Nonprofits to Donate to as an Adult Site Owner

Nonprofits are a crucial component of the adult industry and the segment of sex work and other niche sex-based entertainment. Believe it or not, the best nonprofits in the adult industry provide full services to performers and business owners that range in all sorts of categories of support. 

From free and discounted mental health support to a unified voice on Capitol Hill, these nonprofit groups actively intersect with adult entertainment, online sex work, LGBTQ rights, and much more. As an adult business owner, you should consider supporting some of these nonprofits. It shows the community a very dynamic social responsibility, corporate culture, and a business commitment to supporting performer rights. In this blog post, Adult Site Broker is very happy to discuss some of the best adult industry charities you should donate to and utilize their resources for your benefit. 

Why Should You Engage in Philanthropy? 

The Harvard Business Review argues there is also a notable competitive advantage as it relates to corporate philanthropy. Michael E. Porter, a Harvard business professor, and Mark R. Kramer, a Harvard lecturer, wrote in a 2002 edition of the thought leadership magazine about this topic. 

“Context-focused philanthropy does not just address a company’s self-interest, it benefits many through broad social change,” Porter and Kramer wrote. “If a company’s philanthropy only involved its own interests, after all, it would not qualify as a charitable deduction, and it might well threaten the company’s reputation. Indeed, as we’ve seen, the more closely a company’s philanthropy is linked to its competitive context, the greater the company’s contribution to society will be.” In the vertical of adult entertainment, these recommendations speak to the benefits of donating to the plethora of adult industry charities and the related nonprofit groups that support free speech.

What Kind of Charity Is Needed Among Adult Industry Professionals?

Charity organizations that operate in the adult entertainment industry include the Free Speech Coalition, a 501(c)6 membership organization, and a variety of other 501(c)3 charities. One of the common themes in the adult industry charity space is the promotion of performer well-being and general health. Some of these charities have developed strong reputations and track records for granting top-of-the-line services to performers and behind-the-scenes personnel for discounted or free. This also includes support for performer testing, including rapid processing and transit.

Adult Industry Charities

There are all sorts of organizations that support adult entertainment professionals. Most of these organizations can’t do what they do without donations from organizations and individuals. These charities range in scope and focus, but many of them are staffed by extremely talented and very professional people. Adult Site Broker supports numerous adult industry charities. Here are some tremendous organizations you can help.

Pineapple Support Society

The Pineapple Support Society is a nonprofit organization that provides full 24/7 online services, providing emotional support networking, and truly free and subsidized counseling from licensed professional therapists. They also provide industry-related advice for performers and producers who have been active in the adult entertainment industry during the past six months. All the professional mental health providers in Pineapple’s therapy network are specifically chosen for their experiences with workers in the adult industry, sex workers’ rights, and their overall outlook on sexual positivity. We are sponsors of Pineapple Support Society in our commitment to sex workers’ rights. Adult Site Broker is a proud sponsor of Pineapple Support.

Free Speech Coalition 

The Free Speech Coalition, as we already mentioned, is the adult entertainment industry’s official membership organization. In fact, it is a chamber of commerce organization that is structured as a traditional business alliance featuring members across various verticals in the industry. The Free Speech Coalition bills itself as “a resource, a leader, and a tool for the communities that we serve.” “We take pride in fighting to alleviate the social stigma, misinformation, and discriminatory policies that affect those who work in and adjacent to the adult industry,” notes the coalition’s official site. Adult Site Broker is a member of Free Speech Coalition.

Sex Workers Outreach Project USA

Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP-USA) is a national social justice organization dedicated to fundamental human rights and protecting those rights of the consensual and commercial sex trade and their communities, which focus on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy operations. “On the national level, SWOP helps build stronger communities and a stronger movement through technical assistance, funding, and direct support and advocacy,” SWOP says. The work that SWOP-USA does is vital and should be supported by multiple types of organizations.

Woodhull Freedom Foundation

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation is a very dynamic and influential organization. A 501(c)3 charity, Woodhull Freedom Foundation was developed to provide a professional and respected face to the work of defending sexual freedom and expression as a “fundamental human right.” Much of the work that Woodhull does is lobbying, research, education, and litigation on the behalf of people who are targeted for their gender, orientation, sexual and romantic preferences, and other aspects. Woodhull is best known for being engaged with litigation in federal courts questioning the set of laws and regulations officially known as FOSTA-SESTA, which drastically gutted Section 230.

Sex Workers Project at Urban Justice Center

The Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center is another yet nonprofit group that works to support the rights of commercial and consensual sex workers and survivors of human trafficking. The Sex Workers Project is a subproject of the Urban Justice Center. The Urban Justice Center is a nonprofit legal services organization that delivers supporting legal assistance and provides advocacy for social justice and civil liberties issues. Urban Justice Center is known for producing activists and highly respected politicians including Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of  New Jersey.

The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls is another nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the sex industry. They provide confidential support to those who are active in the sex industries, including all adult online work and porn production. The Cupcake Girls also works with a strategy that is built entirely around “trauma-informed outreach, advocacy, holistic resources, and referral services for prevention and aftercare for those to be affected by sex trafficking. Donations, like many of the organizations we have listed here, do go a very long way to help folks across the community and the sex industries. Adult Site Broker’s sister company Adult B2B Marketing does pro bono work for this organization.

Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection

The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection ASACP has existed for several decades and was formed by an alliance of adult entertainment website operators, including companies like XBIZ, MindGeek, and others. ASACP is a very powerful force for change in the adult entertainment industry by advocating for the self-regulation and reporting of CSAM/CSEM and other illegal, exploitative content on their sites. The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection is also known for creating and supporting the Restricted to Adults label that enables parental filtering software and demonstrates the adult industry’s commitment to helping parents prevent minors from viewing age-restricted content.

SW Mutual Aid Vegas

SWAID is an organization that supports sex workers in the Las Vegas area. SWAID, or SW Mutual Aid Vegas, is an initiative developed by sex workers to support sex workers in their times of need. SW Mutual Aid Vegas discreetly and privately works to fund financial aid and provide contraceptives and other harm-reduction supplies and materials to support sex workers in their immediate area. Their organization does provide materials including Plan B medication, condoms, female condoms, clean needles, fentanyl test strips, and Narcan. If the need at all arises for any of that, SWAID helps. SWAID is supported by Brazzers, ASN Lifestyle Magazine, and YNOT and YNOT CAM.

Adult Site Broker encourages you to join us and support all of these worthy causes. It makes our industry stronger.

We at Adult Site Broker hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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