Why You Should Break Into the Pleasure Products & Sex Toys Business


Adult Site Broker Is Here to Help You Navigate the Pleasure Products Market

The adult industry is dynamic and quite valuable.

In total, some calculations put the industry at about $100 billion. Believe it or not, adult entertainment brands are now household names. Pleasure products are no different. Our team at Adult Site Broker has years of experience dealing with a variety of adult businesses, including pleasure products and sex toy retailers. It isn’t our first rodeo. Because of these reasons, we urge you to consider purchasing a pleasure products e-commerce business to claim your slice of a multi-billion dollar, international pie.

Grand View Research, a market intelligence firm, wrote in April of this year that the sex toys market in 2021 was worth about $30 billion. It will grow to over $32 billion by the end of 2022. 

Market research provider Research and Markets found similar numbers. According to the market research they conducted earlier this year, the sex toy and pleasure product segments are on track to be worth $54.6 billion by the end of the 2026 selling year with the United States holding the largest market share of sex toy and pleasure manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail. The market for sex toys is expected to grow by 8.4% every year until 2030, it will be worth a whopping $62.3 billion. Data also indicates that the largest market share of the sex toys market is held by online retailers utilizing specialty and mainstream e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

It should be noted that most Americans use pleasure products to improve their sex lives. With the acceptance of sexual liberation in the US and around the world, this percentage is expected to climb. So, you’re likely asking yourself how all of these market trends apply to you.

We’ll tell you. Being a broker, we need to keep up with all trends related to pleasure and sex. This includes understanding the flow of the market and its potential ROI for buyers and sellers. The Adult Site Broker team can connect you to reputable and successful business owners looking to sell pleasure product e-commerce sites or their entire pleasure product company. We screen all of our potential listings to provide our buyers with options that are proven concepts. Adult, as we said, is a big business. There is a lot of money to make here. Allow our team, led by our company founder and chief executive officer Bruce, to guide you through the process of buying or selling your pleasure products business. We can also help buyers looking for something specific by enlisting our buyer’s broker service, and we have many private listings.

What are you waiting for? Contact Bruce and his team today. Adult Site Broker is there to help.

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