How to Get Into the Adult Industry in 2023

Initially, a career in the adult industry, especially becoming a pornstar, was a career choice that would be met with derision and seen as shameful. However, since COVID-19, the adult industry has become a lucrative industry to work within. From the rise of OnlyFans and alternative adult content creation sites allowing models and pornstars alike to work for themselves, set their hours, and monetize their content without having to split their revenue with a porn production company to the rise of sex tech and new sex toy brands popping up, getting a job in the adult industry has become an opportunity for career progression rather than shame. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker answers how to enter the adult industry in 2023. From becoming a pornstar or an OnlyFans content creator to looking beyond these usual routes and looking at new roles that have recently popped up in the adult industry. 

How do I get into the adult film industry? 

Joining the adult film industry as a pornstar can be a great career choice for those who enjoy being sexually adventurous, want to be in movies, or simply want to try something new. Getting into the adult film industry requires some research, from looking for porn production companies in your area to looking on modeling sites to find auditions. 

Before becoming a pornstar, it is essential to consider what this can mean for your personal life and what you are comfortable being known for. Whether you happily announce it or keep it quiet, people will eventually find out that you have become a pornstar and will be curious to see your content. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with this, and if you are, then proceed.

Alongside this, when becoming a pornstar, it is crucial to set boundaries for yourself. What type of content are you willing to create? Solo, girl/girl, boy/girl, orgies or anal? Once you have done something, it will be seen as always on the table, so choose wisely. 

Most pornstars work with specific production companies, look at which production companies are auditioning for new models, and send in an audition tape or arrange to attend an open casting. 

When auditioning for porn, check out adult jobs industry sites and create a portfolio of your best shots. You want to showcase yourself, your body, and your personality. From headshots to full body shots, invest in a boudoir shoot to get high-quality images that showcase you in the best light. When you see a role that suits your wants, then simply send in your portfolio. 

You also need to ensure that you have had a STD check. All porn production companies require proof of a STD check-up and a clean bill of health taken at least 21 days before you shoot. So before your first shoot, remember to get your STD check done.

So now that you know how to become a pornstar, where do you find porn jobs in 2023? In this next section, we will walk through a few options. 

Where to find adult industry jobs? 

We have previously mentioned some of the best adult industry sites of 2023. On these sites, you can find roles for cam girls, porn, and even modeling. Simply use their filters to determine the location, pay, and position you are looking for and contact those hiring. 

Some of the best adult industry job sites include XBIZ forums, Porn Jobs, Adult Work and Sexy Jobs

Another great place to look for adult film industry jobs is to work with recruitment and modeling agencies. These agencies take the hard part out of job hunting, the job hunting part! Once onboarded, they will help you create a portfolio and promote you on their site to their vast network of adult industry companies to find the perfect role. Check out: Adult Entertainment Jobs and The Porn Agency

OnlyFans and the rise of content creation 

Unlike the porn industry, where models rarely interact with their fans, the rise of OnlyFans changed the game. Models, celebrities, and sex workers have joined the platform since its launch in 2016 (although the real boom happened in 2020 with the rise of content creation during COVID-19.) OnlyFans has allowed pornstars to earn money not just from their content but also from tips, subscriptions and offering additional, exclusive content, and chatting directly with their fans. 

Although OnlyFans doesn’t just cater to the adult industry, it is the most significant niche on the site, with many creators offering everything from roleplay and BDSM to catering to specific fetishes and even solo videos. 

To join OnlyFans is free for creators. You must be over 18 and show your government-issued ID to verify. OnlyFans allows creators to offer monthly subscriptions to fans, earn money from Pay-Per-View content Mass Messages, and even allow fans to tip. 

However, for every payout you make from your wallet, OnlyFans takes a 20% commission, which goes into paying moderators, website designers, and their teams to help keep the site running and safe. 

Alternatives to OnlyFans

For those of you looking to get into the world of adult content creation but maybe want to look at alternatives to joining OnlyFans, many other sites have come about focused on adult content creation. Allowing you to pick and choose how you monetize your content, sell subscriptions, and interact with fans. 

For those of you who identify as a woman or non-binary and want to create content for your fans without worrying about having it leaked. Then check out Sunroom; this app was created by women for women and non-binary creators. With their built-in sunscreen technology, they have worked on one of the main problems on OnlyFans: how to tackle the leaking of OnlyFans creator’s content to third-party sites. Unlike OnlyFans, where you can join as a creator no matter your following, Sunroom states that you need to bring your fanbase from socials with you, so they recommend you should only participate if you have over 1000 followers. 

Fansly is also a huge hit as an OnlyFan alternative. With over 2.1 million users, it is perhaps the largest competitor to OnlyFans and is seen as nearly identical. However, they offer the option of tiered subscriptions for creators to target high and low-spenders to make more money. LoyalFans is another platform for content creators.

For those who want to work in porn but don’t want to work for a production company, why not look at becoming a creator on MakeLoveNotPorn? The site is a “user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform, celebrating #realworldsex as a counterpoint to porn.” You simply film your video and submit it to the MLNP moderators; if you meet their criteria, they will publish it for others to see, and you can start earning money. However, it is essential to understand that MLNP takes 50% of the revenue of every rental to put back into their website. So ensure your content catches attention to get as many rentals as possible! 

Sex Tech – a New Career 

If becoming an OnlyFans creator or entering the adult film industry as a pornstar isn’t for you, don’t worry there are still many other ways to enter the world of the adult industry. Our final section focuses on the rise of sex tech

From sex toy brands offering affiliate programs for influencers, models, and even sexual wellness educators to earn additional income promoting their products to the rise of new sex toy brands bringing a wave of careers in product design, sales, and marketing. The sex tech revolution hasn’t just boosted the economy (with sex tech being a multi-million industry predicted to grow from $3.8 billion in 2020 to $9 billion by 2025.) It has also increased sex tech start-ups in various areas, from innovative sex toys that focus on helping the disabled and LGBTQ+ and revolutionizing pleasure to focus on safe sex and STD checks. With these new start-ups come new career opportunities for those who want a career in eco-friendly fun, sexual wellness, and even audio erotica (who wouldn’t want to get paid to read hot and steamy stories to the masses?). To find the latest roles, follow your favorite brand and check their career pages to see what they have to offer. 

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