porn videos and make a profit. But how can you make money with Xvideos? 

There are currently two main ways: uploading content you have already created for other platforms. Users who choose to do this can earn money on the ads played per video via the AdShare program. 

Secondly, there is the Content Creator Programme (CPP). To begin with, you need to create a Sheer account, an OnlyFans alternative. This content creator platform allows you to earn revenue from the AdShare program on your free videos or through the XVideos Red channel by users directly purchasing your uploaded videos, memberships, and pay-per-view/exclusive content. 

The best way to ensure you earn via XVideos is to post high-quality, niche content consistently. Create eye-catching thumbnails, captions, and titles to grab the attention of your fans and get them clicking as well. Outside of the platform, promotion is key to gaining an engaged audience and luring in new viewers; promote your Sheer account and XVideos content across social media channels like Instagram, X, Reddit, and RedGifs. 

So, how much will you get paid on XVideos depending on the type of content you upload? 

How much does XVideos pay? 

If you choose to go for the AdShare option on free videos, either those you have uploaded from other sites or those you have created yourself, you can quickly earn up to $0.05 to $0.70 per 10000 views of your free video. So if you get over a million views on one video, that is an easy $700 earned! The trick to gaining the most out of the AdShare program is correctly promoting your content and uploading as many quality videos as possible. The more views you get, the more you are likely to make. 

You can quickly scale up your revenue by uploading premium content via the XVideo Red channel or offering a monthly membership to your Sheer page without constantly churning out multiple videos daily. By providing a monthly subscription, you can easily rely on consistent income from your fans, no matter how much pay-per-view or direct downloads you gain monthly. A great tip to ensure you earn money this way is to set your membership at a lower price to make people believe they are getting a bargain for quality content. With direct downloads or PPV content, you want to make sure the price of these videos reflects the time and content they’re buying;  hardcore BDSM videos should be priced higher than a photoset of you in cute lingerie, etc. 

Overall, the opportunities to earn big on XVideos are limitless; by uploading high-quality, niche content and correctly marketing yourself on social media, Reddit, and through collaborations, you can create an engaged audience happy to pay for your content. From all of these opportunities Xvideo offers, you can earn anywhere from $100-$10,000 monthly or more.

The world of adult content creation has grown; no longer is OnlyFans the only site available for amateur models and pornstars to create content and get paid. With porn sites, like the popular XVideos offering the opportunity to make a profit, creators can see their revenue double over time as they create high-quality videos that subscribers want to pay for. 

If you are looking to own the next big porn site, Adult Site Broker is always here to help. Either check out our listings page or contact us directly, letting us know what you are looking for, and we can help. 

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