What is Fendom and Who Is In Charge?

Fendom or female domination is the art of the woman being in charge, and the dominant one in the bedroom. It allows the other partner to be submissive and gives total control to the more dominant female partner. BDSM is the main category of this niche in bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. In most cases, the female knows the rules, knows any safe words, and knows it’s consensual between the partners as well.

When thinking about BDSM as a whole, there are many different sub-niches that can be explored between partners. With the femdom sub-niche, the partner is giving the female 100% control. There are many reasons why men love female domination, and many experts have varying opinions. Men aren’t usually focused on the finish with femdom and love the psychology of the female having control. Men are allowed to give up the boardroom mentality and give 100% of their will to their female with femdom.

There are a number of different categories and types of femdom that Adult Site Broker will explore and let you see if any of them are right for you. Some of them go from the lighter side to the more extreme side, but together you must know they are consensual, between partners, and help grow the levels of sexual awareness together.

Bondage Femdom

Bondage Femdom or BDSM is focused on bondage and female domination. This can include the male partner being tied up by the female dominant, with restraints being used. By tying up their partners, and having them give in to their dominant needs, the submissive is 100% in control by the female dominant. The restraints hold back on what they can do, what they are allowed to say, and when they can climax. Bondage femdom has been around for years, and history shows Mesopotamians giving themselves to the desires of their females. The bondage femdom has even been explored on television and movies with the female dominating their male partner.

Discipline Femdom

Discipline femdom is all about the female again being in control but more in a disciplinary role to the submissive partner. The discipline can include toys, canes, spanking, and much more. The submissive partner is punished as a form of doing wrong and the female femdom is the one giving the punishment. The pain and punishment derived in these sessions or togetherness are built upon the trust of both partners and include safe words if the discipline goes too far. The simple spanking, the harder flogging, and more can be built up as the submissive wants more discipline as a desire from their femdom.


The sissification type of femdom is making the submissive dress like a sissy or is given female properties. These types of femdom activities can include chastity devices, wearing lingerie and female clothes, and various training activities by the femdom to their partner. The alpha side of the male is lost with sissification and the femdom can introduce toys, prostate toys, and dildos to use on their submissive partner to show the female side of their partner’s sissification. By losing their masculine traits and way, the femdom has their partner in total domination and the sissification can lead to maid outfits, cross-dressing, and much more. 


Pegging within BDSM or femdom is where the female partner uses strap-on devices on their partner for intercourse vs being the one on the other side. In recent times, straight men are finding a new fascination with pegging and love to be the recipient of pegging by their partner. Men are loving having their prostate excited by this activity and are having incredible orgasms as a result. The increase in sex toy strap-on sales, as a result, has been incredible as this niche of femdom has grown. Experts agree that pegging needs to be done safely and by using lube and stimulation of the femdom, as extreme penetration can only lead to pain and discomfort if done wrong.

Chastity Control

Chastity control is where the male partner gives their femdom total control of their genitals and wears a chastity device to ensure they don’t orgasm or cheat. The femdom will own the key to the device and the submissive won’t be able to climax while wearing it. The submissive in these cases loves being under total control of the dominant femdom and gives up their 100 percent sexual desires to them. Items that can be worn include the flat Gatling, silicone sissy restraint, the cage of shame, chastity cages, and many more. The male can learn to achieve other orgasms outside their penis this way, and the female can explore other parts of their body without the penis getting involved. 

Foot Worship

The world of foot worship has been around for years and often has the submissive licking, sniffing, and adoring the femdoms feet. The femdom will often crush their submissive with their feet, make them smell them, make them paint their toenails, and give into their foot fetish desires. Men often love the way a woman’s foot looks, smells, and the beauty of it. Foot worship is all about appreciating the woman’s foot and worshiping it in its truest form. While of the more vanilla femdom categories, it’s probably one of the more widely known.


The cuckolding fetish of femdom revolves around watching the femdom or anyone else having sex with their wife or partner. The cuckold is often one of inadequate needs or doesn’t have a large enough penis for their partner to appreciate. The cuckolding niche has taken off in the past 10 years with various websites and porn productions exploring it in many ways. By watching their partner have sex with another person, it shows their partner how inadequate they are and how they cannot serve their partner’s needs. The submissive cuckold can watch and not touch while they have sex, and enjoy the pleasures of being a cuckold and the submissive ways behind it.

Role Reversal

Where the man is the woman, and the woman is the man is where the sub-niche of role reversal sits in the femdom category. Many times the men love to give in and become the woman in the relationship and want the woman in this example to be in control in the bedroom. By giving into the other role in reverse, the submissive can be dominated and used by their partner. People who usually have a lot of control in their everyday lives often want to give it up and live on the other side with this niche. The submissive can enjoy getting fucked by a strap-on and other toys as their partner dominates them and is 100% in control. This can cross over to the pegging niche.


Humiliation is where the femdom humiliates their partner by pointing out inadequacies in the bedroom with their partner. This can include small penises, premature ejaculation, inability to satisfy a woman in bed, financial or employment inadequacies, and much more. By humiliating their partners, the femdom points out things to the submissive that are known and are jabbed at by the dominating partner. This can also include wearing sissy outfits or lingerie too, and the humiliation of them by taking pictures and videos.

Financial Domination

The findom or financial domination category of femdom includes the female partner being in total financial control of their partner. The female often calls the submissive a paypig, demands money from their partner to see pictures or videos of them, and can also include being in control of their bank accounts at the extreme. The financial domination niche is 100% consensual and lets the submissive know their dominant partner is in charge of their finances, ATM card, financial accounts and money. The financial dominant can make their submissive go broke if they don’t behave but it is consensual between the partners.

Overall, the femdom category of BDSM covers a wide variety of sub-niches and ways the female can be in total control. We hope at Adult Site Broker, we’ve shown you how to explore these. It’s a popular niche , so we should see it rise throughout the years. 

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